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President Obama is not a wussy - words Maher used to describe Obama today while appearing on CNN's "Fareed Zakaria GPS" today.  Maher must have been high, because he obviously used the wrong word.

Or, perhaps, Maher wanted to use the right word, but felt it was either inappropriate or not within his own best interest to use the word he wanted to use.

So, being the stand-up kinda guy I am, let me tell you what Bill Maher really wanted to say:  Barack Obama is a fucking pussy.

Watch the video here:

Now, first things first, for all the haters who are going to start ripping me to shreds - kindly fuck off.  I'll use the words I choose to use - and perhaps you should spend your time in counseling dealing with your own issues.

Now, according to press reports, no doubt leaked by the White House, the president is about to agree top extend tax cuts for those making over $250,000.00 a year.  Now, if you and I wanted tax cuts for the rich, we would have voted for John McCain.  

Obama made an eloquent case for discontinuing tax breaks for the wealthy - you can see the video here:

But again, on this and every other issue, the pussy wimps out.  But in addition to being a pussy, he's a moron too.  The deficit commission he appointed just came out and told us in order to get our shit together, everything has to be cut.  So they are saying on thing, and the very man who appointed them is about to agree to a compromise and extend tax cuts for the rich, which, over a ten year period, will ADD three quarters of a trillion dollars to the debt.  What a mess.  What a pussy.  What a moron.

Obama needs to get pissed off and tell the Republicans, and especially Mitch McConnell, to go fuck themselves.  Then, he needs to draw a line in the sand and tell those asses that tax break for the wealthy are not going to happen - and continue to hold the votes.  Let the tax breaks expire if he has to.  Grow some balls Mr. President and show the American people you can lead - we know you can do it for crying out loud, so do it.  Toss your intellectual way of thinking out the fucking window and get mad.  Then tell the public what you want and FIGHT for it.  Show them and your base that you can lead.

And for crying out loud, if you don't know how to get mad - go say something to Michelle that you know will piss her off, like your are tired of seeing her arms displayed in the press, and watch how she gets pissed off.  Or call Rahm Emanuel and tell him everyone on daily kos thinks he's a fucking asshole and you agree with us, and listen to how eloquently pissed off he becomes.  Then get in front of the cameras and let it rip - I know your mad; I know what you are saying in private to Michelle and your aides.  So harness some of that anger, streamline it, get your shit together and let it rip.  Because if you don't you are going to be a one term president.  And if you agree to the compromise to extend tax cuts to the wealthy, myself and others will have no choice but to shop around for a primary challenger in 2012.  We can't allow your incompetence to cost us the Senate in 2012 - it already cost us the House, 11 governors seats and loss of the redistricing process in at least 22 states, as of last count.

So Mr. President, get your shit together - and stop acting like such a fucking pussy.

And for all the haters out there who hate the word pussy, a video message for you:

And to everyone else out there, have a GREAT Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted to FlipperWaves on Sun Dec 05, 2010 at 12:51 PM PST.

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