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Jimmy Carter started it all by installing solar panels on the White House and pushing hard for renewables and energy independence.

Then came Reagan/Bush and 30 years of a Republican-driven agenda and the U.S. went from being on the forefront of the renewables industry to being a laggard.  

Since Barack Obama became President and the Democrats took over Congress, they have taken strong measures to get the U.S. renewables policies turned back around and make us a leader in this technology field again.  From extended tax credits for renewables to massive stimulus spending on renewables, renewables research, and pushing the big three automakers towards clean tech cars, the Democrats have managed to do more for renewables in the last two years than had been done in decades.

One important, symbolic gesture that was missing, however, was to reinstall solar panels on the White House.  Ronald Reagan had the solar panels removed that Jimmy Carter had had installed and many environmental activists and cleantech advocates had been pushing for Obama to have solar panels reinstalled on the White House.

Obama has heard us and is now making the important symbolic gesture of doing just that:

Here comes the sun: White House to go solar

By DINA CAPPIELLO – 19 minutes ago

WASHINGTON — Solar power is coming to President Barack Obama's house.

The most famous residence in America plans to install solar panels for the first time atop the White House's living quarters. The solar panels — which will be installed by spring 2011 — will heat water and supply some of the first family's electricity.


Global warming activists last month carried one of Carter's solar panels — removed in 1986 — to Washington urge Obama to install solar. The White House has been considering it since Obama took office.

Thank you, President Obama!  We appreciate this important gesture and hope and expect that you will continue to push for an energy-independent future based on renewables and lots of green jobs.  

GOTV, people!  For the sake of the environment, our children's and grandchildren's future, and for all those people hungry for green jobs that make a difference.

Reclist Update:

Wow - my first diary on the reclist.  Thanks for helping to highlight this very positive step by the Obama Administration.  I pledge to join in by having solar panels installed as well and doing everything that I can for the implementation of renewables in general.  Have a great day, all.

Originally posted to Lawrence on Tue Oct 05, 2010 at 03:48 AM PDT.

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