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Scene I: A glowing TV showing static sits atop a Satanic Altar. Enter Angle, Buck, Miller, and O'Donnell dressed as witches

A sound is heard: Glenn Beck weeping

Angle: When shall we four meet again, in thunder, lightening, or in rain?
Buck: When the hurlyburly's done; when the election's lost, or won
Miller: That will be a day after November one
O'Donnell: Where the place?
Angle: In the Senate
Buck: There to meet with DeMint
Miller: I come, Sarah!
O'Donnell: Ailes calls
All: Black is white, and white, black; Fair and Balanced Fox attack!

Next scene below the fold

Scene II: A Fox News Studio

Angle: Thrice the idiot Beck hath wept
Buck: Thrice and once O'Reilly hath yelled
Miller: Hannity scowls. 'Tis time, 'tis time.

O'Donnell: Round about the voters go
Out the tired bromides throw
Newt, that back in ninety-two
These false lies about did strew
Bloated visage thou display
Do not act as thou dost say!

All: Double, double, economic trouble,
Blame Democrats for Bush's bubble.

Angle: Lies from Zombie Reagan's brain,
Tell them once more and again,
Tax cuts and a curve by Laffer
Lead workers to their slaughter.
Deregulate this, deregulate all
Trust corporations not to fall
Fall they have, and fall they shall
Deny the facts and loudly yell!

All: Double, double, economic trouble,
Blame Democrats for Bush's bubble.

Buck: Tenther myths spread abroad,
Cut the government most slip shod.
Social security must be gone,
and Medicare we heap with scorn!
Education should not be,
Nor at all the CDC.
If Constitution command it not
We condemn it to hell's rot!

All: Double, double, economic trouble,
Blame Democrats for Bush's bubble.

Miller: Deficit spending we decry
But specific cuts we'll not supply;
Trust us in this and all things
And the economy shall take wing.
For our principles are most sound
And our honor most profound
Please ignore how we behave
Lest the government you enslave.

All: Double, double, economic trouble,
Blame Democrats for Bush's bubble.

O'Donnell: Jesus Christ was full of hate
And other's sins did He berate
We share His holy disdain
For sex and all that it may stain
One man, one woman, legally wed
Missionary position in a bed
All else we say is fraught with sin
And illegal shall be if once we win.

All: Double, double, economic trouble,
Blame Democrats for Bush's bubble.

Angle: By the pricking of my thumbs, a lamb to the slaughter comes!

Enter voter, looking about in a confused way

Voter: Hey, you! Can you answer some questions?

The four witches dive under desks and behind couches

The TV from the first scene rises from the floor atop the altar. The static clears and reveals Sarah Palin

Sarah: I'll answer your questions, you betcha!
Obama's not a Real American! Don't trust him! Or Pelosi!

Fades to static

static clears again and shows the Koch brothers

Kochs: Cut taxes! Cut taxes! This, and this alone, can save the economy! Just cut taxes! And don't forget the death tax!

Fades to static

static clears again and shows Rush Limbaugh
Rush: Global warming is a lie! A conspiracy! And Obama caused the BP spill!

Fades to static

static clears again and shows images of brown people doing terrible things

Fades to static

Voter: I see these terrible images! I know I must vote for Republicans! I ... faints

Play ends

And of course we all remember from the original just how much the witches really helped Macbeth - about as much as this lot will help the American voters.

Originally posted to aardvark droppings on Wed Oct 06, 2010 at 07:29 AM PDT.


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