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     This is a race that the national media, the Pennsylvania political establishment, and basically every jaded know-it-all has assumed would be a Republican pick-up in Congress. But a new polls suggests that the actual voters do not feel the same way.  Joe Sestak left his suburban Philadelphia district to run for Senate, leaving the district up for grabs.  Progressive Democrat and State Representative Bryan Lentz only trails Pat Meehan by 4 points, 49-45, according to the first public poll of the race: Shock Poll  A Meehan internal from July had Meehan up 47-26.  Voters are running in the direction of Bryan Lentz.  The newest poll did not even include Jim Schneller, the tea party candidate on the ballot, as a choice.  Lentz is simply a wonderful person and the better candidate. He is about to complete the biggest progressive upset since Carol Shea-Porter in 2006.

     Lentz has consistently been rated one of the most progressive Democrats in the Pennsylvania state legislature despite representing a swing district.  He has campaigned on his record in the military, his success as a prosecutor of gangsters, and on a whole host of progressive issues including gun control, green jobs, and low taxes for the middle class.  Lentz is not a creature of the conservative Pennsylvania Democratic establishment that gave us blue dogs like Jason Altmire, Chris Carney, and Tim Holden.  Pennsylvania Democrats, much to my dismay, have been some of the least supportive of the Obama agenda.  Lentz has defended Obama's health reform legislation in public debates: Debate Lentz stressed that the plan is imperfect and that he would have preferred a public option.  During the debate he even suggested paying for better health care by slashing defense spending!  Lentz does not apologize for his progressive views.
      Once again the Republican machine has their hand-picked candidate to replace Joe Sestak.  Republican primaries are a farce in Delaware county; they are never competitive.  The machine picks a candidate in the backrooms and no Republican dares to challenge the outcome.  Meehan is the darling of the Republican machine and makes a living as a private-practice attorney and from managing the campaigns of luminaries such as Rick Santorum.  He has never run in an election and actually faced the voters, having served as US attorney appointed by Bush.  By most accounts, Meehan's work as US attorney was a logical extension of his career as political adviser and insider - he never entered a courtroom.
      Since the primaries ended in May, Bryan Lentz has held 4 times as many public events as Pat Meehan.  While Bryan Lentz makes his near-daily trip to the suburban rail line stations to talk to voters, Meehan attends a fundraiser behind closed doors.  New Jersey Governor and Rove-created "reformer" Chris Christie, recently came to my county for a Meehan fundraiser.  The event got lots of press.  Meehan gets press for two reasons: his fundraisers and his embarrassing performance in debates.  Meehan relies on standard Republican talking points with his characteristic incoherence.  Meehan knows his performances are embarrassing, and has decided to back out of the last debate sponsored by the nonpartisan League of Women Voters.
   We need to supply the knock-out punch.  The Republicans in Delaware County think they are entitled to this seat.  To this day, they insist Joe Sestak was a fluke.  I can assure you that if Pat Meehan loses this race having blown a large lead, the Delaware County Republican machine will never recover.  We have the chance to elect a Progressive Democrat and defeat a Republican machine at the same time.  

  I'm in for $30: Donate Here
  Update: I am setting the goal to get 56 donors on the actblue page - enough to make our Daily Kos Progressives page the most successful fundraising page for Bryan Lentz!
    I particularly want people who live in or near the Philadelphia suburbs to take some time to canvass or phonebank for Bryan Lentz.  I have done it myself, and I honestly enjoy it.  The Lentz campaign cherishes volunteers the most.   Volunteer Here
 Please recommend if you think online progressives should be more involved in this race.

Originally posted to redrelic17 on Thu Oct 07, 2010 at 03:34 PM PDT.

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