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One of the things that never ceases to amaze me about this place are the people. Most of you folks are pretty darn nice. I think anybody that has been here for awhile has been having a bad day and somebody has a nice word to pick you up. Or you have a question about this or that, and a couple dozen folks offer their expertise.

In this instance I am not talking about that. I am taking about the kindness of members offline. You know in the physical world. So in light of the fact we got our behinds kicked Tuesday and it would seem Keith might be looking for another job, it was nice to have a package arrived at my house today from another Kossack. It made me very happy. Maybe it will brighten your day as well.

I've been a big fan of the Diaries here by Sara R for a long time. Donated a few times to cover her expenses. But more then anything I just love this concept she has going on.

See Sara is a quilter. She finds fellow Kossacks that are facing serious health issues and does a quilt for them, that includes messages submitted by us that are transcribed on said quilt. Often the responses she gets back are touching to say the least. And the pics, oh the pics.

Luvsathoroughbred Testimonial Pic

Well long story short, I thought she could use a web site to promote what she is doing and get it out to a wider audience. Just so happens I do web sites for a living. I contacted her and said if she'd get me copy for the pages, visuals, and buys a domain name I could have something up in a couple hours.

Well she thought that would be neat and Sara now has a site. I didn't do it for her cause I wanted anything. Or put another way I am not what you'd call religious, but I am somewhat spiritual. I find practicing a random act of kindness here or there is good for the soul.

Well there was a knock on my door a few hours ago. This arrived from Sara.


To say I was touched would be an understatement. When she asked for my address to send me a "thank you" I said it wasn't necessary. She said in fact it was necessary. Well I am really glad she did cause it is just wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful!

You know it is one thing to look at the pics of the 39 quilts she has done in the last year. Read the notes sent by the folks that got them. But to actually have one of them in my hands, well that might have brought a tear or two to my eyes.

So HUGE SHOUT OUT TO Sara! You rock. Now after you leave a comment go do something nice for somebody, just cause you can :).

Update: Well I just noticed it is signed like a work of art. And it is in fact a work of art.


Update II: My pooties find the quilt.


Originally posted to webranding on Fri Nov 05, 2010 at 02:22 PM PDT.

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