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Via Mudflats:

A new poll conducted by Hays Research confirms what we already intuitively know. Alaska U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller’s candidacy is in big trouble.

The percentage of those who feel either “somewhat negative” or “very negative” about Miller has skyrocketed in recent weeks to an unbelievable 68%. Only 8% feel “somewhat negative” and the remainder, a jaw-dropping 60%,  feel “very negative” about Miller as a candidate.

We'll have to see if these numbers by Hays Research are accurate or a pipedream but for now it's:

Write-in Candidate (Murkowski) 34%
Scott McAdams (Democrat) 29%
Joe Miller (Teabagger) 23%

(DISCLAIMER: The numbers here and for other recent polls by Hays Research have Miller much lower than other pollsters. Take with some degree of skepticism.)

A series of gaffes, inconsistencies, and controversial statements to the press, in addition to the arrest of a journalist by Miller security guards have come one on top of another, causing a trend that can only be described as a campaign death spiral. Miller’s hard-core supporters who view him very favorably have held in there, showing a decrease of only 3% since October 6, but his “somewhat favorable” rating went from 20% to 9% in that time. Miller’s “somewhat unfavorable” rating dipped from 13% to 8%, underscoring the voter stampede toward “very unfavorable” which skyrocketed from 38% to 60% in less than three weeks.

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And again, here is what the other pollsters have been saying in what is without a doubt a difficult state to poll in at the best of times.

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Originally posted to Scarce on Thu Oct 28, 2010 at 04:59 AM PDT.

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