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Seeing KO go is difficult.  I will miss his strong presentation, but I will always appreciate his effort to bring us Rachael Maddow.

That woman is so smart, and her style and ethics should be taught everywhere.  Brilliant, and very welcome boost to Progressives everywhere.  Thanks for that Keith.  You done good.

My other thought is a simple one.  I'll just put it out there:

Nothing lasts forever people.  We've got some good Progressive media out there, and it's catching, but...

it needs much more support.  Radio, TV, Print is always under serious pressure to just make the money, and let's face it.  Hate sells as well as sex does.

That's a built in disadvantage to us, because in every media market everywhere 23 percent of us, give or take a bigot or two here and there, are the racist, bigot, theocrat GOP base.  They need the media, where we can choose to need the media.

We are not burdened with poor socialization.  They are.  They feel the pressure to grow up, play with the big kids and socialize like the rest of us did, and hate media relieves them of that and that's worth a lot.

Remember kids, they will buy the product, write the letter, make the phone call, cast the vote, and send the dollar, because that media engine powered by HANNITY, LIMBAUGH, BECK serves to validate what is otherwise inexcusable behavior, and everybody knows it.

The only question is what denial costs, and whether or not escape makes financial sense.

It does.  Remember that.

So, we've got to support who we have, even if popular media isn't our thing.  Most of us in the movement to this level --to appreciate DKos, and other fine online efforts, think for ourselves and value debate, and work for consensus.

We are the exception to the rule.  Not that we are elite, it's just hard for most people in tough times, leading busy lives, where civics sometimes seems wasteful, or a distraction.

That's why we support the media.  We don't need the affirmation, though it's damn nice to have.  They do.  They need to hear that other voice that can lead them to the movement, and where that happens we build, and where we build we get power.

Someday, real progressive legislation will pass, and the corporate onslaught will be reversed.

Media is a part of that, like it or not.

O'Donnell is a solid replacement.  I like him, and he's going to do well.  On talk, we've got some great voices too.  The first string, Hartmann, Rhodes, Schultz (in no order, and not inclusive by any means) are solid and building nicely.

The second string and maybe third string, of fill in hosts, AAR refugees, Sam Cedar (who is working his way back now), all appear to be getting momentum, but don't always have places to go.

Not only do we need to support the media we have, but the movement building Howard Dean talks about, is needed to grow the venue, build the demand, so that as we see voices move and change, we've got talent in the wings, ready, waiting, and eager to fill the role, and provide food for overall media growth.

It's important.  Just think about that this next coupla years.  Support the media, grow the movement, share the story.  It's a great story!

We are the only ones in Washington actually advocating left economic policy.  If we are not doing it, nobody else is!

Media matters.  Yes, we have a website for that, powering a lot of fact checking and a valuable resource.  But, just media literally matters, because those tired, frustrated, angry, lost people will hear it, catch some idea that sparks them a little, and they will look for more.  

The hate is always there.  Constant.  It doesn't take anything but some corporate backing and legal to make a successful HANNITY, LIMBAUGH, BECK wanna be these days, and the AM dial is crawling with them, and that's never, ever going to change, unless we grow our voices, put them out there, and build a market for them.

Keith showed the way on TV.  Now we've got solid talent, and I hope they are seeing the path, thinking about their up and comers, and building just like Keith showed is possible to do.

Originally posted to You can call me spud on Fri Jan 21, 2011 at 09:36 PM PST.

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