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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released its Arctic Report Card for 2010 [101-page pdf]. It's so simple and straightforward that even Sen. Jim Inhofe could get it. But then he would have to admit that his long-standing claims of climate change being a hoax are themselves a hoax, one perpetrated with the inherited money of billionaires and self-interested corporations who have spread lies and smeared scientists during a two-decade-long propaganda campaign.

Although Inhofe gets much of the press because of his aggressive stance in this matter, he's not alone in the informal caucus of climate-change deniers in Congress who have done all in their power to throw up obstacles against even the mildest ameliorative action, much less the tough legislation actually needed to make a difference.

Like the climate zombies they hope to join, plenty of candidates for Congress this year parrot the lies. Speaking Wednesday before a fund-raiser that Inhofe attended in Loveland, Colo., Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck said:

“Sen. Inhofe was the first person to stand up and say this global warming is the greatest hoax that has been perpetrated,” Buck said according to several reports. “The evidence just keeps supporting his view, and more and more people’s view, of what’s going on.”

Supporting their view if you ignore reports such as NOAA's:  

In 2010, the Arctic-wide warming seen in recent years is continuing, impacting every aspect of the Arctic environment and beyond. Sea-ice extent remains at record lows, which is opening northern shipping routes. Some wildlife populations are increasing, such as some sea birds and whales, while many others are in decline or negatively impacted. With more warmth, permafrost is melting in many places. Northern forest fires are occurring more frequently. Duration of snow cover is decreasing. And many glaciers are losing mass. Impacts on commercial fisheries are complex, depending on the species and location.

What does all this mean? The Arctic is continuing to move into a new and different climate state. Loss of Greenland glacial ice impacts sea level. Arctic sea-ice coverage is shrinking, and the ice remaining is much thinner than it was in the past. Ice-free areas of the ocean are warmed by the sun during the summer, releasing that heat to the atmosphere in autumn. This weakens the winds that normally circle the North Pole, allowing outbreaks of cold, Arctic air to the south. Will this trend continue? As the Arctic becomes warmer, it is increasingly difficult to rebuild the thick, multi-year sea-ice cover seen in previous decades. Therefore, recent conditions seen throughout the Arctic environment are likely to persist into the future.

See DWG's diary for a discussion and many more details from the report.

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At Daily Kos on this date in 2002:

Jesus, it's about time the mainstream media woke up to the BS spewing from this administration. Given the fact that Gore got crucified for his half-truths and occasional lies, it's nice to see someone giving Bush a taste of that medicine:

As Bush leads the nation toward a confrontation with Iraq and his party into battle in midterm elections, his rhetoric has taken some flights of fancy in recent weeks. Statements on subjects ranging from the economy to Iraq suggest that a president who won election underscoring Al Gore's knack for distortions and exaggerations has been guilty of a few himself.

Read the article, it's a litany of lie, after half-truth, after obfuscation, after exaggeration. Hopefully other news outlets will follow suit.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Fri Oct 22, 2010 at 09:08 PM PDT.

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I can learn to close my eyes to anything but injustice...

by Purple Priestess on Sat Oct 23, 2010 at 03:58:34 PM PDT

[ Parent ]

  •  All those explorers who died trying to find the.. (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Purple Priestess, meralda

    ...Northwest Passage.  Little did they know that we would create one on our own by causing Global Warming to melt the polar ice.

  •  No excuses: this is a sneakers-on weekend (4+ / 0-)

    There are NO EXCUSES for not working THIS WEEKEND to GOTV . . . if you do not know where to go, please see here.  You can make calls; you can knock on 40 doors (you will be knocking on the doors of DEMOCRATS to get them to the polls!) . . . YOU can do this; WE can do this.

    WE MUST DO THIS.  It's not hard.  And you are not too tired.  Our President is exhausted and he's out doing everything he can.  Former President Bill Clinton is doing everything he can.  Our CANDIDATES are doing everything they can.

    Our COUNTRY is at stake.  No excuses.

    Get your game on and GOTFV.

    Our shore birds; our turtles and fish. Please consider a donation to the National Wildlife Federation to help them.

    by noweasels on Fri Oct 22, 2010 at 11:07:21 PM PDT

  •  W.H. now in full retreat on Tax Cuts for wealthy (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Purple Priestess

    Biden: White House ready to deal on Bush tax cuts

    "Here's the bottom line we have: I don't have any problem with wealthy people getting a tax cut. These are good guys," Biden said. "But just to put this in perspective, of the tax cut they want to extend, 120,000 families in the whole nation are going to get $375 billion in tax relief over the next 10 years. We think that should go to the deficit."

    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory?

    "These old Wall Street boys are putting up an awful fight to keep the government from putting a cop on their corner." - Will Rogers

    by Lefty Coaster on Fri Oct 22, 2010 at 11:23:08 PM PDT

  •  so (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Situational Lefty

    I woke up an hour ago
    I had to get online to feed my addiction to dailykos.

    that's the start of recognizing I have a problem


    I'm just an ant in the army of the Amateur Left

    by eeff on Sat Oct 23, 2010 at 12:55:28 AM PDT

  •  Hoax, hoax, they say? (0+ / 0-)

    The real hoax is unfettered capitalism. It has never worked and never will. The big prop for the myth of capitalism is the USA, a once great nation now reduced to taking in each others, laundry. But even here, the true cost of nothing factored in damages to either the health of the environment or the health of individuals. But take heart critical mass is approaching. The tell tale sign is when the bottom 40% of the population enjoys only 2% of the wealth.

    A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. Ralph Waldo Emerson

    by nomorerepukes on Sat Oct 23, 2010 at 12:58:09 AM PDT

  •  Isn't it time we give up on media of any faction (0+ / 0-)

    ad time to REVOLT by arranging all this technology and discuss the ways we could return the constitutional govenment that the Madison's and Washington's desired and designed?

    Isn't it possible to have 10,000 randomly selected representatives and there is a way with technology that every law that is being written can be made visible to read and commented on by John and Jane Doe.

    I say this vecause I know of the many thousands of bloggers doing the same thing you are doing with this highly informative blog run are highly capable of using the same time writing our laws and I do know there is a book that is coming out soon like in a month or so that begins to give us a way to rethink our times since it is over 230 years since our founding Fathers gave us birth.

    It is sensible to believe that we can take our combined thoughts and be a fly on the wall in the founding Fathers meeting room of that day and help them to regain our government's sanity to relation to rid the corrupt factions that ruined us as a free people.

    Even Washington warned us in his farewell speech that he was afraid of parties of evil men seizing control of the ways our government operates and that they do. Isn't it funny how much Harvard and Yale have fought to maintain vtes in our Congress? Isn't it sickening about their drive to get in that Oval Office? How long has it been since there has been a President without a Harvard or Yale educational connection? Idiot Reagan wasn't it? The trickle down idiot that Greenspan was appointed by. Greenspan now as much said he was wrong and a fool...

  •  WikiLeaks Iraq Docs Shed Light on Civilian Deaths (0+ / 0-)

    The private Web site WikiLeaks, acting through several news organizations it selected, released a massive batch of classified Iraq war-related documents, which contain no dramatic new revelations but provide critical "context'' to the war and the U.S. role from 2003 through 2009, the New York Times reported.
    The Pentagon protested the release of the documents, saying that publication of the material would harm national security.
    An examination of the 392,000 documents by the Times revealed that:
    -- The number of Iraqi civilian deaths is still unclear, but is probably greater than previously believed. Most Iraqi civilian deaths came at the hands of Iraqis, but there are tragic instances of the killing of Iraqis by Americans as well.
    -- The grisly abuse of Iraqi prisoners by Iraqis may have been even worse than the shocking mistreatment of detainees by Americans at Abu Ghraib prison.
    -- The Iraqi military, which has provided the United States with an exit strategy as it took over security duties from U.S. troops, intervened aggressively on the side of Shiite militias during the height of the Shiite-Sunni civil war -- and in some instances directly engaged U.S. forces.
    In addition to the Times, the documents were made available to the Guardian newspaper in London, the French newspaper Le Monde, Al Jazeera and the German magazine Der Spiegel, on an embargoed basis.

  •  What I'd like to see (0+ / 0-)

    a montage of the billionaires, along with Rove, and their starlets, the bimbo candidates they're foisting off on an unsuspecting public.  That would be, for starters:

    David Koch
    Charles Koch
    Carl Lindner
    Carl Rove
    Bob Perry
    David Rockefeller
    Warren Stephens
    John McCain

    the bimbos?

    The conservative mind relies mainly on what is plain to see.

    by hannah on Sat Oct 23, 2010 at 02:08:39 AM PDT

  •  The very model of a modern U.S. President (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    maryabein, meatballs

    The conservative mind relies mainly on what is plain to see.

    by hannah on Sat Oct 23, 2010 at 02:52:12 AM PDT

  •  Great news for Saskatchewan. (0+ / 0-)

    The tropical resort business should be gearing up...

    LG: You know what? You got spunk. MR: Well, Yes... LG: I hate spunk!

    by dinotrac on Sat Oct 23, 2010 at 04:01:20 AM PDT

  •  It will become worse (0+ / 0-)

    The warming in the arctic will only become worse- its possible for the arctic to become ice free in the summer this decade.

    Extreme weather events will increase- floods, droughts, extreme storms, heat waves.

    Some data on CO2 levels

    Level (ppm) Observations

    280 Pre industrial level; temperature 0C and sea level of 0m

    280-300ppm Equates to 1.7 to 2.7C and possible sea level rise of 4-6m

    350 Level suggested by climate scientist James Hansen for a safe climate future

    390 2010 level, 2.7 to 3.7C global temperature rise possible, 15m to 35m possible sea level rise possible

    450 Level targeted for international negotiations in 2008, but considered dangerous due to risk of exceeding 2 to 3C global temperature rise

    550 Considered very dangerous due to likely global temperature rise of 4C or higher

    650 Level predicted for 2050 based on current carbon emissions. Considered extremely dangerous. 5.7C or higher temperature rise possible. Possible sea level of 75m.

  •  love the Linda board, also (0+ / 0-)

    WWE gear will be prohibited from being worn near polling places due to electioneering.

    With a squirt of blue paint, the Tom Foley - Mark Boughton for Connecticut lawn signs become equally true in message

    "calling for a 5" deck gun is not parody. Not by a long shot." (gnaborretni),Warning-Some Snark Above

    by annieli on Sat Oct 23, 2010 at 05:09:53 AM PDT

  •  Glenda Beck has been bashing the EPA (0+ / 0-)

    all week long and urging parents to buy disposable products that contribute to even more garbage/pollution in landfills.

    Incredible, isn't it?

    Well, no, not for him.  But, this is the meme the rightwing is pushing now: use more resources b/c it's good for business -- !!!!!

    Just more of the Ayn Rand philosophy that all greed is good and there's no such thing as selfishness -- it's OK to look out for yourself and no one else -- that's the part of Darwinism they embrace (the only part).

    Where are the voices of sanity who should be pointing out the fact that the same contaminated water the poor drink is what the rich drink, too, and the same problems that afflict the poor b/c of environmental pollution, will harm everyone -- rich and poor alike?

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