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• Series categories (described below)

Note: THERE IS NO Series of the Year category

• It is up to all of us to determine the nominees in the comments.

Your participation matters:

From exmearden

(The kOscar awards are) an excellent idea and one that I hope continues each year. Hopefully with a lot of collaboration so that just a few aren't carrying the major load...

Please take a moment to actually read the diary and the rules for nominating, lest your choice(s) be disregarded due to your own mistakes.

Special Bonus:  This Nomination diary is graced by Pooties, thanks to yesterday's awesome editor, Spedwybabs

Editors note: Today's Editor is smileycreek.

If nothing else, before posting a comment in this diary, please read the Rules for Nominating section below before posting comments about your nominees and/or confusion. There are only 4 rules; it's very simple, honest.


• How Nominations Work:

For the next week or so, our team of volunteers, LaughingPlanet,  weatherdude, spedwybabs, boran2, GlowNZ, smileycreek, racheltracks & Kitsap River (all of whom were welcomed on a 1st-come basis in the earlier diaries this year), will post similar diaries soliciting submissions. In the comments, you leave your ideas for nominations for various categories.

Subject: {category}
Comment: {name and [perma]link}

So many people forget this very important rule.
Please, 1 nom/comment.

The comments should look like this:

Best Visual Diary: (3+ / 0-)
My Graveside Encounter with President Obama by Al Rodgers

by Situational Lefty on Fri Feb 05, 2010 at 03:13:18 PM PST
[ Reply to This | Recommend Hide ]

(Please include links to all nominations)

Simple enough?


Please, please, use only that format for your nomination(s).
One nomination per comment.

Rules for Nominating (No exceptions.)

•  Don't nominate yourself. It was already done 1st by Trix. It was funny the 1st time. If you mean it for real, well, that's kinda sad, don'tcha think? Find a friend or at least a sockpuppet to nominate yourself if you must.

•  Focus squarely on dkos items from 2010 only.

•  Make the category the title of your comment and limit yourself to just one nominee per comment. The "voting" (comment recommends) will be easier if we all stick to that formula.

•  Have fun. This is not life or death stuff. Never forget Rule #62: Don't take yourself too damn seriously!

When you see a nomination in the comments that you like, uprate the comment. If the comment gets enough recs, it will automatically qualify for the 1st round of voting.

If you don't like the nomination, it's likely best to do nothing. Comments such as "That guy sucks" might earn HRs. We are here to praise good work, not criticize or tear each other down.


Official Categories for kOscars™ 2010:

• Best Action Diary
• Best Visual Diary
• Best Investigative Diary
• Best Teaching Diary
• Best Non-political Diary
• Special Memorial Diary Section (Will not be voted upon)
• Diary by a Kossack on TV
• Rant of the Year
• Snark of the Year
• Diary of the Year
• Diarist of the Year
• Comment of the Year
• Commenters: Adapted or Original Artwork
• Commenters: Snark
• Commenters: Political
• Series: Community Forum
• Series: Nonpolitical
• Series: Educational
• Series: Community Service
• Series: Political or News
• Series: Environmental
• Series: Miniseries


Series Nominations:

There are 2 subsets of series.

  1. Regular series (Covering the 1st 5 categories)
  1. Miniseries

If the series you want to nominate did not run for the entire year, or was sporadically posted, it is best to put it in the miniseries category. Series with regular posting times should fill the other series cats.

Take a moment before nominating.
Getting the category right is important.

If you aren't sure where a series belong, checking last year's polls is a great place to begin. (e.g.: Political/News)
Perhaps consulting with other members or asking in the comments below FIRST is in order.

Please include the TAG used for the series you mention.


Commenter/Diarist Nominations:

Please take a moment to be sure you list people's names correctly.

Shorthand typing will not work.

la feminista

The above will not show up in searches, or allow people to easily find the user on Daily Kos.
These are accurate names, noms:


Ideally people will want to read some of the nominated authors' work. We need to make that possible for those not familiar with them.

If you plug a name into THIS SEARCH, you should get a good sampling of what the person has posted this year.

If your search comes up empty, please take an extra second to spell the name correctly.

If your search shows only a handful of diaries, you may be thinking of works from father in the past. We are focused on DIARIES FROM 2010, and noms should reflect that. If someone has posted but 6 diaries this year, they are very unlikely to make the final round of voting, so you might want to reconsider your nom.

Some useful comment searches.

• From jotter's daily HID diary-

Cleaned comments from 2010 by rec

• By commenter. (Substitute name)

• Search "Comment of the Year".


Diary noms:

The search function is your friend.
From : 1 Year
To: now
will be key to all searches.

If you don't know where to begin, you may want to start here.

Ask any/all questions you may have below as well.

We would rather answer the same question 3 times than have to ask you to correct your mistake or throw out your nom due to careless errors.

And now, your previous nominations:

Nominations are listed in order by number of Comment Recommends


Best Action Diary

DADT: What Was Accomplished A Week Ago by clarknt67 (+36)

Daily Kos Demographics: White. Over 50. Well-Off. Male. by Soothsayer99. (+22)

Eight Letters on Climate Change by WarrenS (+19)

Daily Kos GOTV Blogathon: Al Franken Up First! by Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse. (+12)

Emergency: Ice Storms Devastate Pine Ridge Reservation and Others by navajo (+12)

ALL HANDS: The Battle for Reconciliation begins now by nyceve (+11)

"Men Should Put This On For One Day" by Blueness (+10)

Haiti ShelterBox 124 - $575 toward box 125 by TexMex (+9)

Help Turn Off Fox by ColorOfChange (+8)

I Helped a 99er Today by DaNang65


Best Visual Diary

Photos and Stories from the Labor March on Wall St. by Eddie C (+15)

Netroots Nation Days 2 and 3 – Photo HiLights UPDATE by Ed in Montana (+12)

Hiking at The 1000 Islands Environmental Center by blueyedace2 (+11)

Cinque-Terre: An Enchanted Photo Journey by citisven (+11)

boatsie's butterfly revival machine earthship  
by boatsie (+11)

A Photo Diary: Father's Flowers and Climate Change
by patrickz (+8)

Signs of the Times by Land of Enchantment (+8)

Archaeology in Egypt: the Night Bus to Dakhleh by blue jersey mom (+6)

A Woman of Courage: Jestina Mukoko was abducted, beaten, tortured and forced to confess by BlueJessamine (+5)

In The Forest Of The Giants (photos) by Richard Lyon (+4)

Medvedev: President Obama is a thinker - unlike other people... by blackwaterdog (+3)


Best Investigative Diary

Anonymous 1, Oregon Tea Party 0 by Neon Vincent. (+13)

Eco White Privilege by Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse (+10)

Soldiers Sickened by Contaminated Water Cover-Up? by Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse (+8)

Exploratory oil drilling rig explosion & fire in the Gulf of Mexico by Magnifico (+7)

Wolfowitz Directive Gave Legal Cover to Detainee Experimentation Program by Valtin (+5)

Criminal InJustice Kos: Prison Health Care as Punishment Part I by RadioGirl (+5)

Call me a purist, but don't lie to me about stuff I can check
by 8ackgr0nd N015e (+3)


Best Teaching Diary

History for Kossacks: The Imperialist Era's BP by Unitary Moonbat (+14)

Sunday Bread by Something the Dog Said (+13)

Low Light Photography by stevej (+12)

Archaeology in Egypt: the Night Bus to Dakhleh (photos) by blue jersey mom (+10)

Living Well with Type 2 Diabetes by Kitsap River (+9)

Classical Music Blogging OPUS 1. Sonata-allegro form (pt 1) by Dumbo (+9)

Not Breaking: Gov't contractor charged with spying by Casual Wednesday (+6)

How regulation came to be: the Scofield Mine Explosion(+6)
by dsteffen

Global Drying: World's 4th-largest lake 90% gone by LaughingPlanet (+6)

Criminal Injustice Kos: Incarcerated Veterans by DaNang65 (+6)

Cheney -- This is Waterboarding by rb137 (+5)

To kill a mockingbird is a sin . . . by teacherken (+4)

For Whom the Bell Tolls: 3 Dead Per Day by soothsayer99

My Queer Life is Lived at the Intersections(3+)
by RadioGirl

How regulation came to be: El Cortito --the short hoe (+8) by dsteffen

Haitians fought in our Revolutionary War...we turned our backs on theirs(+9) by Deoliver47

Friday Evening Photo Blogging: Street Photography Edition by Eddie C

I've never got a job from a poor man in my life by citizen k


Best Non-political Diary

The bravest person I've ever known: Kitsap River by Charles CurtisStanley (+14)

Learning to Accept Myself  The Nephew. (+9)

I am HIV positive by MBNYC. (+8)

Christmas with the Cat - Good cheer for Our Community by Pluto (+7)

Some news about me . . . (update at end) by teacherken (+4)

Remembering The Greatest Storyteller In The World by WarrenS (+4)

Hero Dearming land mines with a pocket knife and stick Update w film  by vc2 (+4)


Diary by Kossack on TV:

Black Power's Gonna Get You Sucka: Right-Wing Paranoia and the Rhetoric of Modern Racism by tim wise (+4)

Ted Koppel And The Real Death Of "Real News" by Keith Olbermann (+4)


Special Memorial Section:

Celebrating the life of Kris Froland (exmearden); 1958-2010  by Sara R

The starlight formerly known as exmearden by occams hatchet.

And then he kicked the chair out from underneath his feet by debbieleft


Rant of the Year

Updated: F*ck you, you f*cking f*cks!  by Colorado is the Shiznit (+12)

Fishgrease: DKos Booming School by Fishgrease (+11)

** F**k Republicans ** Rant Warning In Force by LaFeminista (+10)

To All the Nice White Progressives by adept2u (5+)

Why I Get Upset: Non-Violence and DailyKos by geomoo (+5)

How to Insult a Fellow Kossack and Make it Stick!  by nyseer  (+4)


Snark of the Year

Assistance needed regarding current medical crisis by JeffLieber (+14)

EtiKos: Dear Miss Mayta ... Answering Your Blogging Etiquette Questions by Miss Mayta (14+)

In the Second Year of The One by Unitary Moonbat (+13)

Breaking! Pooties Threaten Strike Over Daily Kos Discriminatory Practices! by Ekatarin (+12)

The April Fool's edition of SheKos to this list!(+11)
by SheKos

Want a raise? Wash your vagina. by dhonig (+8)

I have begun to suspect my wife. by mostevilangel (+7)

2ND Annual "Diaries You've Never Seen" by Julie Gulden (+5)

I just got hired as commandant of one of Obama's new secret FEMA detention centers! by Bob Johnson (+4)

What Kind of Liberal Are You? by TheBlaz (+4)

Greetings from a parallel universe where Gore beat Bush by Seneca Doane (+3)

My Take on DK6 by Bob Johnson (+3)

Out-dick Jim Bunning! by droogie6655321(3+)

BREAKING: House to Vote Again to Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell! by  jpmassar (+12)

Devastating video of Harold Ford + Breaking news Update! by  Clarknt67 (+10)


Diary of the Year

Southern History Repeating Itself: Descent into madness by Old Redneck (+27)

***I Apologise*** by LaFeminista (+14)

SCREWED! Forty Years of Corruption and 'Conservatism' Come Home to Roost by One Pissed Off Liberal (13+)

The GOP has identified the number one threat to our "Fredoms" Renzo Gasolini (+12)

Obama Eats Republicans' Lunch! by Blackwaterdog (+11)

Criminal Injustice Kos: With Justice Aforethought : BEFORE there's a crime by Aji (+10)

The Melancholy Deconstruction of a Once Great Society by Pluto (8+)

"The Other Tibet" ------Xinjiang, China------- DKos Travel Board #24 by Laughing Planet (+7)

by shanikka/black kos

Walk This Way by blueness (+5)

Oh no! There's gays in the military! by Clarknt67 (+5)

On 9/11 : Palin And Beck Bash America, Praise Fox News by KingOneEye (+5)

Visualization, Framing, and that War of Words by jamess (+4)

Dream Deferred: Racism of the "Color-blind" Kind by soothsayer99 (+4)

Giving Up by BoiseBlue (+4)

The far-right in Dallas in November 1963 by devtob (+3)

"This is sedition in slow motion" by Troutfishing (+3)


Comment of the Year

I want to leave this note for her daughters by Noor B (+9)

"Jeffers Yes" by john keats (+2)

"The Invisible Depression" by YucatanMan (+2)

I hear on Wall Street" by Lupin (+6)

"Once again I'm sorry and do apologize" by LaFeminista (+5)

"I don't seek to be a victim of" by  GenXangster (+17)


Diarist of the Year-
(listed alphabetically)

Diarist of the Year: (11+ / 0-)
A Siegel.
blue jersey mom
King One Eye
George Lakoff
Ministry of Truth
Muskegon Critic
occams hatchet
One Pissed Off Liberal
Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse
Sara R

We will have a runoff for this category, as people always list more names than any poll can fairly measure. The top names from that round will be the finalists for this cat.

It is easy to type the name of someone you like. It is even better if you can find a link to something they posted that you enjoy, therefore sharing it with others.


Commenters: Adapted or Original Artwork



Commenters: Snark

Colorado Is the Shiznit
Bob Johnson


Commenters: Political

Renzo Capetti


Series: Community Forum

Black Kos
Saturday Morning Garden Blogging
Mojo Friday


Series: Nonpolitical

Tales From the Larder by Patric Juillet
The Grieving Room
What Are You Working On? by  jlms qkw
Saturday Morning Home Repair by claude


Series: Educational

Bookflurries: Bookchat
Indians 101
Saturday Painting Palooza
Science tidbits
Write On
Pique the Geek
History for Kossacks
Thursday Night Classical Music


Series: Community Service

jotter's High Impact Diaries
Sara R's Quilts
Welcome New Users
The Inoculation Project
Shelterbox diaries for Haiti
Netroots for the Troops
The Grieving Room
Top Comments
Diary Rescue
Pooties and Woozles diary series


Series: Environmental  

climate change news roundup
dawn chorus
ekos earthship
Gulf Watchers


Series: Political or News  

Criminal InJustice Kos
News from Native American Netroots
Overnight News Digest
Odds & Ends: News/Humor (with "Who Lost the Week?" poll) by Ed Tracey
Haiti Diaries by allie123"
The Week in Editorial Cartoons by JekyllnHyde.


Series: Miniseries

Haole in Hawaii's "A Photo Diary"
Friday Evening Photo Blogging
Free Food by wide eyed lib
Letters to the President
How Regulation Came to Be
Fucking Booming Series (Fishgrease).
WarrenS's letters to editors
Climate Zombies by RLMiller et al
EcoJustice Africa by rb137, boatsie and citisven
Walking NW Laos by ban nock
DK4 Beta by sardonyx

Pick one & have fun!

Please supply a link for every nomination to help people see what you are talking about. A name alone means nothing to some people.

Scan the comments and previous noms before making a fresh duplicative nom. You are better off using your time for other things than making a repeat nom that will be discarded.




All categories will remain open for noms until around Jan 3rd.

And remember:


Happy nomming to all, and to all a good nom.

Originally posted to kOscars on Thu Dec 30, 2010 at 02:32 PM PST.

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