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In my quest for chuckles & giggles in these topsy - turvey times, I am discovering old comedies like the Marx Brothers & stuff. This past weekend, I watched It Happened One Night; it's available on my free on - demand. If you haven't seen this yet, it is F...U...N...N...Y!

And, that Clark Gable is easy on the eyes, too - hubba, hubba, HUBBA! ;D

Other old timey comedies actually coincide with the only "this day in history" that was of any interest to me. On this date in 1892, Oliver Hardy of the comedy team Laurel and Hardy was born Norvell Hardy in Harlem, GA. This video never EVER ceases to make me giggle. :D

It's time for SPARK! :) I know about being in a hurry but DAMN! She must've had to pee really really badly or something. ;) If someone offers these lovely items as part of the decor for your house, politely just say no, or you might blow up yer house real good!


I thought I'd seen Blazing Saddles more than nearly everyone, but this lady just might have me beat.

Finally, Caligula's tomb has been found. Now, THIS GUY was one crazy bat$hit mofo, and I wanna know what's in his tomb about as much as I wanna know what the Mannity does with his hands under his desk when he interviews $aint $arah from Wasilla! HA! :D

Let's Countdown!

#5 "New House, Old Tricks" AKA "Repeal This" - The GOBP in the GOBP – controlled House began debate on HCR repeal today that will go nowhere. Rep. Louie Gohmert thinks being smart is "insidious." Golly, I’ve been described in many ways in my life; insidious ain’t one of them! ;D Well, being willfully ignorant IS the standard bearer in the GOBP these days.


Dems are reminding everyone that health insurance premiums went through the roof for years under a GOBP – controlled Congress, and said GOBP – controlled Congress did exactly jack $hit. No one in the GOBP is willing to show what they plan to replace the current HCR with – probably because they got NOTHIN’. The current HCR law WILL NOT cost 650,000 Americans their jobs. The GOBP also did some convenient editing of the legislation by omitting that reform "...would not be a burden on small business owners." Why should we be surprised that they’d cherry pick information? The GOBP only sites parts of the Constitution THEY like & claim judicial activism only on decisions they don’t like.


Small businesses actually get tax credits for offering health insurance to their employees. Dems & other HCR allies are actually ready to fight? $hit, why weren’t they ready to fight in, oh...say, October of 2010?! Up to 129,000,000 Americans under 65 have a pre – existing condition; they will again have no coverage if HCR is repealed. Three times the number of elderly in America now has health insurance or soon will have. Senator Tom Harkin is ready to start some Senate hearings of his own regarding HCR. And, former Senator Doc Bill Frist has apparently been hanging out a bit with Rich Lowry with his is the law of the land and it is the platform, the fundamental platform, upon which all future efforts to make that system better, for that patient, for that family, will be based....[The bill] has many strong elements. And those elements, whatever happens, need to be preserved, need to be cuddled, need to be snuggled, need to be promoted and need to be implemented.

Wow, that might be even WORSE than Rich sitting up a little straighter during the 2008 VP debate!


Ezra Klein gets to follow up THAT. ;D There is a difference between people losing their jobs & people who leave their jobs voluntarily because they can retire & get their own health insurance. That fact is beyond the mental capacities of the current crop of the GOBP. The cutting – taxes – for - the super rich GOBP is also trying to argue that HCR will explode the deficit. IT’S RICHARD WOLFFE! He can cuddle & snuggle with me ANY TIME!!!




HEY! Who said that?! ;D The opinion on HCR repeal has changed significantly just since November, so that fact just might be putting some chutzpah in the Dems. Most "regular" GOBPers not in Congress want the GOBP in Congress to talk about the economy or job creation or ANYTHING other than HCR repeal. Keith & "my guy" are going to cuddle & snuggle?! NO FAIR – not unless I can join in!! Damn it! What hot & bothered smart aleck keeps getting comments in here?! ;D

#4 "Obama’s GOP Talking Point" AKA "Anti – Government Pandering?" - President Obama today in an op – ed said he wants to get rid of too much regulation that diminishes the economy & could contribute to job loss after he’s seen a whole mess of people adversely affected BY LACK OF REGULATION! Lovely...


Oh, the op – ed was in the Wall Street Journal; that explains it. Rep. Eric Cantor & Rep. Darrel Issa are claiming credit for what President Obama said. Again...lovely...  


Arianna Huffington is in studio to talk President Obama’s op – ed. She thinks President Obama’s in re – election mode. There are actually around 15 White House officials dedicated to finding "needless" regulations. She thinks all this effort should be dedicated to reforming the tax code. Gee, I don’t agree with her very often; this day has been WEIRD A$$! President Obama might also still be stinging that the stim bill wasn’t as big as he wanted it to be – all those concessions to GOBP for a whopping 3 damn GOBP votes.

** Some tennis player busted her racket down at some tournament Down Under. A guy got on an airplane’s speaker system to propose to his stewardess girlfriend – no way that would happen in this country! Some guy claims he’s invented a device that can enable people to watch 3D movies without those damn glasses. Uh, I’ll take the damn glasses over sticking things on the side of my head! **

#3 "The Rhetoric of Running" - Nearly half of the American people think violent political rhetoric played a role in the Tucson shootings. 54% of Americans think continuing violent political rhetoric will lead to more violence. John Bolton thinks he could be the GOBP nominee in 2012. Huh, humble much, Mr. Recess Appointment?! Gov. Rick Perry has been seeking advice from outside of Texas to see what chances he might have for 2012. How can he run for POTUS if Texas secedes from the union? Does he want to be president of Texas? $aint $arah from Wasilla participated in a love fest with the Mannity last night. Calling her an idiot is now violent rhetoric?! NO SPARKIN’ WAY! You’ll take this image outta my cold dead hands!!


David Frum’s in da’ house to talk political rhetoric. He actually made a great point about the effect of this kind of rhetoric on "normal" people as opposed to those fighting their inner demons, to paraphrase President Clinton. Newtie Gingrich thinks $aint $arah from Wasilla needs to shut the spark up for awhile, too! I’m sorry, but if calling "that woman" an idiot is not civil, then I ain’t civil.

#2 "2012" AKA "Sargent Shriver 1915 – 2011" - We’re not going to have Joementum to kick around anymore??!! $HIT! Markos has to be pi$$ed! Senator Kent Conrad’s exiting stage left, too, but one of my Senators, Senator Richard Lugar, IS running for re – election. I’ve said before I’ll say again; you will be able to knock me over with a feather if some Hoosier tea bagger successfully primaries Senator Lugar. And, in a very sad note, Sargent Shriver died today – what a wonderful glorious life! He founded the Peace Corps & helped to create many helpful programs in LBJ’s administration that are still around.


*** I could give 2 $hits about the "angry birds" stuff; I don’t play it. I think Hubby might, but it’s just an annoying – as – hell time suck to me. Feel free to comment about this segment below. ***

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Tue Jan 18, 2011 at 06:28 PM PST.

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