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Keith and MSNBC split. Thank Keith here.

Since Keith Olbermann announced his departure from MSNBC last night, thousands of MSNBC viewers have written thank you notes to Keith through Here are some who gave permission to share publicly...

Ralph Bartholomew, Berkeley, CA

Thanks for being the top truth teller for so many of us starved to hear the real story behind the lies put out my so many.  You will be missed.

Dolores Warren, Grandview, MO

I will miss you. You are my hero!  I'm a 70 year old lady who never fails to watch your program. Who is going to speak for us now?

Watch Keith's final sign-off -- and write your own note to Keith. Here are some of the thank you notes:

Helen Theis, Spicewood, TX

Keith will be greatly missed at our house, I exercise to him, snack to him, become outraged at him and along with him, but always find myself giving him a hearty thumbs up and toddle off to bed feeling better about the world.

I never fully appreciated James Thurber until the feature was added on Friday nights. I usually watched Countdown by myself. Often, at the conclusion of his reading, I would find myself surrounded by family, as they one by one wandered in to check out the source of the beautiful sound.

Joel Polis, Venice, CA

If Comcast is responsible for this shake up, they have just lost a viewer for their cable channel tonight -- me.

Sandy Marsh, Los Angeles, CA

Why? I mean, why, REALLY?

Wes Boone, Rock Hill, SC

I hope this doesn't have anything to do with Comcast. I don't like monopolies, or overly large conglomerates.

Dale Mansker, Poway, CA

Keith, I've been a fan since your days at ESPN and never missed a show since you came to MSNBC. You'll be missed and my days of watching MSNBC are over. I knew when Comcast bought NBC they'd change any and everything they can so I won't wait around to to see them destroy the only voice we on the left had.

Astrid Fiedler, Edmonds, WA

Keith, you were my voice in the wilderness when hardly anyone spoke out against the idiotic war in Iraq. When your mother died, during your father's illness and ultimately his death, your character came through -- you're one of the good guys. I looked forward to watching you every day and so I watched in total disbelief tonight, when you said Good Bye. I will miss you like a member of my family. Thank you for telling the truth.

Keith Olbermann spoke truth to power and deserves our immense thanks. Sign our "Thank you, Keith" statement here.

(I'm proud to work for the Progressive Change Campaign Committee)

Originally posted to Forrest Brown on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 12:50 PM PST.

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