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After two years of soaring anti-government rhetoric about, grandma, death panels, Kenya and Muslims the new generation of stalwart republicans has reached DC. Boy are they ready to go to overturn the old corrupt ways of congress! They are going to stand up for your rights and.....

Oh....this didn't take long

Francisco "Quico" Canseco [Tea Party-Texas]:-

"It's going to be a new day in Washington."

Yep, it sure was. The sun then set:

Two weeks later, Canseco was in the heart of Washington for a $1,000-a-head fundraiser at the Capitol Hill Club.

Yes indeed those pesky elections are excessively expensive; to who else can an anti-establishment candidate turn other than K-Street?

Look, it's not as if that money will influence any decision later on, have ye no faith?

This Heroic Anti-DC Elite  Tea Party Patriot  was not alone!

Wild west style cocktail parties then broke out across the capital

Let Freedom Rain[sic]! Twenty dollar bills from the sound of it:-

Dozens of freshmen lawmakers have held receptions at Capitol Hill bistros and corporate townhouses in recent weeks, taking money from K Street lobbyists and other powerbrokers within days of their victories.

But, but the costs of buying running elections are high I hear them whine,

Many new House members are scrambling to take care of debts from 2010 so they can turn their attention to the next cycle, according to aides and campaign-finance experts.

Heh, already thinking of becoming part of the system by planning for re-election before they have even met for one session.


Well not really; a couple of million dollars will do nicely.

"The first step in raising money for the 2012 election cycle is to close the door on the 2010 election cycle," said Paul Lindsay

Stop..... stop, please..... these rugged individualist...come on yer killing me here:

Rep.-elect Bill Flores (Oil Party-Tex.), a retired energy executive who held a debt-retirement reception Nov. 17, received post-election contributions from political-action committees for, among others, Deloitte, ExxonMobil and the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Flores, who ousted Democratic veteran Chet Edwards, also forgave himself more than $600,000 in personal loans, FEC records show.

Of course this will not effect how he votes....... 'Drill baby drill!'

Flores supports the following: limited government and lower taxes; an end to the spending of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act; to make the Bush-era tax cuts permanent; pro-life abortion positions; and stronger enforcement at the U.S. Mexico border.[30]

And the oil companies, they always forget who pays the bills when they spout their nonsense.

Next up

Dan Benishek (R-Mich.) Apparently enough is only enough [his campaign slogan] when:

Benishek took in last-minute donations from Johnson Controls, Delta Airlines and the K&L Gates lobbying firm,

He campaigned against 'ungodly spending' and earmarks whilst all the time hoping to interfere with a women's rights, but but he needed to write-off his ungodly spending. because how else could he look forward to being re-elected?

The really funny line in all this is:

"These guys ran against Washington, but they ran against the bad parts of Washington--the bloated bureaucracy and Nancy Pelosi's agenda," he said. "That's not a contradiction to take money from a trade group or corporation that represents free-enterprise principles."

I'm afraid I had to spend some time cleaning coffee of my monitor as the idiocy of this statement sunk in, this is how that statement should read:

"They sold out, sure,  but to the right people."

Robert Hurt [Real Republican-VA]

Incoming House member Robert Hurt, who railed against "union and special interest money"

Oh...... so no special interests here:

received contributions for debt retirement from Rolls-Royce, Verizon Communications , Yum Brands Inc. and others. Overall, Hurt received more than $600,000 from PACs in 2010, according to the FEC.

They are only special interests when they fund the other side.


Loud and clear.

The moral of the story

Always remember when running against the establishment; always plan on remaining part of the establishment by getting to the trough first.



Tea party pacifier

Originally posted to LaFeminista on Mon Dec 06, 2010 at 04:39 AM PST.

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