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More guns DO NOT now, and never have, deterred crime.

Let that sink in --"MORE GUNS DO NOT DETER CRIME"

Now, I know you frightwingers repel factual history, but American history tells us that "MORE GUNS DO NOT DETER CRIME."

Even as a gun owner, I am well aware that no matter how many guns I have, and even if I wore my gun on my hip 24/7 -- my guns do NOT deter me from: being assaulted, robbed, raped or even killed by another gun-man.  

Example: armed robbery of banks. Armed guards did NOT stop Bonnie & Clyde - nor did the armed citizens that Bonnie & Clyde shot up.

Armed gangs do NOT stop other armed gangs from killing each other.

Armed citizens do NOT deter other armed citizens from "Drive-by" homicides.  

Glenn Beck owns guns - yet he does not feel 'safe" without his PAID BODY GUARDS.  

If Beck's gun "DETERS" crime then why does he pack his heat, AND hire body guards (plural) to protect him from his delusional paranoia that people want to 'off' him?  

Beck advised Quitter-Queen Palin to hire security guards. But, why would Palin need security guards if her guns are supposed to deter crime?

ANSWER: Guns do NOT deter crime.

UPDATE for Kestrel9000 BELOW

So while Beck is advising other hate-mongers to pack heat and get security guards, his mentally unstable, gun-carrying listeners are going out trying to, literally, assassinate people that Beck rails against. (Tides Foundation, ACLU, Rep. Pelosi, Rep. Murry)

Armed citizens did NOT stop carnage in the "wild, wild, west" era - where - in fact, scores of armed citizens were murdered by other meaner, deranged armed citizens.

Citizens in a militia, who have assault weapons, would NOT be able to overthrow their (militia's) paranoid vision of some delusional "tyrannical" US government they hallucinate about - because the government has more fire power than the militia could ever dream to posses.

To date, in the USA, NO assault weapon owner has ever tried to "OVERTHROW" the government.

To date, in the USA, assault weapon owners have ONLY mass-murdered other "People" - (both armed & unarmed other "People.")

The reason gun laws and restrictions began in the USA was because law enforcement KNEW that armed citizens and "MORE GUNS DO NOT DETER CRIME."  

Ok, so why would anyone be against a ban on assault weapons?  
I can't hunt animals that live in the wild with an assault weapon because it is ILLEGAL to do so ...

To date, in this country, the only thing people have used assault weapons for -  is to commit mass murder on humans.

The "People" have a Constitutional right to PEACEFUL assemble to redress their government.  

The "People" who DO want to redress their government are now fearful and TERRORIZED that if they meet their elected leader they may get caught in some kind of cross-fire by a assault-weapon toting gun-man.  

Oh I know, the Assault-Weapon-Paranoid-Against-the-Government mental midgets will chant "Go meet them in private" .. sure ... sure ... meet them in private so that some paranoid assault-weapon gun-man can thwart the Constitutional right to PEACEFUL redress for others so that he/she can TERRORIZE others with their assault weapon in the "public square"
... neeeat ... I say, "aint that American - Legal Terrorism" via the 2nd Amendment.

The 2nd Amendment says we have the right to "bear arms."  
Sarah Palin suddenly thinks that means the right to "vote."  So does that mean Palin supports a ban on assault weapons for non-military use?

Nowhere in the 2nd Amendment does it say that the people have right to carry ALL guns - nor does the 2nd say Congress is not allowed to REGULATE the types of weapons the "people" can own.  

The 2nd Amendment says "well regulated militia," The term "well regulated" means that Congress MAY REGULATE the militia in: weapons they are allowed to handle, amount of education, etc.

Thus Congress can regulate "arms."

Finally, nowhere in the 2nd Amendment does it grant the "People" the right to "keep" their arms IN PUBLIC.  

The 2nd Amendment grants the right to "keep and bear arms" ... NOT to "carry assault weapons or 'arms' in PUBLIC.

That's right, the 2nd Amendment does NOT grant the "People" the right to open-carry nor conceal-carry.

Remember, no matter how much some in this country hallucinate about the government being "tyrannical" - their assault weapons would NOT be enough power to overthrow the US government
-- so why should those mentally unstable people, hallucinating ills against their government, be legally allowed to carry assault weapons?

The bottom line is very simple:
People who carry assault weapons are TERRORIZING the "People" and the "People's children." Thus, they are terrorists -- but they fall back on the 2nd Amendment to essentially support:

STOP SUPPORTING LEGAL TERRORISM VIA THE 2nd. AMENDMENT - ban assault weapons they serve NO purpose, Constitutional or otherwise, in the general public domain. Banning assault weapons does NOT infringe on anyone's rights-- you can still own guns.

The Supreme Court ruled the people of DC had a right to own guns IN THEIR HOMES --- they did not rule the people had a right to carry their guns, assault weapons in PUBLIC.  

TANGENT: It should be noted here that, to date, there has been NO attempt on Beck's life nor any attempt on Palin's life.  But ... unfortunate, one of Palin's Rifle Scope Cross-hair Map PREY, Rep. Giffords, has had a PLANNED attempt on her life. Also, unfortunately, three of Beck's listeners have admitted that Beck's words have caused them to commit crimes.

  1. Byron Williams wanted to start a revolution against the Beck-hated Tides Foundation
  1. C.A. Wilson wanted to assassinate Democrat Patty Murray and claimed he was inspired by Beck.
  1. Gregory Giusti was inspired by Beck to kill Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

UPDATE: blogger kestrel9000 posted a NRA Propaganda Link trying to con the NRA members that Gun Control started to protect the KKK from slaves.  What kestrel9000 FAILS to admit is that the Propaganda Article is written by:  Stefan B. Tahmassebi who is Assistant General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel of the National Rifle Association of America.

Originally posted to cc on Sat Jan 15, 2011 at 09:58 AM PST.

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