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Go to any republican senators website and if you can find one word about keeping social safety nets, like Medicare and Social Security, you have a miracle. These are our parents that will have no funds for medicine or hospitalization. One day it will be us.

Please tell everyone the real reason they are so against social programs. We are living longer. Science has made it possible to have a productive life into age 90 and older. This is why they also hate science. But all of this is a recipe for disaster in ways that we cannot even imagine.

First, if we lose science, all the things that they try to scare us about, cloning, stem cell research and robots taking over America (no kidding--they are worried about the robots) will happen. It will just be happening in China.

War will happen but we won't have the technology to do anything about the clean, efficient war that can be waged by new science. Nuclear war is messy and ruins the world. What will happen to us if another country discovers a way to wipe out populations and that way doesn't affect their own country. In other words, some scientists are very close to developing robots that can act as humans. What better way to send foot soldiers. I am not arguing for war--this argument is to keep the science that keeps us out of war.

I'm 59. I've paid into Social Security every paycheck of my life and I've worked since I was 16. It's not that I want to keep it on the "backs of the young." It's that we need a solution that works for everyone and they won't even try. All they care about is that they don't have to pay taxes for us. Well, they spent all the money--I want a social security rebate of what I put in. I could live off that million or two easily.

There is only one thing that threatens to wipe out the savings of every single person alive. That one thing is no health insurance. Republicans plan to stop the Obama plan by simply never approving the funding for it. If they control Congress we will lose everything President Obama has done and it's massive.

I talked to one idiot republican yesterday who said that Obama had already put in place things that could not be undone and they would ruin the country. They are setting up to blame Democrats for all the mistakes they (republicans) make in the next eight years.

Please call one old person. Please tell them to go to any republican website and try to find one single social safety net. Then tell them to get ready to live on the street--it's only a matter of time.  

Originally posted to Crispian Day on Mon Nov 01, 2010 at 04:15 AM PDT.

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