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Much as been said and written about "Creative Destruction" lately -- including this good Ad by Russ Feingold, which focuses on the fallout of this Economic policy stance, held by his GOP-Tea Party opponent Ron Johnson:

Well, in a free-market capitalist system, there are always winners and losers. It's creative destruction. That just happens. It's unfortunate. But let's face it, if it weren't for that we'd still have buggy whip companies.

-- Senate candidate Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.)

"Winners and Losers", Nice.  

I suppose with his CEO background Mr Johnson feels qualified to pick them?

"Creative Destruction" -- it's not personal -- it's just Business.

It's just the way of the world.

From the ashes, a Phoenix will rise  ...

It's what Corporations are all about -- "Creative Destruction" -- destroy five Jobs over here, and create one over there ... life goes on.  Buck up buddy.  Pull up those bootstraps.  Stop your whining.

The GOP/Tea Party-Corporate front man Ron Johnson, goes on to explain it, to Wisconsin Public Radio:

"the fact of the matter is NAFTA and CAFTA have actually been successful for our economy."

Defending NAFTA and CAFTA as successes, is a bit cavalier for an "austerity" Candidate, isn't it?   Well no worries, this multimillionaire has a life of wealth and privilege to fallback on, if his experiment in hoodwinking the public, fails.  

That IF is leaning his way of late, thanks to a very misleading Ad that distorts the Stimulus Plan.  Who knew the Stimulus was all about sending "Jobs to China" -- funny I thought that was the Chamber of Commerce's position -- NOT Russ Feingold's?

All's fair in Love and "Hoodwinking" -- right?   So says Citizens United.  Money is speech.

But back to the theme of the day:  The "Creative Destruction" of American Lives.

[The Feingold Ad describes it: ]

"You know what he calls it, he calls those trade agreements and what they did to us, creative destruction. Well it's the creative destruction of Wisconsin families, including the families of tea partiers,"

Feingold said.

In an interview with POLITICO earlier this week in Stevens Point, Wis., Johnson stood by his use of that language as "a plain economic term."

[And Ron Johnson defends it: ]

"It describes what happens in this country. Every year, when the economy's really moving along, we create about 17 million jobs and a about 15 million jobs are lost, for a net gain of 2 million jobs. That's just what happens in any kind of growing economy, we create new products and those new products replace other ones," said Johnson, who gave up a shot at an MBA to start his own plastics manufacturing company in Oshkosh.

1st)  When was the last time, the GOP and their policies, created those "Net Jobs" ?

2nd)  How many of those "17 million jobs, we created" were overseas?

3rd)  SO calling it "a plain economic term" makes the wholesale dismantling of the American Middle class, OK in the GOP Playbook?

It may be "just business" to them -- BUT get this one point Corporate America --

IT IS Personal!   to us, to Millions of Americans.

You, CEO's and Boards of Directors, you held out a bargain with the Workers of America -- and you broke that bargain.

You, Corporate abstract Persons, you have in your blind ambitions -- have destroyed the American Dream -- for Millions.

Millions of Dollars for you;   Millions of Americans "permanently" Out of Work for us.

Again I ask the CEOs, those who advocate behind the scenes for EVEN MORE Outsourcing -- Where are those "Net Jobs" that your decisions have created?



60 Minutes examined the Human Fallout of Creative Destruction, last week -- if you haven't seen it -- I urge you to take a few minutes.  

Unemployment Benefits: The 99ers
60 Minutes - correspondent Scott Pelley -- October 24, 2010

click to watch

THAT is true cost of Republican Policy and Rhetoric -- especially when the Party of NO starts taking its Marching Orders from the Forces of Outsourcing --

The result is not pretty.  It's agonizing really.

those are our fellow citizens.  they did nothing wrong.

they are running out of money.  running out of food and shelter.

they are running out of hope.

That is the Destruction-side of what the Party of No Way -- No How ...  No Hope ... now stands for.

THAT is what they will soon bring to a neighborhood near you -- given the the opportunity.

That is what "Creative" means to them -- it's all about "creating wealth", for themselves, and their backers.  All on the backs of the workers.  Any Workers, Anywhere.

Us mere people, here in America.  Were on our own.  Again.  

Perhaps, us mere "flesh and blood" persons, had better start "creating" our own opportunities too, eh?

The calvary is not riding in to save the day, this time.

The "Creative Destruction" of American Lives.

Those are the real stakes this election.

They have rarely been higher.  Vote.

Nice "rising tide" Ronnie ...

Where is it again?

Originally posted to Digging up those Facts ... for over 8 years. on Sun Oct 31, 2010 at 09:26 AM PDT.

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