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...the extreme right and Republicans called out on Fox News, of all places.

Shep Smith interviewed Patricia Maisch on her role in the tragedy in Tucson. Mrs Maish downplayed her, saying "The two men that secured him were the heroes. I just was an assistant in being able to get that magazine or clip," she said, humbly. Smith then went through detail by detail of the horrible event with her, which I've excised in the clip above. At the end of the nearly 10 minute interview she floored Shep Smith with this:

SHEP SMITH: If there's anything you can think of over the last day and a a half that you might be able to turn this into a positive?...

PATRICIA MAISCH: I don't think so..I Sheriff Dupnik said it best, that the extreme right, reporters, radio and tv have added to this problem and I'm just hoping that that will change because of this. That's my hope is that the Republicans will stop naming bills in very hateful things like the "job-killing" whatever the rest of that bill is. I think they've just gone over the top. I think the extreme right has gone too far.

Here's a screengrab from CNN of Mrs Maisch.

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Originally posted to Scarce on Sun Jan 09, 2011 at 07:56 PM PST.

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