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Note:  This is the Part III of MY STUPID STATE, where I document what happens when a state full of Democrats elect a veto-proof right-wing legislature along with a teabag CRIMINAL governor to lead us. (Once again, yes--an actual bona-fide criminal who literally stole from seniors, who subsequently elected him.)  This is my documentation of my beloved but idiotic state's slow descent into chaos.

When running for guber, Rick Scott repeatedly said on the campaign trail that he would NOT cut school spending.  

He vowed over and over again that there would be no cuts, that he would keep the budget the same.  

But our Lex Luthor looking and acting governor lied. That's a big word to use, but its true.

If you live here in Central Florida, you know columnist Scott Maxwell.  For the first time in his writing career, he said that he is forced to call someone a flat out LIAR.  No surprise it would be Rick Scott.

I guess if you take the fifth 75 times, you get pretty good at it.

That bastard is proposing the deepest cuts in our state's history...and the overwhelming brunt of it is EDUCATION.  THREE BILLION in education cuts across the board:  general revenue, state revenue, and per pupil funding.

BUT these cuts are really, really needed, says the GOP.  Times are tough, and we all have to tighten our belts. (Unless you are the superrich, who received a desperately needed massive tax break on Yachts.)

Education bears the worst of it, but struggling agencies across the board are proposed to be cut: mostly those that cater to the most vulnerable.  He also proposed cutting our already underfunded prisons, and practically abolishing the one toothless agency we have that regulates growth.

But you gotta look out for number one.  There was ONE increase in ONE government agency that the governor is seeking to grow — the executive office of the governor.  The budget would more than double and add almost 100 employees to his already bloated staff.

Yeah.. nice teabagger.  Because if there is one thing our state can agree on, its that we need less education and more government spending for YOUR office.

Cripes!  Our state is already in really BAD shape for education, and ranks next to the bottom on per pupil funding.  But I guess that's the reason the conservatives want to keep it that way.  

What better way to ensure we elect these losers than to keep our people stupid?

Originally posted to SemDem on Tue Feb 08, 2011 at 06:44 PM PST.


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