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I know, I didn't participate in this one -- too much work to do here at home, and DC so far away -- but I did think that organizing some sort of event like this around now was a great idea, and even though I thought the One Nation rationale for this even was rather vague, I didn't think that was much of a hindrance to the prospects of a good rally.  There are plenty of reasons to bring people together; they don't all have to be in the platform.

OK, so here's my question: what next?  

As I've expressed to OPOL, briefly, it seems to me that if you ask for more jobs -- to use the mission statement's language:

We are people who got thrown out – thrown out of our jobs, schools, houses, farms and small businesses – while Wall Street's wrongdoers got bailed out. We are families who pray every day – for peace and prosperity; for deliverance from foreclosures; for good jobs to come back to urban and rural America.

that you need to be asking for more jobs via a route which will actually get you more jobs, and not through some neoliberal "tax cut" stunt.

I can tell you what the politicians will do.  They will give money or tax breaks or whatever to their super-rich buddies and tell the rest of us that this is to promote "job growth."  And then, of course, their super-rich buddies will create more jobs -- in India and China.  Or they will create more jobs -- which don't pay anything.  Or maybe they won't create any jobs at all.

So here's what I asked OPOL: will there be a march and rally at some point for jobs through direct government spending?

In one of my more well-ignored diaries, I suggested a path forward: "long-range public investment."  Have the government directly hire people, in WPA-style programs.  Make the government create "green jobs" programs, with five principles in mind:


  1.  Minimal fossil-fuel use

  2. Architecture which integrates its users into economic systems which are specifically NOT capitalist -- this means oriented toward the self-sufficiency of small groups, run democratically, with local production of necessities for local use

  3. "Walking lightly on the land" -- with minimal impact upon resources

  4. Restorative -- with spaces for the preservation of natural biodiversity

  5. Educative -- but with a pedagogic vision centered around the management of ecosystems in more-or-less equilibrium states, rather than "capitalist discipline."

So when is the march and rally for anything of this sort?

Now, I do not mean to disparage the One Nation march and rally here.  I await your great stories (and especially OPOL's forthcoming diary) about what happened in DC this weekend.  But I do want to know what you all have in mind for the next step, because it seems to me that you will at some point have to get beyond rallies which can be portrayed as AP portrayed this thing:

Thousands flock to Washington, DC in support of Obama’s agenda

Was that what all you people were doing?  I've received no indication from anyone who was there that this was a rally for "Obama's agenda."  Wasn't the idea to make demands upon Obama's agenda, so that the government not remain satisfied with the current rates of unemployment and foreclosure and inequality and underfunding for educational services?

Or am I confused about this?

And then there is this diary, posted over at Firedoglake.

Now, I know that Firedoglake writers tend to be critical of the Democratic Party in a rather dawning way -- geez, some of those politicians are real supporters of big business.  Who'da thunk?  But kgosztola's piece over there seems to make a number of good points, especially this one:

The prospect of this rally impacting "the game" now depends greatly on whether the people start to ask questions, whether they choose to make demands, whether they come here today and they hear about the issues that are being talked about and in the back of their head they start to think there is an issue with how the Democrats and President Obama have not been responsive to the people.

Marches and rallies are great things.  But will there be any "next step"?  I await your reports!

Originally posted to Cassiodorus on Mon Oct 04, 2010 at 05:30 AM PDT.

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  •  Make of this what you will (nmi) (6+ / 0-)

    "For progress today really does mean simply the prevention and avoidance of total catastrophe." -Theodor Adorno

    by Cassiodorus on Mon Oct 04, 2010 at 05:30:36 AM PDT

  •  What next??? (4+ / 0-)

    Stay away from these sites chatting and get to work, which should have always been, especially if you've got a (R) or two as your reps!!!!!!!

    "What is the difference between an al Qaida terrorist and a misguided American terrorist?" "The planes they fly!"

    by jimstaro on Mon Oct 04, 2010 at 05:37:55 AM PDT

  •  As posted on the ONWT web site... (8+ / 0-)

    we were marching to demand the change we voted for - which in my view implies that we did not receive it.  So, to the extent that my analysis is accurate, we were not there to support what our government has done but to demand that its promises be kept.

    Was this the answer?  No...but it could be the beginning of one.  More later.

    Thanks for the diary Cassi.  Challenging this movement is a fine way to keep it honest and to steer it toward meaningful solutions.  I am hopeful but not blindly optimistic.

    •  I was listening to the interviews (4+ / 0-)

      onFreeSpechTV, that jimstaro so kindly provided access to, and I heard one guy come out and say "There is no difference between the two parties", and a lady anti-war activist did not hold back on her anger and frustration at the choices made by The Administration in regards to our 2 wars.

      So, I would say that no matter what the opinions are of the Rally, it was definitely NOT ALL about support of the Democratic Party or of the POTUS.

      Where have all the mainstream Republicans gone? Apparently they're working for the Democrats in DC.---James Kresnik

      by ohmyheck on Mon Oct 04, 2010 at 05:53:38 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Predictable. (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Cassiodorus, ohmyheck

    I respect Trumka, but given the AFL-CIO's involvement, that spin to the rally was to be expected.  Where I live, the AFL-CIO headquarters is plastered with 4' by 6' signs advertising the Democratic Party's statewide candidates.  They act like a wholly owned subsidiary.

    The rally itself does present some opportunity for change just because people get together and talk through the process.  I hope it's a first step of something.

    •  From the diary quoted above again: (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:


      Unfortunately, an opportunity was likely squandered in the same way the Obama Administration has squandered opportunities for significant progress. It is hard to say what demands the organizers are going to make on Obama. There was a vision, but what is a vision without a connection to realities in Washington?

      It seems like all this event did is give Democratic Party politicians and strategists a chance to see what principles and ideas are currently important to Democratic Party supporters. And, it is likely liberals and progressives find themselves at another rally like this in the future, re-affirming commitment to issues that do not have definitive specifics on how to get government to act, because demands with consequences attached were not issued for the Administration.

      "For progress today really does mean simply the prevention and avoidance of total catastrophe." -Theodor Adorno

      by Cassiodorus on Mon Oct 04, 2010 at 06:32:43 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  My take on 10-2-10 was that it (3+ / 0-)

    was a GOTV effort. An answer to the Teabagger's Beckapalooza five weeks prior. I guess we'll see today how the Lame Ass Media covers it, but I suspect and expect the same ol' lame ol' "A few dozen anti-American progressives showed up at the Lincoln Memorial to... protest... something. Moving on... " effort from them. For any of this weekend to matter we need Ten Times the numbers of this weekend. Numbers even the Lame Ass Media can't ignore. Alas... the wrong time of year.

  •  It was fun.... (4+ / 0-)

    Beautiful day, beautiful setting, great speakers, great company of my sister and all her union pals, wonderful to feel the affirmation of knowing that in this philosophical divide, I ABSOLUTELY KNOW I'm on the right side because of the people I saw there with us.

    Now I'm going home to talk to my friends, neighbors, acquaintances to get them to get out to vote for the Democrats.

    BTW, I traveled all the way from Oregon to attend.

    •  Get Out the Vote for our side: (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Cassiodorus, SouthernBelleNC49

      I was at this rally and I can tell you the media will not give you the true count of the great people who gave of their time to be there! The message I came away with is VOTE do not stop because you did not get all you wanted.Be a Democrat even when things aren't moving fast enough. I have pictures showing the many who were there.200K or more

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