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I am taking up Dana Milbank’s challenge: a month-long moratorium on commenting on the antics of our Sarah:

Instead of providing Palin with a public platform for her deep-seated need for recognition, the translation of which morphs into millions of dollars for her, which in turn is plowed right back into efforts to spout her venom, I will cease commenting (let’s face it —- it is unadulterated criticism) for the next 30 days.  This is going to be difficult for me and my posts probably will not be as much fun, but I am going to give it my best shot.  These little personal contests are healthy every once in a while.  Who knows?  I might benefit from the lack of conflict.  This dare just might stretch my intellectual capacity by forcing me to pay attention to targets and issues that are not such a slam-dunk.  Maybe Palin, would also take a vow of silence, and would benefit from a month’s retreat from her public presence by picking up a book or two.  So sorry: had to get in one last jab.

During the interim, I will be keeping careful track, but not posting, her public discourse.  At the end of this period, I will either inundate you with a flood of Palinisms or extend my period of peacefulness.

Dana and Yo Mama: let’s see who breaks first.  I guarantee you that our Sarah will be the first to open up her mouth about our Sarah.


This is too easy.  My withdrawal from you-know-who was just made tolerable by the fact that my former senator, George Allen, has announced he will run against Jim Webb to try to win back his seat.  You do remember Allen, yes?  You know, Macaca returns.  The flexibility and capacity for human nature to evolve and rehabilitate never ceases to amaze me.  NOT!

Surprisingly, Allen will be the least conservative on the primary slate and that preliminary battle will be his toughest.  Additionally, there is no predicting what Webb will choose to do.  He is an independent cuss and he deplores the fundraising requirement of public office.  Not to worry.  I assume that should Webb bow out, Tim Kaine will step in and be an even stronger force for that seat.

But back to the "easy" part of my post.  The list of public figures who got religion and were thus redeemed goes on forever.  Mayor-For-Life of D.C. Marion Barry ("The bitch set me up.") went to jail, got re-elected, continues to evade paying taxes and yet, if he ran again for Mayor, he would probably win another term.  Ain’t forgiveness grand?  Then we have all of those homophobic officeholders who turn out to be gay.  Only last week on one of the pundit shows, Joe Lieberman lowered himself, when faced with a well-read and persistent Arianna Huffington, and resorted to the demeaning retort, "Read the report, Sweetheart." That comment was, just like Allen’s use of the derogatory term "macaca", more symptomatic of the speakers’ self-hatred and insecurities than the receiving persons possible short-comings to whom the comments were directed.  The unctuous tone that Allen and Lieberman assumed during their name-calling was downright sleazy, smarmy and demeaning.  The reflection of such ingratiating behavior only emphasized the speakers’ lack of self-worth, frustration with losing the battle of the moment and, as obvious as the nose on your face, was clearly instances of  resorting to base behavior, without consideration of appropriate, civil conduct, because it felt good at the time.  Allen and Lieberman both lashed out at innocent people, who had gotten the best of these seasoned politicos in the twinkling of a helpless, retaliatory eye.  Racial slurs and gender bashing are poisonous, especially when it boomerangs back on to those doing the name calling.

Do you really think that having Republicans and Democrats play musical chairs at the State of the Union address is going to solve our deeper problem of self-loathing?  Hell no.  It is apparently acceptable that "keeping up appearances" is 90% of the battle.  Now that the GOP has "repealed" health care, I cannot wait to see how they affect climate control,immigration reform and infrastructure repair.  They will deal with these issues just as completely as they did with the repeal of HCR.  The appearance of legislating is a much easier on-the-job retainment process than actual governing.  True?  Appearances are so much important than getting the job done.

Thus, my cup is still definitely half full.  With liars like Allen and Lieberman lashing out to stop their own boats from sinking, there is plenty of fodder around to make up for the vacation from you-know-who.

This is too damn easy.  Give me a harder one, please.

Originally posted to yomamaforobama on Mon Jan 24, 2011 at 01:47 PM PST.

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