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I’m Carrie Lucking, the Communications Director for Tarryl Clark’s Campaign for Congress in Minnesota.

This picture shows momentum - who has it, and who doesn't.

On the one side, you'll see the 300 people that showed up to cheer Tarryl Clark on as she arrived at yesterday's only debate in the 6th District. On the other, the 30 that showed up to greet Michele Bachmann as she rushed in - late to her only public debate.

Yesterday's raucous rally with hundreds of cheering supporters stood in stark contrast to Bachmann's entrance. One reporter wrote, "Clark entered the civic center with a cheering crowd of supporters trailing down the corridor behind her. Bachmann, hunched under a red umbrella against the nearly horizontal rain, arrived just minutes before the start of the forum with the minimum of fanfare."

Why was Bachmann so late?

Perhaps because she started and ended the day with Glenn Beck, who was campaigning for his favorite guest. Imagine if Bachmann spent as much time meeting with her constituents as she did with FOX News hosts.

It's time for Bachmann to go.

We can beat Michele Bachmann this year, but in order to do it we need to talk to every undecided voter - and every Democrat thinking of staying home - in the next six days.

We've got the momentum, but we still need help spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter and on your blogs.

For the next six days, we'll continue to give Michele Bachmann the fight of her life. We're counting on you to help us keep it up.

Originally posted to TarrylClark on Wed Oct 27, 2010 at 10:44 AM PDT.

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