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I was literally moved by this commercial - I saw it this morning on CNN and was riveted, waiting to find out what the commercial was for.

The ad, plus brief commentary, is over the fold.

Here it is (for folks who have trouble with the viewer, please go here and scroll down a bit to view it):

Note: sorry for all the link troubles.  In the comments, someone provided a a YouTube link that appears to work as well.

I have been literally appalled at the vitriol I've seen - particularly on the right - about the GM Bailout.  At a time when unemployment was rising precipitously, the Obama Administration made the decision to give GM - and auto workers across the American auto industry - a hand up.

It is estimated that the bailout saved 1.14 million jobs.  It's a shame that the American public doesn't really do nuance - that proving a negative in jobs NOT lost doesn't resonate.  It's a shame further that the hatred the Republican party shows for the working middle class in America stands largely unchallenged on a broader stage.

In addition to being a supporter of the saving of the US auto industry, I was really relieved to hear President Obama's remarks on the subject:

So here’s the lesson:  Don't bet against America.  (Applause.)  Don't bet against the American auto industry.  Don't bet against American ingenuity.  Don't bet against the American worker.  Don't bet against us.  (Applause.)  Don't bet against us.  (Applause.)

I don't agree with everything this President has done and/or, sometimes, the way he's chosen to do it - but I have been and remain solidly behind the assistance given to GM and I am thrilled to see the President taking it to the Republicans on this issue.  The short version of his speech, to me, could be this: "Why do the Republicans hate the American middle class?"

Indeed.  That's the frame I hope is shaping up over the next two years - and one we should all be focusing on and repeating.

Sorry for the short diary - off to do family things today but will check back in periodically.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Update [2010-11-25 11:16:42 by RenaRF]: Off to the movies with my parents and Mr. RenaRF.  Talk amongst yourselves!! ;)

Originally posted to RenaRF's Random Ramblings on Thu Nov 25, 2010 at 07:54 AM PST.

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