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In a press release from the Rick Waugh campaign, support for Eric Cantor, Second Dragon in the House Minority Caucus, appears to be slumping.  

7th District Poll Shows Eric Cantor’s Support is Dangerously Low

Rick Waugh for Congress

For Immediate Release

Oct. 20th

Polling conducted this week by Progressive Contacts using IVR or "robo" polling - technology that normally introduces a pro Republican bias of several points in any given poll - showed Rep. Eric Cantor’s numbers to be dangerously low for an incumbent.  In a sample of 1014 voters, adjusted for the demographic turnout model included as an attachment, only 51% (MOE +/- 3.4%) of voters responded that they would vote for Mr. Cantor if the election were held today. Mr. Cantor may think his support is a mile wide, but this poll proves it’s an inch deep.

In a separate question, 48% (MOE +/- 3.9%) of voters said that they still knew nothing about Rick and his campaign.   Furthermore, 55% of voters (MOE +/- 4.0%) still did not know about Tea Party endorsed Independent candidate Floyd Bayne.   Mr. Cantor is losing support daily to Rick Waugh and Floyd Bayne.

Rick Waugh is gaining name recognition daily as the campaign moves into its final push.  Mr. Bayne will continue to peel purist conservatives away from Mr. Cantor as more of those voters learn about his campaign in these final two weeks.

Mr. Waugh had the following reaction to the poll,"I tell my supporters and staff not to focus on polls, but this poll shows just how weak the support is for Mr. Cantor and his brand of Washington DC business as usual.  If the election were held today, maybe I would only get in the 40s, and Mr. Bayne would get 10 percent, but our name recognition is going up by the day.  Our media presence will increase greatly over these last two weeks, and we have the field team and volunteers to win a close election with a massive get out the vote effort in the final 72 hours."

This is exciting news!

Everyone in the district knows that Cantor is not really at all popular.  

Arrogant Eric is above it all -- too detached to shake hands with voters, too confident to build constituencies, too busy electing folks in other states to pay any attention to the voters of the 7th district that are oppressed by his monstrous, super-corporate voting record.  This Bush lackey is not well liked -- in fact, lots of his former supporters are sick to death of him and want to see him lose.  

Here is how Arrogant Eric rolls through a crowd.  

Most politicians are eager to meet voters.  But not Eric.  

Cantor has been so rattled by the demonstrationsand theatricsof the Rick Waugh Campaign, that he made the mistake of giving yet another excuse for not debating his opponents, this time denouncing his opponents as unserious, and merely looking to have a food fight.  

Arrogant Eric is on the verge of being sent home by the voters he oppresses and ignores.  His Democratic opponent is endorsed by Progressive Democrats of America (one of only 3 candidates!), by the AFL-CIO, by the Virginia Partisans, and more.  He is a social worker with a compelling personal story.  And he is running a saavy campaign.  According to The Week, Rick called out one of the top 6 political stunts of 2010, when he investigated Eric Cantor's Jobless Job Fair.  He and his folks are at lots and lots of events.  And they do street demonstrations all the time.  The district is waking up to it. They know that his campaign stands up to right wing intimidation.  With a Tea Party guy taking votes away from him, Cantor could be toast.  


Get excited!  Cross you fingers!  And GOTV BABY!!

Update: Rec List?  Thanks Everybody!

UPDATE:  The Press Release is on Rick's Website:

Originally posted to not2plato on Wed Oct 20, 2010 at 02:14 PM PDT.


How Cool Would it be to see Arrogant Eric, the Ultimate Insider, Lose on Nov 2?

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6%119 votes
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10%188 votes
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43%772 votes

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