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The pressure's on here at McVirgo Manor. Only 13 days left, and still, I got nuthin'.

I could do this again, maybe...
virgomusic reveals her true colors!

McDoc and I just sent out the invites for our second annual shit, now we really have to clean the house! Halloween party. We let our guests know that costumes are encouraged, but not required. As the hosts, though, I think we have a certain increased obligation to get into the holiday spirit.

Trouble is, I'm at a loss for a clever costume idea! So I figured it couldn't hurt to open the floor to suggestions from the kossack braintrust. And though it goes against current trends, let's keep it relatively clean, shall we?

Here's what we did last year:

virgomusic channels Tina Fey as the Word Salad Chef:

And McDoc plays my hockey-lovin' First Dude:

In Octobers past, I've also been an angel, a pootie, and (in a brilliant stroke of spousal closet raiding) a doctor. Yawn!

So, lemme know if you have inspiration to spare! Oh, and I'm especially interested in ideas that can be done on the cheap. That means Lady Gaga is right out, most likely!

I wouldn't mind doing this ...but it just wouldn't have the same impact without the 6-foot-tall guy underneath, methinks!

And now, a word from our sponsor:

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Thanks very much for your help! The TC team couldn't do it without you! :)

From JML9999:

understandinglife's comment will make you say, "Amen!" or "Ramen!" depending on your religious convictions.

From jlms qkw:

Thanks to neroden's comment, now I know why it's okay for Rush and Newt and Bob and John to marry multiple times - they just want to own different women!

A funny one from lineatus. The parent comment, and the diary title give context.

From JanF:

In jotterville, this comment from smileycreek on Phonebank Phunnies was phunny indeed.

From ScottyUrb:

Meet commonmass, the eternal optimist!

From Larsstephens:

This was a good un by DontTaseMeBro, from askew's Sharron Angle diary.

From boran2:

Here is a comment from Bob Johnson that I hope kossacks would take to heart, from this diary.

From renzo capetti with an assist from Jan F:

In the HID diary, bubbanomics' comment on chicanery brought out the Googles and new word alert.

Note: renzo capetti left this comment.

(Editor's note: Jan F, please report to the TC office to receive your punishment: 10 lashes with a wet noodle and a big ol' cuddle from the furry critter of your choice!)

From sardonyx:

In askew's Angle's Latest Outrage "Some of You Look A Little More Asian to Me", mellowinman, who's 100% Scottish but nevertheless often been mistaken for Hispanic, tells a tale of mistaken ethnicity.

From yours truly, virgomusic:

elwior may or may not be responsible for speak2me's eye-popping canvassing experience.

Giles Goat Boy kicks off a hilarious thread concerning the rights of microscopic Americans.

Thanks to brillig for her inspiring Top Mojo skillz!

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15) I hope he presses charges by Frederick Clarkson — 72
16) if they were by Mnemosyne — 71
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19) Tip Jar by The Nephew — 161
20) Tip Jar by jpmassar — 133
21) Tip Jar by blackwaterdog — 105
22) Miller's Goon Squad by Lefty Coaster — 94
23) Can I haz stormtroopers? by grannyhelen — 93
24) I read that quote, and immediately thought by Badabing — 92
25) This is an extremely disturbing development by Scott McAdams — 86
26) Tip Jar by AAbshier — 84
27) Not sure private security can tell someone by leawood — 84
28) The comments on the Alaska Dispatch by Siri — 83
29) Tip Jar by James Kroeger — 83
30) Who does Miller think he is? by jarotra — 82

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