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A little bit of good news on a day where many of us are bracing for a lot of bad news.

Dear Mr. Breitbart,

We have spent the past several days trying to make clear to you your limited role as a participant in our digital town hall to be streamed on and Facebook. The post on your blog last Friday created a widespread impression that you would be analyzing the election on ABC News. We made it as clear as possible as quickly as possible that you had been invited along with numerous others to participate in our digital town hall. Instead of clarifying your role, you posted a blog on Sunday evening in which you continued to claim a bigger role in our coverage. As we are still unable to agree on your role, we feel it best for you not to participate.


Andrew Morse

Maybe Fox News can offer Breitbart a $2 million contract?

Update [2010-11-2 19:52:17 by pontificator]:  Please note that this victory didn't just come about spontaneously, but required serious effort by some very important progressive groups.  Via email:

Dear XXXX,

We did it! ABC News has announced that it has rescinded its invitation to Andrew Breitbart to participate in its election night coverage. It's a fantastic victory for those of us who did not want to see a news organization give a platform to a known race-baiter and serial liar.

You joined over 125,000 other activists from CREDO and Color of Change who signed a petition and over 2000 who reported making a call to put pressure on ABC News and The Walt Disney Company to drop Breitbart. And it worked!

This is a clear victory and it would not have happened without your active participation in this fight.

Becky Bond, Political Director
CREDO Action

Originally posted to pontificator on Tue Nov 02, 2010 at 01:33 PM PDT.

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