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The financial press seems determined to serve their corporate masters by insisting that there will be no job creation until the Federal Government eliminates "uncertainty".  That's the buzz word.  Repeated multiple times in every interview with pundits, CEO's, market mavens, and the herd of press that slavishly repeat what they are told.

UNCERTAINTY???  Isn't that what business is all about?

If these bozos are so determined to crouch in fear over the possibility that their millions and billions, acquired through daredevil risk taking that nearly brought down the world, is so heavily at risk by a 4% increase in taxes, they may well be as incompetent and stupid as we all suspect.

I have started two business during my long and checkered career.  Both made a profit, both required hiring staff to assist me, both were a success.  

Now, I never made millions.  I never put anyone else at risk.  I never gambled with the money provided by others.  I never lost other people's faith or confidence, I never required government help.

I was just one of those revered small business persons who made a decent living, didn't cheat anyone, and managed well.

Oh, and I always considered paying my taxes in the same sacrosanct category as voting.  The responsibility of a citizen.

Now, we are daily confronted by the specter of those who robbed us blind, amassed huge fortunes by insisting that they were the "risk takers", and slashing the standard of living in this country to post WWII levels, insisting that they are AFRAID!  Afraid that they will be held accountable.  Afraid that they will be taxed to pay for the destruction they have wrought.  Afraid that the myths and "magic" they have spun will be taken away and their naked self-interest will be fully exposed.  Exposed along with those who have sold this whole smelly bundle of scams and theft to the public in the guise of providing "Financial News".

Uncertain, indeed!!

Get off your lazy, greedy ass and hire someone, you stupid bastard.  And, yes, pay the small increase in taxes, arrange your health insurance coverage, and clean up your books.

Uncertain.  I'm profoundly uncertain about your ability, and balls, to be in a position where you determine that future of this country.  If "uncertainty" is the wall you hide behind, you are in the wrong line of work.

Originally posted to Granny Doc on Fri Oct 08, 2010 at 06:45 AM PDT.

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