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If I survive this week without going more ape $hit than I already have, it'll be a miracle of biblical proportions! However, I am somewhat reassured by the fact that even big powerful organizations or workplaces can devolve into a gossipy vindictive sewing circle just as easily as any other slice - of - heaven place of employment. Here's some popcorn because I think we may all need it.

Popcorn Pictures, Images and Photos

On a much more chipper note, here's another book to put on y'all's wish list! :D Fainting & the vapors are optional for y'all - S.O.P. for me. ;D

Let's get SPARKy for November 15, 2010. PC has run amok across the pond! So, are all those nursery rhymes gonna have to be re - written? These guys needed to take piano - moving lessons from THESE guys! :D

Finally, I'm going to end this SPARKy edition with a story that restores a little of my faith in humanity. If I ever meet these mechanics, I'm gonna give them a big 'ol wet smooch on the lips! :D Here's a virtual one to begin with!!


I'll put some "this day in history" items in comment; let's Countdown!

#5 "Compromising Position"- The lame ducks are back in town to anger & disappoint for a few more weeks. NOW, the "compromise" position is the extension of ALL tax cuts for a couple of years. I better find someplace where I can buy barf bags by the gross. President Obama as recently as yesterday was still saying he was against extending the cuts for the super – rich among us. Talk is cheap, Mr. President; it’s time for action.


I wish, wish, WISH there was a way to separate the tax cuts for the super – rich from the cuts that will affect 99% of the population. MAKE the GOBP vote against the middle class; MAKE the GOBP vote for their rich overlords! David Axelrod made the Sunday rounds yesterday & promptly gave non – answer answers about the question he opened his pie hole up about last week. Even Senator Waterloo DeMint would be down with a temporary extension for everyone because businesses would then be able to plan ahead & add all those jobs. Huh? What? No jobs were added the last time around we tried this shtick?

Senator Chuck Schumer is proposing moving the cut amount from $250K to a cool million. How would y’all feel about that? Has the CBO or any similar group crunched the numbers of that scenario? Ezra Klein gets this taxing topic tonight {insert rim shot here}. He pointed out what a whole lot of us have been pointing out for weeks; the longer the cuts stay in place, the more difficult it’ll be to get rid of them. Ezra’s not thrilled with Senator Schumer’s idea at all. He can’t figure out the GOBP leverage on this issue?! Dem jelly spine, my dear...damn Dem jelly spine... Ezra identified 3 critical items that MUST be done during this lame duck session: unemployment insurance WITH the tax cuts, raise the debt ceiling WITH the tax cuts, & couple the cuts with tax reform, according to Senator Kent Conrad. Howard Fineman gets to talk the political angle of said taxing subject. Howard’s pretty gob smacked at what he sees the Dems doing, too. He thinks Dems have lost hope in being able to control the messaging on this issue. The caucuses are meeting tomorrow. Won’t THOSE meetings be a hoot?! Howard likes Ezra’s suggestions but doesn’t think they’ll survive the Senate.



#4 "Revival" - President Obama is still publicly blaming himself for administration failures up to this point. He might not be so policy or legislatively focused over the next couple of years & get out and about with we, the people more. Well, he did that some in the past couple of years. It would appear it’s not helped a lot – especially when some inside the White House have been & will continue to give him craptacular advice. He’s also still expecting Mitchie McConnell & Small Price to Pay Goldilocks to work and play well with him; HELLO?!


I forgot Richard was going to be in New York City for a book signing in the next day or so because I heard from him earlier today! Can my heart withstand these 2 in studio together at the same sparkin’ time?! We’ll see. ;D


Richard thinks some angst began even before the election in 2008 between reviving & merely surviving. He also thinks that President Obama’s basically been trying to play both sides of the reviving & surviving coin, too. Well, what did people expect making his biggest rival in the primaries his damn SOS??!! At least according to Richard, some President Obama peeps DO REALIZE FINALLY that there are no reasonable GOBP to work with. Now – Senator Nude Cosmo’s election helped to shake some cobwebs out on that subject but apparently not enough from what I’ve been seeing! Richard thinks this White House will be more realistic from now on & focus on getting votes back from the "independents" who swung heavily back to the GOBP a couple weeks ago. He – who – shall – not – be – named Chicago mayoral candidate is gone from the White House, but his undermining caused damage that will stick around for a long damn time. Oh, I cannot WAIT to read this, and, if plans work out, I’ll have the sucker in my hot little hands in about a week or so. :D :D :D :D


** Some Brit lady broke a record for the longest radio broadcast under water. And, my reply to that is, "So what?!" She bowled & played darts, too. Look at the brave little kitty kickin’ a$$ and takin’ names with them gators! ALL RIGHT!! **

#3 "One – Way Ticket" - Some BRILLIANT people have figured out a way to cut the cost of any missions to Mars in half; don’t bring people back to Earth! Hello?! Said BRILLIANCE continued when these 2 dorky dumba$$ geeks tried to compare this idea to what the pilgrims faced when they came to this country. Well, air & oxygen ARE highly – overrated; just ask $aint $arah from Wasilla. They also want to send up old coots to colonize first.

#2 "Pork & Schemes" - Mitchie McConnell has caved on the earmark issue even though he’s the pork prince for his state. Senate Dems are gearing up to reform the tarantino process; I’ll believe THAT when I see it. Gee Keith, thanks ever so much for bring up Danny – Boy Coats. I don’t trust his words about tarantino process reform any more than I could throw him in the White River that he so desperately deserves! Chris Hayes gets to talk pork products of various types. Senator Tom Udall is one of the big cheerleaders on reform. Tea baggers are mum on this subject. Well, it would be RUDE of them to comment with their mouths full! shot, but I’m entitled to one after today. Chris is actually fairly proud of Mitchie for caving on earmarks; Chris IS damn desperate!

#1 "Special Comment" - The first time I remember seeing Ted Koppel interview anyone for an extended period of time was his Jim & Tammy Baker show. THAT was a hoot! Mr. Koppel wrote an op – ed in the Post over the weekend equating Keith with BillO? Lovely. We get to remember Walter Cronkite again tonight. And, here’s Mr. Murrow, too! People tried to silence Murrow’s bombing reports from London?! $HIT!! I did not know that; THAT is pathetic. And, here’s Mr. Murrow VS. "the Senator from Wisconsin." So, Ted Koppel tried to make the point that people like Cronkite & Murrow were so good because they objectively reported facts or something? Huh? OK...gotta find that op – ed. Mr. Koppel apparently also equated FAUX News with MSNBC. Again...lovely. All right, for your reading "pleasure"...

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Mon Nov 15, 2010 at 06:39 PM PST.

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