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From the Plum Line, Dem Rep. Anthony Weiner says what many are thinking:

"Governing is more than a series of transactions. This is a competition of ideas on how we make the country better."

"Middle class Americans need someone to fight for them. They see this deal as punting on 3rd down -- it seems the President is not seeing the value of being on offense."

"Democrats should welcome the chance to tell the American people what we will fight for. We should be standing up for the middle class and extending unemployment insurance for out-of-work Americans. If Republicans want to add to our deficit and defend the interests of billionaires, make them stand up in Congress and tell that to the public loud and clear."

"Deals come after we fight for ideals -- let's do that first."

Plum Line: Why the left is angry at Obama

Greg Sargent explains why so many are so angry over the last two years and about this Prresident's tactics:

What Weiner is saying is that there's no practical reason to signal a willingness to deal until you've put up a fight and forced the other side to defend itself. The left's gripe with Obama is as much about the President's sense of what's pragmatic as it is about ideology.

Plum Line: Why the left is angry at Obama

Congressman Weiner is right.  Perhaps it is time for House Democrats to stand up against this President.  His way is not working.  President Obama does respond to extortion.  How about some from Democrats for a change?

Vote down the deal and start negotiations with President Obama.

We need someone to represent the bottom 90% in this nation.

Update I: link from slinkerwink to call your congress person:

Call the House Members

Originally posted to TomP on Mon Dec 06, 2010 at 10:28 AM PST.

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