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Hai, Y'all!

It's almost time to do your holiday shopping and there are talented Kossacks who might have just what you're looking for. Some of them have their shopping sites all set up, while others are still on the webranding learning curve. All of them can be reached through the links provided.

If you missed my diaries signing people up and want to be included in the First Annual Kos Katalogue, go back and read this or this. I'll edit this diary to add your information. Look for an updated reposting every weekend throughout the holidays.

If you're listed below or just want to support these talented Kossacks, change your sig line for a few weeks. Make it a link to the Kos Katalogue!

Gift yourself first if you have things to sell but are a Luddite like me. See this offer from webranding.

RiaD has a blog with a permanent AD page to promote the work of bloggers- THIS IS A FREE AD! She says, "I would love to promote the work of fellow bloggers who are also crafters, writers, artisans, etc. I will add tags to the page for every AD. I'll happily list people even if they don't have a site."
If you would like to be listed as a Brilliant Blogger please let her know. RiaD[at]firefly-dreaming[dot]com.

ms scarlett leadpipe does "a little painting" here.

NEW UPDATE!   Ray Radlein has a store with custom tee shirts here.

Cenobyte has two novels, here and here. He also sells metal-patina artwork here.

radical simplicity sells subscriptions to Green Energy Times.

If you buy a puppy, call ZenTrainer and buy a phone consultation to get started off right.

catfishbob sells his ceramic wall tiles and dishes here.

Sara R offers quilts, coffee cozies, catnip toys, custom designs and more here and here. The cozies are temporarily here, with PayPal links.

Aji and her husband have silverwork and so much more. Enter here.

RadioGirl's book, out in mid-February, can be pre-ordered here.   (Trust me, it's all we'll be talking about when it comes out!)

Speaking of books, sarahinty's most recent Books by Kossacks diary might give you some gift ideas that simultaneously benefit a member.

artisan's handmade tiles must be seento be believed.

marthature would like you to buy her novel.

4Freedom sells holiday baskets and jewelry here. This Kossack has an amazing reputation and could use our help.

BREAKING NEWS! Something the Dog Said is putting together a cookbook of his breads. He has a tentative publishing date of 12/12! Look for A Liberal Sprinkle of Flour, coming soon!

crystal eyes does carving like that shown in the link. Put up a site, crystal eyes!

rserven wants to sell some of her art work so she can buy holiday gifts. Click on her name for email info; check out her graphics here.  Robyn is also having a yard sale and she's added an online store.

DavidW is a fabulous artist. His paintings are here.

My buddy mytrinkets makes glass and metal photo frames and other assorted trinkets, as well as greeting cards. Visit her site here. Please read my diary giving an in-depth look at mytrinkets' site.

NEW UPDATE!   hyperbolic pants explosion has jewelry, mostly sterling silver, gemstone, and glass. Some brass and copper. Both woven and strung pieces, as well as some wire work for sale here. (OMG! I just looked! Pretties!) All items ship for free and come in a gift box.

EXCITING UPDATE: hpe just added a couple of special coupon codes exclusively for Kossacks: KOSKATALOG: 10% off (no expiration date) KOSHOLIDAY: 30% off (through Dec. 17) You can also buy spoonflower designs here.

WarrenS sells a variety of his own music CD's here.  

For something different, have JG in MD look up your family line. She does genealogy research at the Library of Congress and the DAR.

If you're REALLY splurging and want to buy a home in coastal Los Angeles County, Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno will sell you a house and talk librul politics.

RenaRF has a band and sells their CD's.

Julian Domain does art in multiple formats. See examples here.

juliewolf sells notecards,thousands of photos, her own original music, her books and calendars, and, in her spare time, she's a web designer.

Are you a PhD candidate? plf515 offers statistical analysis. (You can also hire Peter to give talks about learning disabilities.)

Alice Venturi offers reproduction armor and jewelry here and here.

One Pissed Off Liberal offers fine arts posters and prints, as well as his book.  

asterkitty does oil paintings and she has a publishing site. She wrote a book, available on the second site, that all you bashful artists should read. It tells you how to price your stuff. Also, if you want to build a snazzy website, check this out.

nchristine has sun catchers and fobs for sale, as well as needlework fabric, threads, and seed beads, some older Hallmark ornaments and other items. See?

Chun Yang creates silk scarves and handpainted shirts here. READ THIS for a hot special!

boran2 (surprise!) sells his paintings here.♥

jan4insight, another busy Kossack,starts with handmade originals - crochet accessories and housewares; artwork and cards; notebooks and journals. Intuitive readings and metaphysical goods, too here, plus Jan's own artwork, on cards, posters, mugs, t-shirts, stationery and more here, and same thing with a political bent here, and (whew!) Fabric design: Jan's artwork printed on beautiful, high-quality fabrics of natural fibers here.

Alexandra Lynch will edit your novel or sell you impact implements.  

Kitsap River makes jam.  

KVoimakas does  firearm safety courses in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin.

dirkster42 gives beginning violin or viola lessons in the Bay Area.

Crashing Vor would like for you to hear his music and buy his GF's sculpture.

maxomai would like for you to consider his wife's beautiful work. BLACK FRIDAY UPDATE: Now through Cyber Monday enter the code "SHOGGOTH" for 10% off your order HERE!

RantNRaven is an artist.....landscapes, cityscapes, wildlife, portraits, clay sculpture.  See her online gallery ... and drool!

DontTaseMeBro does yoga/pilates studio startup consulting.

lady sisyphus has a sparklies and fuzzies shop and much, much more!

AveryProg offers recession clothing + underwear of the month club. Use coupon code "2012" and you get 12% off AND donate 12% of the sale to the Kos slate on ActBlue for 2012.

wackydoug teaches basic firearms safety in MA.

Dream It Real is an indie-pop singer-songwriter. buy his new CD here.

JacksonStreet Dan has an online bookstore.

The Gimp is a disabled mouth artist who does caricatures, portraits and pet portraits. Here's his link.

COFFEE! Timbuk3 tells his story.

emeraldmaiden has two ventures. If you're having problems with your vacuum, she has used & reconditioned vacuum parts. They specialize in Kirby, Electrolux, and Kenmore, with forays into Rainbow, Filter Queen, and others. You can find handspun yarn, some hand knits/hand crocheted items, biker-style leather watchbands here.

cookseytalbott says "I offer prints from 24" up to 96" that I make personally on archival materials in my studio. I work closely with a local lamination factory to finish them as ready to hang laminated panels or as traditionaly framed prints" here.

Temmoku has Elderberry Jelly and some jams, Hot pepper, blackberry and crabapple...$8.00 a hlf pint, some handmade doilies and some pots...2 handled with green man medallion on one side...glazed stone green.

flowerfarmer makes hand painted ornaments-dogs cats mermaids birds and more at  
this evolving site.

Fineena makes and sells handmade scarves and accessories. Use the code "kosholiday" to get 20% off anything in her store through Tuesday, 11/30. You can see other items not yet listed on her site here.

UnaSpenser does custom knitting. She makes sweaters, vests, and hats.

lotusmaglite is a stand-up comedian in the Midwest.

If you're in Philly (or anywhere on the east coast) and want to redesign a room or two for the holidays, you can't get a better pro than ridemybike.  Email him!

Debby hopes you'll visit her husband's shop. He's got some awesome (and reasonably priced!) knitting patterns that folks could use to make holiday gifts or goodies for themselves.

PeterHug doesn't know if this belongs here, but I vote YES, esp. this part:  We also do custom formulation of lubricants, metalworking fluids, cleaners, personal care products, and (sometimes) cosmetics.

thatwhichisgood has a nice site selling whimsical t-shirts, stickers & gifts  here.   She says, "Sign up for email alerts ...make a favorites list and look for coupons or free shipping."

Here's one for our ekos crowd! Justice Hildebrand's wife uses deconstructed corrugated boxes and many other recycled materials to make both functional art - desk clocks and wall clocks, picture frames, lamps, jewelry displays - and much more. She also does fine art mosaic with the same kinds of materials. Luci's great site is right here.

Paul in Berkeley makes handcrafted pens and bottle stoppers.

Coilette sells hand-beaded jewelry and other items in her shop.

RubDMC's daughter sells exquisite holiday cards.

rambler american's wife makes jewelry from beach glass.

Lorinda Pike makes sterling silver jewelry.

Need t-shirts or bumperstickers? Go to DonnaO's site.

Order epjmcginley's book and delicious and wholesome baked goods at blueheronbakery's site.

If you're in northern NM and want a purchase of a lifetime, talk to claude.

Lujane has two bicycle shops in MD and a website.   "We sell lots of oddball and hard-to-find items and parts in addition to the more traditional bikes and can ship most things."  

More amazing artists! cobart & her husband sell her work here and here, his here.  

mememb sells nice jewelry and will give you a 25% discount if you follow these directions.

GWboosebag makes stained glass panels, windows, and suncatchers. Some of his work can be viewed here.

If you're a fan of Tales from the Larder- and who isn't? - Patric Juillet has the series for sale. Email him for details.

NEW LISTING! Asterkitty has added a chic jewelry store!

Mishima makes lovely ink drawings.   Click on his name here to find an email addy.

fat old man does custom woodwork plus standard items HERE.

Virginia Liberal has a boatload of Celtic and Metaphysical goodies, and several boatloads of beads and jewelry making supplies (and free tutorials and projects) for the DIY inclined at this site.

NoMoreLies does sustainable landscaping described here.

Originally posted to Nurse Kelley's Blog on Sat Nov 13, 2010 at 09:24 AM PST.

Also republished by Kos Katalogue.

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