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God damn you, Governor Brian Schweitzer!

God Damn You!

 Montana to kill wolves that prey on elk

BILLINGS, Mont. – Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer says the state will defy federal protections for gray wolves and kill packs that have been hurting elk herds.

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!!: The wonderful Pam LaPier posted this petition in the comments:

 Protect Wolves from Shoot-on-Sight Management

And another!

 Defenders of Wildlife, Defenders of Wolves

SIGN THEM!!!!!!!

Here in the Rocky Mountains, killing wolves isn't a mountain thing. It isn't a rancher thing. it isn't even a conservative or libertarian thing. It's a fucking Tea Bagger thing. Just like in Arizona, where candidates for office elbow each other out of the way to propose ever more ridiculous anti-immigrant and pro-gun legislation, killing wolves for hunting elk is ridiculous. Governor Brian Schweitzer, you'll remember, is a Democrat. Initially, we loved him. Now, with this reactionary, evil, anti-nature, anti-wolf stuff, the good Governor can go fuck himself. And yes sir, I'll say that to your face, you disgusting piece of shit. I live in the state immediately south of yours, where we have our own problem with idiots expressing their RIGHT to kill any wolf they want, any time they want. So I'm immediately available, Governor Schweitzer. You teabagging political fucking asshole.

This guy's an asshole coward also.

As are these two younger coward fucks.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against hunting. I no longer hunt, because at an early age I tired of killing things I wasn't even mad at. But I see nothing wrong with people hunting managed populations of game animals. GAME animals! You can eat them. Can you eat a wolf, Governor Schweitzer?

Also don't get me wrong in thinking I don't support ranchers or other landowners who find wolves killing their livestock. As a last resort, while I still find it objectionable and have trouble believing it IS in fact a last resort, I support those folk's right to defend their herds of domesticated livestock. Now... on Federal land? Where they just pay for bargain grazing permits they got by making campaign contributions? Fuck no! Those livestock are bear and wolf food, in my opinion. Still, even in those cases, it can be argued that they're killing wolves because the wolves are doing something wrong. But wolves have been killing elk since before man set foot on this continent. Governor, you're saying you're going to start killing wolves FOR BEING FUCKING WOLVES! My state is now completely Republican and no one is talking about killing wolves for being wolves.

And how do you enforce ANY restrictions on killing wolves, Governor? This is a death sentence for any wolf within ten miles of an elk herd. It is that, literally, and you know it. It is basically a death sentence on every wolf in your state.

You can't believe that is the right thing to do, Governor Schweitzer. You can't! You're trading the lives of these beautiful animals FOR VOTES, and don't you dare try to explain it otherwise. You say you're doing it because there are now 1700 wolves in the Rocky Mountains. You can't believe that is a lot of wolves. A couple of hard Winters (like this one) and it probably isn't even a sustainable population.

I'll close with a more pleasant picture.

(this image, courtesy of  THIS WONDERFUL WEBSITE. I could not ascertain ownership of the other two images and besides that, those people can go to hell)

Fuck you, Governor Brian Schweitzer. FUCK YOU! You're a coward.


UPDATE: Montana Kossacks! Let us know where to send money! I will personally send $2000 to the next Montana candidate for governor who denounces this horrid policy.

ANOTHER UPDATE! -- Via Onomastic in the comments, a fitting work by the great Paul Winter Consort (who I played with a few times years ago)

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