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According to the Miami Herald, Sink has concluded there are not enough votes left.  She will give up this morning.

This is a quick diary.

Today I worked for the Sink's Legal Protection Team in Florida.  For most of the night Scot's lead has ranged between 3 and 5 points.  As I wrote in my diary yesterday (I am not breaking the rule) Repugs always lead until the very end, when South Florida comes in.  Tonight Scott's lead is well under 2 points, and there are significant number of ballots to count in Dade and Palm Beach.

It is now probable there will be a recount here, according to Foxnews in Tampa.  After talking with Karl Rove, George Bush dispatched a group of lawyers to monitor the canvassing board in both Palm and Dade.

I am sorry, I just entered a time Warp.  I meant to say Rick Scot has dispatched lawyers.  I can say from personal knowledge we are ready for them. The Sink campaign has lawyers in both counties at the canvassing board.

Time to lawyer up, because if there is a recount it will be absolute war here.

Update: 8:20 am.

Scott leads by about a point, with votes still outsanding in Palm.  It is important to understand that voters who change precincts sometimes have to take a provisional ballot. There are other reasons why voters sometimes have to take provisional ballots as well.   These are unlikely to be counted for another 48 hours.  Whether there are enough of these to get Sink within a half point I don't know, but there may be.

Update: 9:33
From baynews9 in Tampa.  My thanks to allenjo in the comments...

The biggest delay came in Palm Beach County, ground zero of the 2000 presidential election meltdown. County officials did not finish counting ballots until after 4 a.m. In Hillsborough County, Sink's home, more than 30,000 early voting ballots had to be recounted because they were incorrectly uploaded.

With all 789 precincts reporting, Palm Beach reported that Sink had 216,438 votes -- 12,687 more than the totals on the Florida Division of Elections web site, which had given Scott a 72,000-vote margin.

That is enough to lower the gap, to 59,320. It is not enough to win. And, absent a major discrepancy at a polling place, it is not enough to even trigger a recount. That number is estimated at about 27,000.

The Sink camp was still interested in holding out for the results of the straggling votes from early voters in Hillsborough.

Originally posted to fladem on Tue Nov 02, 2010 at 09:46 PM PDT.

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