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Just wondered about feed back on this.

I stopped watching O'Donnell several weeks ago after his on air yelling and interrupting of his guests. He seems to be the Scarborough guest of choice for a while there too. Anyway I find him to be a blow hard egoist.It is probably a good face for MSNBC as he appears a faux lib to me and wants to really let everyone know how he was in the Senate and knows all about what goes on and is the insider of all things.
My point in this post is that I would like to know what others feel about him..It would not surprise me if he had a hand in this for some reason.I really used to kind of like him but that has been gone for a while now. Anyway he will continue to be off the DVR for me --
No one can replace Keith and I am going to miss him terribly=have watched all his shows and can not thank him enough for his fierce advocacy and really great show. It is a shame that this had to happen and I wish him so much success in whatever he does.
Oh btw think that Ed is the next to go, just a feeling

Originally posted to katie kat on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 06:25 PM PST.

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    •  Interesting diary/comment/rating history. (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      raptavio, twigg

      Just sayin'.

      "If you think the other side is EVIL, you're part of the problem." -Chris Matthews

      by malharden on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 07:25:17 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  I stopped watching him in the first two weeks. (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Tanya, NoMoJoe

      His losing his cool with guests got to be too much for me, even though he apologized each time. A blow hard in my opinion.

      •  we never started watching... (0+ / 0-)

        the "I'm an insider because I worked for a big name senator 30 years ago, so I know all about everything forever" ....  wore too thin to take long ago on Countdown.  we got so we'd fast-forward through his visits.  like we FF through the palin cr*p (lordy, I wish they'd ALL just stop talking about that idjit!)

        so, we're among the many who just got 5 hrs a week back.  although it may be more if we start picking up Rachel's pod-cast...

        "real" work : a job where you wash your hands BEFORE you use the bathroom...

        by chimene on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 11:48:25 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

    •  I think you... (0+ / 0-)

      maybe on to something. I was happy when O'Donnell got his own show. That said, little, by little, I find myself on the fence about him. Let's say, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that he's a corporate lapdog and a backstabber.

      "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and will sing it back to you when you forget the words."

      by Dontstopbelieving on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 08:50:20 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  kinda stingy with the tags, huh? (0+ / 0-)

      no "olberman" or msnbc or mainstream media?

      "I'm all for pragmatism just as long as it's not just a slight pitstop on the road to hell." - TJ, 11.30.10

      by output on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 09:11:59 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  We found LOD to be a mix of... (6+ / 0-)

    ...a Tweety wannabe and the angry liberal. Typically Calamity Jean started dinner just before Countdown, and I would start the VCR, recording that and TRMS, or if she finished cooking, just TRMS, and we'd play the Countdown recording during LOD's show.

    Now...just Rachel. The good bits we've see on O'Donnell's show seem to be few and far between.

    I personal identify more with Keith than Lawrence, but YMMV.

    Float like a manhole cover, sting like a sash weight! Clean Coal Is A Clinker!

    by JeffW on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 06:32:53 PM PST

    •  O'Donnell may be angry (7+ / 0-)

      but he is no liberal.

      Not even close.

      •  But he claims to be a socialist. eom (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Tanya, Shahryar

        The trouble with normal is it always gets worse. -- Bruce Cockburn

        by clarknyc on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 06:48:06 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  I'm a socialist and (6+ / 0-)

          I've never seen him at any meetings. ;)

          I know he famously claimed that, but that's like me claiming I'm 6'5", it doesn't make me any taller.

          LOD's a beltway stooge... a less plugged in and less powerful version of Rahm.

          And he is terrible on TV. He looks so uncomfortable. He reminds me of Frankenstein doing the news.

          MSNBC is run by idiots. Fox is run by evil people, but they aren't idiots, I give them that much.

          •  I guess we're in agreement (4+ / 0-)

            very depressing when he gets schooled by right-wingers, which usually happens while he's trying to talk over them.

            The first time I saw that sort of thing (but not the last) was when he said to a panel of wingnuts "name one program that you'd cut" and one of them turned out to be pretty wonky, naming an obscure program and explaining why. O'Donnell started bellowing "that's not going to fix the deficit" and the guy said "you asked me to name one. Would you like others?" but O'Donnell was lost in his thought and didn't respond, instead ranting about how they couldn't name programs they'd cut....when the guy had just done that and was ready with more. Embarrassing!

            And that "socialist" comment....for some reason that doesn't mesh with his yelling at progressives (who wanted more from Obama) "don't you know how government works!??"

            "They're all crooks!" - Shahryar

            by Shahryar on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 07:11:55 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

    •  but you're... (0+ / 0-)

      missing all those great west wing reruns that larry gets residuals for. give me keith and rachel, you can keep larry the cable guy.
      tung sol

      There is a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.--Oscar Levant

      by tung sol on Sun Jan 23, 2011 at 05:27:47 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Next target? (21+ / 0-)
    I think they'll go after Maddow next.
    O'Donnell and Schultz may be "left-leaning" or "liberal" (take your pick), but they aren't very effective.  Olbermann was hated by the rightwing because he was good at what he did, and while perhaps he was an abrasive personality/wiseass - he was more often than not factually correct.  
    Rachel Maddow is a threat to the conservative media in much the same way:  she's damn good.  She's knowledgable and informed on her subjects, she comes prepared to each interview, she's not easily-intimidated, she's concise and to-the-point.  In short, she too is effective, and is therefore a threat to the rightwing media monopoly.
  •  LOD is basically a centrist (12+ / 0-)

    ...which makes him a Democrat nowadays because there's no room for centrists in the Repuglican party.

    He leans slightly libertarian:  fairly liberal on social issues, fairly conservative on economic issues.

    He doesn't support the Howard Dean vision of Democrats' being proud of being Democrats and winning, but is rather a politicsl surrender monkey (he supported the tax cut deal for example, and on election night used the defeat of Feingold to exemplify the dangers in his mind of being too liberal).

    He's almost a DLC type, although not quite that far right-- but too close for comfort.

    Economic -3.50/Social -2.41

    by CenterLeft on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 06:40:47 PM PST

    •  If you spend all your time here you would not (0+ / 0-)

      realize it, but most of the country is centrist. The President realizes this and if truth be told that is why he was elected. The majority of the people did not see him as a left wing socialist, they saw him as more moderate. I think more and more people today are rejecting the hard fast views of the right and the left. They want balance and they want this polarization to stop. Any unpopularity this President is experiencing is based solely on the state of the economy and the unemployment rate. If you listen to the voices on the right they will tell you it is because he beleives in big government, but if big government put more people back to work, that would be a plus for him and the Republicans would lose their major talking point.

      Fox may boast of their high ratings and think they have their pulse on America, but unless they get rid of those voices that scream from the right they will be shunned by the majority of the American people.  I am reminded of how they played Rev. Wright footage over and over again in an effort to harm Barack Obama, it was hard for any Fox viewer to miss it. Sean Hannity dedicated the last two weeks before election day to try to defeat him at the polls, showing Rev. Wright footage, along with every single misstep he made on the campaign trail. Trying to bolster Sarah Palin's claims that he palled around with terrorists and guess what, he still won and won with a majority. Most people don't listen to that bullshit, just as most people don't listen to Olberman's special comments either.
      Most people spend their time working hard, or looking for a job and trying their best to survive today, supporting their family and poviding for them, taking their kids to their socceer games and spending time with family. Why do you think it is always the most politically opinionated family member who is ingnored or dreaded at any family functions. Politics is not an important part of their daily lives.
      So in his defense, if O'Donnell appears to be centrist, that is exactly what people want to hear. If in the course of his show he scores some points as he did last week in his support for banning the large capacity amunition clips than good for him, perhaps he changed the view of the centrists that listen to him because he doesn't sound extreme. I personally think he does make some credible points when he brings up the years he spent as a Senate aid, observing how laws get made and how things get done in Washington. These politicians may like to polarize the public in order to get re-elected, but they make deals to protect their own asses. O'donnell saw it first hand, that is what made him such a successful writer on the West Wing, and it is what made that show so realistic.
      He may not be your ideal talk show host, but he does appeal to many others.

      •  Liberals need a voice too, though (0+ / 0-)

        Of course the country averages out to be centrist; but when you have one network (Fox) lying to help the right, we should at least have one network telling the truth in a way that helps the left, and more to th e point calling Fox out on their lies.

        Keith (and Rachel) on occasion go farther left than I would; but in any event they provided some semblance of balance.  They weren't the mirror image of Fox; unlike Fox, they made their points with the truth.  

        But the corporatists at Comcast and NBC want to silence the left and center-left, kicking out a liberal who was making them money and giving his spot to a centrist.

        And as far as drawing viewers, centrists aren't as a whole interested in opinion journalism.  Keith was MSNBC's highest rated host, and LOD won't come close to matching his ratings.

        Economic -3.50/Social -2.41

        by CenterLeft on Mon Jan 24, 2011 at 02:31:54 AM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  How can you be so sure it was NBC and Comcast tha (0+ / 0-)

          wants to silence Olberman? I hate that I appear to be sticking up for corporations, but sometimes what is right is simply right. We don't know the back story and Olberman's split may have been initiated by him, for whatever reason.
          I resent that he is saying nothing one way or the other, I know he may be bound by contractual negoiations, but with all this discussion, it only serves his agenda to have people think he was pushed out, if that is not the case it is unfair and dishonest.

          •  It's ridiculous to resent his not saying anything (1+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:

            I'm sure that the contract buyout has provisions that prevent him from talking about it, probably forever, possibly temporarily; but in any event he'd be in breach of contract if he said something now.

            And I'm sure Keith was not the one who insisted that provision be in the contract ("And by the way, as part of the deal I demand that you obligate me to remain silent about it!" doesn't fit)-- so since NBC put it in the contract, they must have issues they and/or Comcast don't want people to know.

            Economic -3.50/Social -2.41

            by CenterLeft on Mon Jan 24, 2011 at 01:07:06 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

  •  I have no use for him. (18+ / 0-)

    He comes off as an arrogant know-it-all. He is not at all personable, and has never once made me laugh or cry. He just annoys the hell out of me, and I can't stand to see or hear him.

  •  Really? (8+ / 0-)

    So you don't like O'Donnell?  I am willing to bet there are a lot of people on this blog who like LOD.  Just because you don't like him, why come up with a conspiracy theory that he got KO fired.

    You know, I love Randi Rhodes.  I am sure that there are people who will now come to say they hate her.  I couldn't stand Al Franken.  But guess what?  There were lots of people who loved him.  If we are supposed to be a big tent, why not accept that you will get a different perspective even from your friends?

    If I wasn't a christian man, I'd be kicking yo ass! ~Daddy Rich

    by Dahankster on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 06:44:39 PM PST

    •  atually ed doubled the ratings (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      Ed's ratings were really good at 6, he doubled the show he replaced. Ed may be a mistake at 10, he is loud and abrasive and may play better at 6. Either way, MSNBC would be stupid to drop their liberal shows otherwise they are CNN.They are not going to get any fox viewers to watch them.
      LOD has some really good guests on and the bottom line is that his senate experience makes him a realist and he knows what can be accomplished.
      One thing about kith is he would never have any conservatives on to debate him, while LOD, ED, and Rachael all have the opposition on. They really are fair and balanced.
      I think Scarborough is the power at thennetwork for some weird reason i can't figure out.

  •  i like him ok. (8+ / 0-)

    he seems like kind of a dick, but he can do really good, super uncomfortable interviews sometimes.  definitely has a more intelligent show than ed.

    ed isn't going anywhere, though.  if they're putting Uygur in his old spot, then MSNBC is clearly all in on blowhards.

    Bayh-partisan: it's the new joementum

    by gogol999 on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 06:50:54 PM PST

    •  Rec'd for LOL... (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      gogol999, Tanya

      when I read your subject and then your first clause. Not that I can disagree with most of what you said, but I still don't like the guy. Regardless, your candor is classic.

      •  can't disagree with most of your post either. (4+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Lawrence, emsprater, Hawkjt, JW in Dallas

        but i do think he's good at his job.

        he had ron paul on a while back and it was a thing of beauty.  paul was clearly expecting the same kind of fluff interview he always gets from liberal hosts.  instead odonnell went after him hard for pretty much every segment.  paul was clearly pissed at the end.  since ron paul is way more beloved on the left than makes sense to me, it was nice to see.

        Bayh-partisan: it's the new joementum

        by gogol999 on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 07:11:39 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

  •  I like Rachel and Ed (10+ / 0-)

    and I hope they don't get affected by whatever MSNBC is doing.

    I'm not at all happy about Keith's departure or Cenk's arrival.

    If Rachel or Ed are gone, then there's no longer a point to MSNBC.

  •  He brings on too many rethug guests... (6+ / 0-)

    but at least sometimes he goes after them, like he did to Trent Franks.

    To do everything I can to make sure our economy is growing, creating jobs, and strengthening our middle class. That's my resolution for the coming year.

    by BarackStarObama on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 06:53:54 PM PST

  •  I agree totally with your first paragraph. (4+ / 0-)

    Maybe I'm a weenie but that kind of combative interview raises my stress levels and is a total turn off.
    It is also pointless, if the point of having the guest is to inform the audience, either positively or negatively, about what the guest stands for.

  •  Sorry-I've never been part of the grammar police (3+ / 0-)

    but after reading too many messages from students with similarly poor grammar and structure (read: stream of consciousness), this gives me a headache.

    "There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?" RFK

    by Light Emitting Pickle on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 07:02:58 PM PST

  •  LOD and Pat Buchanan -- the new Crossfire (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Tanya, emsprater, CenterLeft

    What Fresh Hell is This? -- Dorothy Parker

    by chazz509 on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 07:05:07 PM PST

  •  I often watched KO but found him (4+ / 0-)

    overbearing and pompous at times, especially when he'd do his special comments.  LOD has also annoyed me at times, but what he brings to the table IS an intricate understanding of the inner workings of the Senate and government process.  This often leads people on the left to be angry with him for failing to climb on the bandwagon. Where he got my respect was during the whole Obama tax deal and the lame duck session following.  He had Jane Hamsher on the show and did a good job of putting her on the spot about the whole "Obama is a sellout" meme she was chanting.  O'Donnell is essentially pragmatic and where some folks here might think he's just bragging about having worked in the Senate, seems to me what he's really saying is that things are what they are in the Senate and those who don't understand the forces at work there had better beware because they're not going to get anything they want.  I love Rachel, but every once in a while she gets a little too over the top, such as her assertion that no one but she is paying attention to the bomb in Spokane.  I've looked online and there was actually a lot of coverage from a number of organizations.  Sometimes I think she just gets too enthusiastic and doesn't always understand the countervailing forces at work on some of the stuff she's criticizing.  What I like very much about her, though, is that she will sometimes publicly admit that maybe she got something wrong.  

    •  LOD is the ego of the Dems, Rachel is the (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Libby Shaw, emsprater, Catzmaw

      superego and KO was the id.

      LOD is the rational mind, Rachel is critical but aspirational mind, and KO is the gut.

      Ed is the spleen, Grayson is the mouth, and the Repugs are the lizard brain......

      "Reason is six-sevenths of treason," said one of his neighbors. "Intelligence is what the enemy uses," said another.

      by Misterpuff on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 07:19:43 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  Funny (4+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Tanya, LynneK, output, Ezekial 23 20

      I've always found LOD to be overbearing and pompous.  And I've never felt that way about Keith.

      And I don't find that LOD brings ANYTHING to the table.  Just another Washington insider, a DLC Democrat, with no worthwhile insight whatsoever.  And, yeah, if I had to sit through one more clip of his f***ing "West Wing" on TLW, I was gonna hurl.

    •  I like all three of them. (0+ / 0-)

      But Rachel is my fav.

      "The perfect is the enemy of the good." - Voltaire

      by Lawrence on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 08:46:29 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  in other words, you like him because he's (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      what he brings to the table IS an intricate understanding of the inner workings of the Senate and government process.  This often leads people on the left to be angry with him for failing to climb on the bandwagon. Where he got my respect was during the whole Obama tax deal and the lame duck session following.  

      a washington insider who punches the occasional hippie.

      He had Jane Hamsher on the show and did a good job of putting her on the spot about the whole "Obama is a sellout" meme she was chanting.

      and, of course, a hight priest in the church of savvy and a staunch defender of the powerful.

      In other words, someone who shouldn't be allowed to call himself a journalist; you know, that stuff about comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable?  Really what you're extolling are the qualities of a political hack - a handmaiden to the oligarchy.

      "I'm all for pragmatism just as long as it's not just a slight pitstop on the road to hell." - TJ, 11.30.10

      by output on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 09:04:46 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  Oh please, which one of the people we're (0+ / 0-)

        talking about IS a journalist?  Was Keith O a journalist or an opinion maven?  Every single one of these people is not only talking about what is going but telling us what we should think about it.  It's laughable that you'd criticize O'Donnell for not being a journalist but have no apparent problem with Keith's "special comments" and his advocacy of the things near and dear to him.  

        As to O'Donnell, yes, he's a Washington insider.  Someone call a cop.  I'm sick to death of "insider" being a dirty word.  It's just as obnoxious as Sarah Palin flitting about the country reassuring rural white people that they're more American than inner city urban Americans.  I have to wonder at the virtue so many people seem to find in being an outsider to the system, as if that somehow makes people seeking entry into it more authentic or trustworthy or dedicated to effecting change than the ones on the inside.  Right now we've got a bunch of new Republican Tea Party congress critters discovering that the system was there before they came and it will be there long after they go, and what they bring to the table isn't a breath of fresh air but astounding ignorance of the inner workings of that system.  They will spend the next two years trying to figure out how it all works, and those who stay will eventually become insiders themselves.  It's like joining the Borg.  

        So here comes O'Donnell. Sure, he's part of the Borg, too, but he's willing to tell us how it all works and how to get around the things which can be gotten around and how not to waste our times on the things that cannot.  News flash, NOTHING is ever going to get done in this town without the powerful - at least some of them - being among those who make it happen.  That's the reality of Washington and anyone who thinks differently is as dewy-eyed and naive as Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.  

        •  rahm? is that you, you effin retard? (0+ / 0-)

          for those of you who don't understand the meaning of "church of the savvy", i give you exhibit "A".  principles, schrinciples, it's all about the game.  so what if a policy is not only a massive upward wealth transfer, or if it's counterproductive to the problem it purports to solve! we passed it, ergo, we win!

          you man in the white house understood that the horse race, kind of value-neutral cynicism that you are touting, has no legitimate place in our politics. hence his concerted effort to pose as a . . . what did you call it?  "dewey-eyed and naive jimmy stewart" clone. (guess that makes you the corrupt, undemocratic, bought-and-paid-for "hero" in your twisted little world; the senator joseph harrison paine to mr. smith, or the bob alexander, if you will, for you political movie buffs)

          "I'm all for pragmatism just as long as it's not just a slight pitstop on the road to hell." - TJ, 11.30.10

          by output on Sun Jan 23, 2011 at 10:54:10 AM PST

          [ Parent ]

    •  I think you are absolutly on point about LOD (0+ / 0-)

      his experience in the Senate gives him a good prespective to know what will get done and what will not get done. It is great to be idealists, but it is the pragmatists who actually get the job done.

  •  ref LO - I don't care (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Tanya, Libby Shaw, output

    I'm cancelling cable so won't see him anyway,
    I'll download Rachel and catch Ed on the radio.
    (Ed's no fool. He hung on to that gig)

    Yeah, I'm pitchfork mad like that.

    by lisastar on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 07:13:29 PM PST

  •  How many times (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    amk for obama
    have we screamed and yelled at our TVs when RW fucksticks aren't called out on their lies?  I find I don't scream when Lawrence has these assholes in his clutches.  

    I think I'm in love with him...there I said it.

    _"George, when I want your opinion I'll give it to you!" -Dick Cheney 2002_

    by oopsaDaisy on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 07:20:32 PM PST

  •  I was hoping from the title that this was (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    a fun thing about the lovely Christine.  I kinda miss her.

    LOD is very low on my watch list. I likely won't watch anything on MSNBC but Rachel and Ed for a while.

    "If she can open her eyes, maybe we can, too." Reverend Welton Gaddy on Rachel Maddow's show

    by maybeeso in michigan on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 07:32:59 PM PST

  •  My only problem with O'Donnell.... (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Libby Shaw, emsprater, output that he has too many Repub guests.

    If I want to watch Repubs, I'll watch Fox.

  •  I am tired of the D and R point, counterpoint (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    shows.  I like Rachel because she actually does interviews with intelligent questions.  


    by lakehillsliberal on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 08:04:38 PM PST

  •  I'm not keen on him. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    It may just be the shows I've happened to see, and admittedly I have not seen all of them, but he seems to be rather dismissive of women.  It doesn't seem to matter whether or not they are D's or R's he appears to give them less time and to talk down to them rather more than he does with men.  He also seems to allow them to be shouted down by whoever he has on with them, or by himself.  

    Granted, I don't watch his show with a stopwatch and a score card, but that's the impression I get, and it makes me feel less interested in watching his show.

    The Republican Extremist Agenda favors tax cuts for millionaires and benefit cuts for Social Security and Medicare.

    by lcork on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 08:14:00 PM PST

  •  The way I look at it (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    am, Tanya, skaye19, output

    MSNBC just gave me five more hours in my week, and probably more like ten.

    The Republican Extremist Agenda favors tax cuts for millionaires and benefit cuts for Social Security and Medicare.

    by lcork on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 08:15:02 PM PST

  •  O'Donnell has been disappointing (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    libnewsie, Tanya, output, Ezekial 23 20

    I thought that he was absolutely terrific when he guested for Olbermann, which he did for a month or so last year.  But so far I've been disappointed in his show.  He has too many Washington insiders on spouting the usual talking points, which is pretty much a waste of time, more often than not.  Maddow and Olbermann were the only ones whose shows I thought were consistently worth watching, although Matthews is sometimes kind of fun just for his strangeness.

  •  I've never liked O'Donnell (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Tanya, output

    He's so full of himself.  Half the time he's presenting an argument against what Rethugs do and the other half he's doing exactly that thing.  Because, you know, IOKIYALOD.

    I used to watch him as, in my mind, a favor to Keith.  But it was usually tough slogging through his show.  No more Keith.  No more favors.  No more O'Donnell.

    And, to be honest, I sometimes wondered, watching O'Donnell on TLW, how much of his "confrontations" were staged and scripted.  It always (always) came off as professional wrestling to me.  Keith was the real deal.  Complete honesty and sincerity every night.  I never learned a damn thing watching O'Donnell.  I learned plenty watching Keith and Rachel.

    I'm done with MSNBC.  I love Rachel, but it's not worth it to me to support Comcast in any way at this point.  KO was worth it.  Rachel with KO is worth it.  Rachel alone...not enough for me to support Comcast at this point.  I'll catch her on-line.

  •  i stopped watching him when he had the cat food (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    commissioners on and didn't take on one bit of their bullshit.

    To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men~~ Abraham Lincoln

    by Tanya on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 09:00:30 PM PST

    •  and if you thought he cowered before (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      power before, imagine how he's going to be now that they've made an example of KO. I don't think fellatio is out of the realm of possibility.

      "I'm all for pragmatism just as long as it's not just a slight pitstop on the road to hell." - TJ, 11.30.10

      by output on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 09:09:23 PM PST

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      •  i honestly don't think he cowered. (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        It's far worse, i think he actually believes that shit. on economic issues he as republican as they come.

        To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men~~ Abraham Lincoln

        by Tanya on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 09:39:34 PM PST

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        •  oh no. hadn't you heard? he's a (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:

          "socialist". to quote inigo montoya, "i do not think it means what he think it means."

          "I'm all for pragmatism just as long as it's not just a slight pitstop on the road to hell." - TJ, 11.30.10

          by output on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 09:51:01 PM PST

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  •  Keith Didn't Look Unhappy To Me...... (0+ / 0-)

    Apparently negotiations have been ongoing for weeks between Keith & MSNBC.  They bought out the last 2 years of his contract for l4 MILLION dollars.  

    The handwriting was on the wall when he started dithering w/ "Worst Person in the World".  Something was up, obviously.  Probably negotiations.

    Loved Keith many nights, others couldn't stand the man.  I started appreciating LOD after he made a fool out of Trent Franks, and Ron Paul before that.  LOD IS a know it all, but he does have some actual insider experience.  Cenk is the one who worries me.  Rachel is always superb, Ed's passion serves him well...most of the time.      

  •  O'Donnell is very educational. n/t (0+ / 0-)

    Media Reform Action Link

    by LNK on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 10:58:56 PM PST

  •  KO can't be replaced; not even by L. O'Donnell (0+ / 0-)

    Notwithstanding all the speculation and rumors, Keith Olbermann will be missed by millions.  His wit and eloquence cannot be matched by any of his former colleagues at MSNBC and I hope that it is not very long before MSNBC sees and remedies its mistake. KO was the only one on MSNBC who frequently denounced the racism of the teabaggers.  His colleagues were to afraid to mention it and if they did, it was as an afterthought.  Why Cenk Uygur is given the 6:00 p.m time slot, although temporary, defies explanation.  Uygur spends more than 75% of the duration of any show he is on by castigating President Obama and because he is so cocky, there is no reason to believe that he will not do the same at 6:00 p.m. everyday on MSNBC. While Lawrence O'Donnell is informed, he lacks the passion and believability when he expresses an opinion favorable to the President, the Democratic party or the Progressive cause.  I also find him boring. Rachel is the best among the lot but her tendency to giggle so often sometimes makes her appear as not being serious.  Heaven help us with Ed Schultz.He is nothing more than a gasbag who has passion but lacks substance.  His obsession with reporting on Michele Bachmann and Sara Palin takes up a lot of his time and the important issues he should be reporting on are often ignored. MSNBC will no longer exist in my house during primetime.  

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