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Krugman today called this the War on Logic

But Republicans have a small problem: they claim to care about budget deficits, yet the Congressional Budget Office says that repealing last year’s health reform would increase the deficit. So what, other than dismissing the nonpartisan budget office’s verdict as "their opinion" — as Mr. Boehner has — can the G.O.P. do?

Well I agree to an extent Paul, but it seems to go a lot deeper than that, and borders on the frontiers of psychosis. They will often work themselves into a frothing rage because the Democrats proposed something they wanted years ago, and will use any argument to 'refudiate' past support.

Their use of shock tactics and thinly veiled threats have become par for the course. They plan to repeal HCR when they know full well this will meet with a Presidential veto even if the senate were to somehow agree. We are entering two years of pure theater.

I would also argue that it is not so much ideology driving them but 'spoilt brat syndrome" its not ours; so we hate it to bits.

Government is evil: Vote for us.

They always promise to drown, downsize and generally reduce government to a small part player. When in power they do the exact opposite, lets launch wars and give the executive unprecedented powers and protect them ever have to justify their actions.

Gay Marriage: Absolute evil

If we allow gays to marry this will ruin their marriages and enable others to marry their pet dog. The world will end because the sanctity of marriage has been tainted.  This holy view of marriage is often spouted by those that love marriage so much they cannot help but to get divorced so as to marry again.

Taxes are evil: Job Killers

Never mind that taxes built the infrastructure and social cohesion necessary for American business to thrive in the first place; they are the devils work. St Ronnie showed the way forward by allowing only a few to dream. Taxes prevent jobs, if the infrastructure gets bad enough we can always build work houses, or more efficiently still; outsource.

Social Security: Is broken

Rather than using the simple fix of removing the cap so that all Americans can benefit scream that it is some form of socialist entitlement progrom, scream for its privatization. Don't even bother to look at the boom bust cycles when compared to the stability offered by a government run program. This money must be liberated to benefit the few.

Hate Government: Refuse to govern.

The next couple of years the Republican lead house can scream to their hearts content, pass crazy laws and bear no responsibility. They can then claim when the Senate votes against them or the President Veto's legislation it is in fact the Democrats obstructing government.

Logic is dead, bring on the crazy.

Originally posted to LaFeminista on Sun Jan 16, 2011 at 10:25 PM PST.

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