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   This Rescue Diary covers the period from 6 PM, Thursday, 10/21 to 6:00 PM EDT, Friday, 10/22

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69 Diaries Overall

- 15 On House races

- Covering 11 individual Districts in 9 states

- 17 On Senate races

- Representing 9 different states

- 18 On Various election races and ballot issues

- Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more

- 19 General election-related diaries


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This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House, Senate or Governor races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

For more information on this series, please see our reintroduction diary.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in the 2006 and '08 series, please see:
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Incredible thanks to all volunteers: Alma, welso, randallt, Joieau, eeff, Sylv, Spedwybabs, Turbonerd, SJerseyIndy, ukben, and suejazz.

(6:00 PM EDT, Thursday, 10/21 to 6:00 PM EDT, Friday, 10/22):  (69 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from K)

   House (15)

(MA-04) This ISN'T About Barney Frank Being Gay, Right? by ksh01 - Sean Bielat (R) has put out an ad against Barney Frank (D) that begs the title question.  Still shots and link to video inside.

(MA-10) MA-10: Keep a Child Molester's Enabler Out Of Congress. Updated by BobBlueMass - A very troubling story about Jeff Perry (R).  Link to the BlueMassGroup for more information and ActBlue donation for Bill Keating (D) included.

(MD-08) Van Hollen puts his money where his mouth is by Joan McCarter -

(MI-08) The Dude Abides: Help ANOTHER candidate who's been left in the lurch (MI-08) by Brainwrap - Democrat Lance Enderle, "Sort of an Alan Grayson with a James Earl Jonesish voice," needs help in his race against incumbent Republican Mike Rogers.  Information, video, positions, and donation links included.

(NY-Var) Congressional races 2010, final update, New York by plf515 – Diarist gives an overview of various House races throughout New York.

(PA-08) Patrick Murphy needs our help! by indiemcemopants – Implores readers to give some GOTV and fundraising help to Fighting Democrat Patrick Murphy in his race against challenger Mike Fitzpatrick (R).

(TX-30) House GOP Candidate Says Revolution "On The Table" by Keith Olbermann - The first of this year’s crop of GOP candidates, Stephen Broden, finally goes there. His opponent is incumbent Eddie Bernice Johnson (D).

(VA-08) Why I'm voting for Jim Moran by Passive - A look at incumbent Dem Jim Moran. His opponent is Patrick Murray (R).

(AZ-02) AZ-02: What has Trent Franks done for you? Nothing. by AZ Independent - Diarist explains in detail why incumbent Trent Franks (R) needs to lose to John Thasher (D).

(AZ-07) Grijalva's Office On Lockdown by Man Eegee - Diarist covers the story about a suspicious piece of mail delivered to Rep. Grijalva's (D) congressional office.

(AZ-07) AZ-07: Raul Grijalva’s office hit by terror attack by Chris Bowers - Progressive Caucus Co-chair Raul Grijalva (D) stood up and spoke out against the racist SB 1070 and now his office has been hit by a terror attack.  Links to help Rep. Grijalva in his race against Republican Ruth McClung included.

(AZ-07) Pooties for Grijalva! by Spedwybabs – Our furry friends stop by to do some furry friend fundraising for incumbent Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva who is facing a challenge from Ruth McClung (R).

(AZ-07) AZ-07: White powder sent to Grijalva’s office determined to be toxic by Chris Bowers – Implores readers to get Democrat Raul Grijalva’s back in the face of domestic terrorism aimed at him during his race against Ruth McClung (R).

(CA-44) New video: Bill Hedrick: Not Nancy Pelosi by Bill Hedrick for Congress – The campaign of Democrat Bill Hedrick takes time to remind his Republican opponent Ken Calvert that Hedrick is not spelled “P.e.l.o.s.i.”.

(FL-12) FL-12: A Red to Blue Upset in the Making? by norwood – Looks at the three-way race between Democrat Lori Edwards, Republican Dennis Ross, and Teapublican Randy Wilkinson and finds a possible upset in the making.

   Senate (17)

(LA-Sen) LA-Sen: Vitter 48, Melancon 45 by Jed Lewison - Recent polling shows that Rep. Charlie Melancon (D) is gaining on Sen. David Vitter (R).

(NC-Sen) NC-Sen: Richard Burr commits political suicide during tonight's debate with Elaine Marshall by pamindurham -  Diarist brings us transcripts and video of Richard Burr (R) and Elaine Marshall (D) answering debate questions on DADT and whether being gay is a matter of choice, genetics or biology.

(NY-Sen) NY-Sen: Gillibrand Debate Live Blog by Mets102 - Diarist does a Liveblog of the New York Senate Debate between Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D) and Joe DioGuardi (R).

(PA-Sen) PA-Sen: 15,327th severely flawed poll shows Sestak catching up by Chris Bowers - Rasmussen this time, they're finally catching up with everybody else.

(PA-Sen) by kos – Provides readers with another chance to help Democrat Joe Sestak push back financially against the Club for Growth funds being spent on behalf of stooge Pat Toomey (R-China).

(PA-Sen) Sestak v. Toomey Debate #2, The Rematch (*Update: Rasmussen moves to "Toss Up") by joanneleon – Details and previews tonight’s debate between Democrat Joe Sestak and Pat Toomey (R-China), as Republican-leaning Rasmussen moves the race to “toss-up.”

(SC-Sen) Tom Clements (G-SC)/Vote no matter what by greenpunx - Diarist supports the Green Party candidate Tom Clements over the underdog Democrat Alvin Greene in the Senate race in South Carolina.

(WA-Sen) No enthusiasm gap at UW today by SeattleProgressive - Diarist goes to the Murray/Obama rally in Washington for the Senate race, and paints a picture of it with her pen, a must read.

(WA-Sen) I got kissed by President Obama by Kitsap River - Diarist went to the Murray/Obama rally in Washington for the Senate race there & writes about it.

(WA-Sen) Obama Stumps For Patty Murray In Seattle Today (w/Photos) by kovie - Another kossack makes it to the Obama/Murray for senate rally and took some nice pictures.

(WI-Sen) WI Sen Game Changer: Johnson says on video "I don't know what I don't know" by Jud Lounsbury - Video of Ron Johnson (R) from a student forum at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Incumbent Senator Russ Feingold is our Dem in the race.

(AK-Sen) Dems threaten to sue State of Alaska (AK-Sen) by angelajean - If the Division of Elections provides a list of write-in candidates at the polls, is it meeting their obligation to provide voter assistance, or is it impermissible electioneering, benefiting Lisa Murkowski (AI)?  Her opponents are Scott McAdams (D) and Joe Miller (R).

(AK-Sen) AK-SEN: Miller's security contractor's "lone wolf" ties by Joan McCarter - Joan explores the ties between Republican Joe Miller, the security contractors he chose and the Alaska Citizens Militia.  Scott McAdams is our Dem in the race, which also includes Lisa Murkowski (write-in, R).

(AK-Sen) AK-SEN: Dems threaten to sue state over early voting irregularities by Joan McCarter - We've been hearing about this all week, now the Democratic Party in Alaska are threatening to sue.

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen: "A bad CEO, A worse Senator" by DemFromCT - To which "former" pro wrestling magnate could the author possibly be referring?

(Var-Sen) Senate Snapshot, October 21st: An enormous battleground by Chris Bowers - Chris covers the Senate polling on Oct 21st.

(Var-Sen) League of Conservation Voters Dirty Dozen for 2010: Part 2--Four Filthy Senators by Neon Vincent - Diarist takes a look at senate races in PA, CA, MO, and NV.

   Various Races (15)

(OH-Gov) OH-GOV: New CNN Poll shows Strickland leading Kasich, 48%-47% by RBloodworth - Looks like the race has flipped, though still within the margin. Ted Strickland (D) over John Kasich (R).

(VT-Gov) Busted: AOT award recipient flacks for Republican Candidate on state dime by juliewolf - Should a company doing road repair work for the state use its trucks to advertise for a candidate for political office, especially the one that will be in position to award contracts to that company?

(VT-Var) Burlington People's Forum expecting large Turnout by Terry Vatcher - A series of town hall forums are being held so candidates for the Vermont state legislature can explain their views on health care, education, the economy, and other issues.

(WI-Var) I have only one question. by mcgee85 - Diarist asks the question and applies it to the three Wisconsin Republican candidates that most impact him.

(CA-AG) CA-AG: Karl Rove Goes Statewide by Kamala Harris – kossack and candidate for California Attorney General Kamala Harris (D) reports on Rove involvement in shadowy groups acting on behalf of Republican Steve Cooley.

(CA-Gov) Got $10? I know who needs YOUR help! (& maybe you'll win a PRIZE!) by RiaD - Diarist has the latest in the on-going Quilt Project Fundraiser for Jerry Brown (D) for Governor of California against Meg Whitman (R).

(CA-Gov) Help Jerry Brown – It’s Not Over Yet! Donate and GOTV! by Sara R – Reminds readers of the “quiltraiser” to help Democrat Jerry Brown compete against Megamillions Meg Whitman (R-Millionares) deep pockets

(CA-SS28) R.I.P.: CA State Senator Jenny Oropeza dies at 53 by Senaca Doane - Diarist talks about her friend Jenny Oropeza, who died on Oct. 20. She will win re-election in her seat, the new Governor will call a special election.

(CO-Var) Colorado update: Attack of the Tea Brained by blue aardvark - Polls, a partial list of what's wrong with Ken Buck (R), and quotes from Tom Tancredo (R).  Links included to help Senator Michael Bennet (D) in his race against Ken Buck (R) and John Hickenlooper (D) in the gubernatorial race against Dan Maes (R).

(FL-Var) FL:Early Voting-Not As Bad as the GOP Says by kansasr - Analysis of the early voting #s thus far in Florida.

(GA-Gov) Why women everywhere should care about Georgia Governor by Perimeter Progressive - Roy Barnes (D) has put out an ad claiming, and has newspaper articles to back up their claim,  that Nathan Deal (R) tried to dismantle Georgia's rape shield law.

(ID-SSup-Pub Inst) Idaho can turn struggling education system around by The Book Bear - Diarist brings us information on Stan Olson (D) and his race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, against incumbent Tom Luna (R), includes video link.

(Var) Polling and Political Wrap, 10/21/10 by Steve Singiser - Steve has the latest polling roundup for Oct 21st.

(Var) League of Conservation Voters Dirty Dozen for 2010: Part 3--Three Toxic Tea Partiers by Neon Vincent - Today, profiles from an environmental standpoint of the Senate races in Colorado, Wisconsin and Delaware, plus a look at California’s Proposition 23, the first ballot proposition to ever make the League’s Dirty Dozen list.

(Berkley Heights-Town Council) Heading into the Home Stretch (and why I love running) by MrLiberal – kossack and candidate for Town Council in Berkley Heights stops by to bring readers up to date on his eight-way race.

   Ballot Initiatives (3)
(CA-Prop 19) Prop 19: my little contribution to the cause (pass it on!) by Seneca Doane - Diarist has made a graphic to look at & pass along in support of  legalizing marijuana.

(CA-Prop19) CA Prop 19 at 50/50 Odds by sfnoggin – Looks at the internals of polling showing a tightening in the Proposition 19 (Tax and Regulate Marijuana) ballot issue.

(FL-Supreme Court) Tea Party Attacks Florida Supreme Court by webacknow – Encourages Florida voters to retain the current Florida Supreme Court with a “yes” vote to push back against Tea Party efforts at attack the court.

   General (19)

POTUS goes on 4 city blitz on last w/e before Midterm! Update x1. by jovie131 - Diarist has the President rally schedule & OFA phone bank goal.

"Sending a Message": I Voted Today by MaikeH - Diarist reminds us it should be a BFD to vote.

Well, it ain't brain surgery. Will you phone bank for me? by MsSpentyouth - Will you sign up and help be the voice of someone who lost hers to cancer treatments?

For the Enthusiasm Gap: Why I Am Voting in 2010. by Colorado is the Shiznit - For those who are thinking of sitting this election out, some reasons to reconsider.

Folksong For Freedom: Vote! by yomamaforobama - Diarist offers a folk song by her very own daughter expressing why it's important for everyone who can vote to vote.

R lead D in landline/cellphone poll by marlonjohnston - Diarist challenges the idea that Dems are disadvantaged in polling by a new Pew poll of both landlines and cell phones. Republicans still held the lead.

Thanks George W Bush for highlighting the Dems winning strategy for the Midterm elections by titotitotito - GW has revealed his biggest failure: not privatizing Social Security. Now, THAT is a winning issue for Democrats this cycle!

Progressives Rally! Join Us! by gomonkeygo - Diarist issues an invitation to attend a rally sponsored by the Knox County Progressives In Standish Park, Galesburg, Illinois on Saturday October 23rd.  Details inside.

GOP plans $90 Billion KICKBACK to Wall St, paid by putting American students deeper in debt by MinistryOfTruth - GOP candidates have already been repeating the talking points of a Republican plan to gut or repeal the Student Loan Reform bill that was passed earlier this year.  Link to the ActBlue page for The Progressive Electorate 2010 included.

An awesome quotation from Bill Clinton. by FightingRegistrar - President Bill Clinton, a brilliant campaigner.

Speaker John Boehner by kos - Read that title again, see if that doesn't motivate you to GOTV.  Orange to Blue 2010 ActBlue Link included.

Republican Gay Group Runs Ads Against Frank, Boxer and Pelosi by TomP - GOProud is running ads against Dems Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi.  Links inside to help Rep. Barney Frank (MA-04) and Senator Boxer included.

Operation "Reverse" Chaos? Why our GOTV efforts are making the right-wing nervous by professorbli – Diarist uses anecdotal evidence from Rush Limbaugh to conclude that our GOTV efforts are having an effect.

Countdown To Karmageddon: T - 10 by eOz – Diarist uses the theory of the “prisoner dilemma” to encourage readers to bring about “karmageddon” for the GOP.

Are Automated Polls Underreporting Democratic Support In Key Senate Races? by DemUnity - Diarist reviews the polls over this election season. With lists, charts and graphs!

To My Friends Who Are Thinking of Sitting Out This Election by sandyknauer – Diarist has some encouragement for those thinking of sitting this election out.

Eviscerating the OFA Calling Tool!--The 500 Club by MikeRayinBerkeley – Gives phonebankers as easy-to-use tool for reaching the OFA 500 Club.

by SumOfChange- Looks at encouraging early vote totals for Democrats in Maryland.

There's a competitive race EVERYWHERE by kos – Takes a look at competitive races all across the country.

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