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or in health care or in lots of other stuff

we are seeing that already in the actions the Republicans are taking in the House of Representatives.

Perhaps we need to be able to see it pretty clearly, their attitude towards government, and how government serves the people.

Below the fold you will find a list.  It came across a veterans list to which I subscribe -  yep, I'm one of those, a military veteran, USMC.  

It is courtesy of the Minority Leader's Office

Take a look at how Republicans propose to cut the deficit:

From the Minority Leader's office:

·         Flood Control and Coastal Emergencies   -$30M

·         Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy   -$899M

·         Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability   -$49M

·         Nuclear Energy   -$169M

·         Fossil Energy Research   -$31M

·         Clean Coal Technology   -$18M

·         Strategic Petroleum Reserve   -$15M

·         Energy Information Administration   -$34M

·         Office of Science under the Energy and water spending bill   -$1.1B

·         Power Marketing Administrations   -$52M

·         Department of Treasury   -$675M

·         Internal Revenue Service   -$593M

·         Treasury Forfeiture Fund   -$338M

·         GSA Federal Buildings Fund   -$1.7B

·         ONDCP   -$69M

·         International Trade Administration   -$93M

·         Economic Development Assistance   -$16M

·         Minority Business Development Agency   -$2M

·         National Institute of Standards and Technology   -$186M

·         NOAA   -$336M

·         National Drug Intelligence Center   -$11M

·         Law Enforcement Wireless Communications   -$52M

·         US Marshals Service   -$10M

·         FBI   -$74M

·         State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance   -$256M

·         Juvenile Justice   -$2.3M

·         COPS   -$600M

·         NASA   -$379M

·         NSF   -$139M

·         Legal Services Corporation   -$75M

·         EPA   -$1.6B

·         Food Safety and Inspection Services   -$53M (FY10)

·         Farm Service Agency   -$90M

·         Agriculture University Research   -$246M

·         Natural Resource Conservation Service   -$60M

·         Rural Development Programs   -$227M  

·         WIC   -$758M  

·         International Food Aid grants   -$544M

·         FDA   -$220M

·         Land and Water Conservation Fund   -$348M

·         National Archives and Record Service   -$20M

·         DOE Loan Guarantee Authority   -$1.4B

·         EPA ENERGY STAR   -$7.4M

·         EPA GHG Reporting Registry   -$9M

·         USGS   -$27M

·         EPA Cap and Trade Technical Assistance   -$5M

·         EPA State and Local Air Quality Management   -$25M

·         Fish and Wildlife Service   -$72M

·         Smithsonian   -$7.3M

·         National Park Service   -$51M

·         Clean Water State Revolving Fund   -$700M

·         Drinking Water State Revolving Fund   -$250M

·         EPA Brownfields   -$48M

·         Forest Service   -$38M

·         National Endowment for the Arts   -$6M

·         National Endowment for the Humanities   -$6M

·         Job Training Programs  -$2B

·         Community Health Centers  -$1.3B

·         Maternal and Child Health Block Grants  -$210M

·         Family Planning  -$327M

·         Poison Control Centers  -$27M

·         CDC   -$755M

·         NIH   -$1B

·         Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services   -$96M

·         LIHEAP Contingency fund   -$400M

·         Community Services Block Grant   -$405M

·         High Speed Rail   -$1B

·         FAA Next Gen   -$234M

·         Amtrak   -$224M

·         HUD Community Development Fund   -$530M

Okay, folks.   There is so much that can be done with this list.

We already know the Republicans are anti-women's rights.  On that these two stand out:

·         Maternal and Child Health Block Grants  -$210M

·         Family Planning  -$327M

They are clearly against any government involvement with health, seen when one also notes theses:
·         Poison Control Centers  -$27M

·         CDC   -$755M

·         NIH   -$1B

·         Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services   -$96M

and these:
·         Community Health Centers  -$1.3B

·         Maternal and Child Health Block Grants  -$210M

I have little commentary to add.

Only this.

If you don't think elections make a difference,

if you are EVER tempted to say it doesn't make any difference which party is elected

pull out this list

go through it again

and remind yourself if nothing else why friends don't let friends vote Republican.

Now let's start to work right now and do something about this, before the government we need is destroyed.


Originally posted to teacherken on Wed Feb 09, 2011 at 03:43 PM PST.

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