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During the HCR Debate. And an attempt to assassinate her just occurred at a political event. You can refrain from jumping to conclusions, but I won't.

Look, we all knew something like this was just a matter of time, my question is, what is going to be done about it? What are WE going to do about it? And no, I'm not talking responding in kind.

There has to be an outcry. There has to be a "connecting of dots" and it has to come from high profile people who can draw attention to it. Enough is enough.

Yeah, we here on Kos and other online places get it, but the fact is these violent acts against Democrats are happening and it IS part of a larger more dangerous pattern and the Corporate media is not doing it's job in reporting them in the proper context.

How can we force the media to connect the dots? How can we get the pattern noticed and the idea spread to more people that this is much more than just some isolated incident or lone gunman? I think it's pretty clear that we can't depend on traditional media to do this.

What can we do?

Updated with links:

Congresswoman Giffords Was Literally TARGETED By Sarah Palin

And by her congressional opponent Jesse Kelly:

And her office was vandalized during the HCR debate:


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Originally posted to Beetwasher on Sat Jan 08, 2011 at 11:51 AM PST.

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