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Please forgive my ignorance....I ask the following questions not to anger you, but because I was never in a position to ask others before. This is not political per se, apart from indirectly in that sexuality is political in a way.... but it is to ask personal questions. If personal questions are offensive to you, please move on. I do not mean to cause you to become full of shame about your lifestyle choices I am just curious about what made you decide to become who you are.

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  1. When did you decide that you liked others of the opposite gender?
  1. Once you made this choice did you have any second thoughts about it? I mean... knowing how society treats 'opposite sex couples' surely you must have felt some hesitation, so did you feel at all trapped or worried? If so did you feel worried at all in your decision?
  1. Was your father a dominant force in your life?
  1. When you were growing up, did you drink a lot? Swear a lot? Subject to a lot of bowling, flannel, sporting events?
  1. When you were growing up were you emotionally distant from your mother?
  1. Have you ever identified who made you the way you are? I mean, did you ever find the woman or women who turned you the way you are? Have you talked to her?
  1. Have you been approached about converision therapy? Would you be interested about turning normal if you knew that you could?
  1. Do you enjoy the job choices available to you? What if you did not want to be in construction or a truck driver? Are there other options open for you?
  1. How was it in talking to your relatives? Do they know? Did you feel guilty for causing them pain?
  1. Since the bible says it is wrong to be straight how do you live your life knowing you are doomed to eternal hellfire? It is not that I hate you, I of course do not, mind you, but I was just wondering how you will live with the fact that G_D hates you?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

Originally posted to BFSkinner on Sat Oct 23, 2010 at 03:48 PM PDT.

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