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We've heard about "voter anger" ad nauseam for the last two years. Lots of people are angry for many reasons -- some valid, some not so much. People are out of a job. People can't feed their family. People can't afford to go to the doctor. People can't put gas in their car. People can't marry the one they love. These are all valid reasons for anger.

People are angry for some bullshit reasons as well. Obama is a Nazi! He's an anti-colonial Kenyan! Obama will kill your grandmother! Obama wants your baby dead! Obama wants to take your money! Obama hates whites! The list goes on.

The latter are angry not because of stuff actually happening in the world; they're angry because the bobblehead on TV told them to be. To whom do I refer? Newt. Caribou Barbie. Pat BuKKKanan. But one bag of douche stands up above the crowd. Someone so vile, so Pinocchioized, that he deserves his own diary, and helped determine my vote this election. That man, my friends, is Glenn Beck.

You see, folks, I'm 1000 miles from home right now. I grew up in a fairly red suburb of Washington DC, live in a fairly red rural county in North Carolina, and go to college in a very red state called Alabama. I've grown up around conservatives (moderate and teabaggy) all of my life. Hell, most of my family consists of various degrees of conservatives. To slightly alter a phrase from my favorite bumper sticker, I'm a bright blue dot in a sea of red.

I'm exposed to the conservative ideology quite a bit. I'm used to the general "Gummint be bad, taxes be bad, don't you touch my Medicare and don't let them queerosexuals marry." That kind of stuff doesn't invoke anger in me so much as a determination to vote Democratic. But there are few people I know who come as close to wingnuttery as Glenn Beck. His inflammatory rhetoric is hurtful to our country, and has turned violentin severalcases. He's right about voter anger, if he means that he's angered this voter. Ever since the election of Barack Hussein Obama to the Presidency, Beck has had a public aneurysm every time Obama blinks. As the months have worn on, Beck's almost sexual fetish with the President has gotten worse, and pissed me off more.

We started with general rhetoric like this:

And worked our way to shit like this:

And then the subtle "I'm not suggesting eugenics, but..." and one of his many blubbering acts:

Then, when Obama isn't enough, he targets one of the Obama girls:

Voter anger is real in America. Most of it is from idiots like Glenn Beck. He did anger me, but because of his grand stupidity. I'm smart enough to see through his shit, and if you're reading this, you are too. Sadly, millions of voters across the country eat his Nazi/Marxist/Kenyan stuff like it's fresh meat at the Old Country Buffet.

I'm sick of it. Before, I mentioned that I'm 1000 miles from home. I'm in college right now, and I won't be home until December. That means I get to vote by absentee ballot. There are 19 offices on my ballot, and about 15 of those are partisan offices.

Congratulations, Glenn Beck. You've pissed this Democratic voter off one too many times. Now, your asinine rhetoric will cost your precious Republican Teabaggers a vote for at least 15 NC offices. My absentee ballot is sitting in its envelope, under my TV remote, next to the laptop on which I type this diary.

I'm going to watch your show tonight, Glenny. Every time you perpetrate a lie against Obama, the Democrats, or anyone else in this country, I will mark my ballot for another Democrat. I presume my ballot will fill up before the first commercial break.

Not only do I get to vote FOR the Democrats, I get to vote AGAINST the Republican Tea Party at the same time. Thanks for helping me vote, Glenn Beck. The choice was easy, and the choice was Democratic.

Glenn Beck is now on.

He's said vote for Elaine Marshall for US Senate.
National vote for Brad Miller for US House.
Divine vote for Nelson Cole for NC House.
Tea Party...two votes for  the two Democrats for Board of Commissioners.
Progressive = Big vote for Democrat for Clerk of Superior Court.
Mass vote for Democrat for Sheriff...and every other Democrat on my ballot.

There we go. 3 minutes, and all the great psycho talking points have been spoken by the bag of douche himself. I've just filled out my ballot (with witness present, of course) and voted in the 2010 General Election. Good luck, Dems. We need it.

Originally posted to El Blogo de Weatherdudeo on Fri Sep 24, 2010 at 12:08 PM PDT.

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