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Conservatives are COMBATIVE = marked by eagerness to fight or contend


Liberals are VOCIFEROUS = marked by or given to vehement insistent outcry


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Did you get the same feeling I did when you read these descriptions by Chuck Todd from First Read MSNBC, that he was making Liberals or Democrats out to be the ANGRY crowd whereas the Conservatives or Republicans were just willing to argue or debate their points of view?

Did you also notice the only thing he had to say about the media (including himself) was, "Everyone needs to look the mirror".

This article by Todd is an example of 'taking sides' and causing a stir with words.

While I totally agree that politicians need to ‘cool’ their rhetoric and be more civil toned, it is the media that keeps making that rhetoric the story every day instead of the issue at hand.  The media seems to have forgotten what ‘real’ news is.  They’ve fallen into this trap that the news is all about the next scandal, the next ‘comeback’ from the opposition.

Politicians use strong and rude words because they know the media will print/report it as a scandal and possibly get them famous.  Sarah Palin has taken great advantage of this knowledge since 2008.  The media has become their free advertising agent.

People of lost and gained jobs and eventually their lives because of the way the media ran their story.  A sample of this was former Governor Howard Dean when he ran for President.  He was the great mover of young voters, got millions to finally be interested in the election, but because he got ‘excited and boasted that excitement’ during one rally, he lost any chance he ever had of making President.  The media went non-stop showing that scream, driving viewers mad at times listening to Dean yelling, so much so they lost interest in him.

Another example is the way the media has gotten Sarah Palin and her family members so famous they are rich and famous now and she may even run for president because of their constant day in and day out stories about what ‘she’ has to say about everyday issues or people while totally ignoring those politicians that have worked their way up to deserving a chance at the top position.

I will even admit that my candidate for President was helped by the media pushing his name and his qualities, and less of Senator’s Hillary Clinton or John McCain during the campaign in 2008.

I don’t have any statistics but I’m betting crimes like the Arizona killing and school shootings are now more prominent, more glamorous now because you get to go down in history as one of the worst ‘bad guys’ in history like Billy the Kid or Butch Cassidy.  I’m still convinced one of the reasons Timothy McVeigh did what he did in Oklahoma was to make a name for himself.

The media tends to get a hold of a story and just won’t let go.  If they get even a hint of viewers liking the story they will push it till the well dries up.  They don’t seem to have editors or producers that know the meaning of ‘news’ anymore – especially what is considered "breaking news" and what is not.  They seem to have the attitude that your local People, Star or Enquire magazine have these days.  The story is about scandal, fame, money, extremism and love.  It’s no longer news you need to have to live your daily lives.

Even the talk shows that are just commentary in nature should report the truth, no longer just each Party’s talking points.  They should also tone down their rhetoric just as politicians should.  You can make your argument without hateful words.  Don’t you remember their debate class in college?  If not or they’ve never had one, perhaps they should be forced to attend one.  Learn all about the proper way to debate.

Perhaps Americans should have a vote on confidence of the media.  Put it as a referendum on the voting ballots across the country.  Either report what is ‘news’ (and not a mini series of it) from now on or lose your station’s license on television and/or radio.

Originally posted to coonsey on Mon Jan 10, 2011 at 08:31 AM PST.


Media: Report News (not mini-series of it) or lose License

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