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Please inform as many people as you can about the following. The "Patriot Action Network" is planning to infiltrate union rallies across the country (and really hope Kos sees this.)

The following comes directly from

Our goal is to make the gathering look as greedy and goonish as we know that it is, ding their credibility with the media and exploit the lazy reporters who just want dramatic shots and outrageous quotes for headlines.  Even if it becomes known that we are plants the quotes and pictures will linger as defacto truth.

Here is what baggers are telling other baggers to do:

Here is what I am doing in Sacramento, where they are holding a 5:30 PM event this coming Tuesday:  (1) I signed up as an organizer (2) with any luck they will contact me and I will have an “in”  (3) in or not I will be there and am asking as many other people as can get there to come with, all of us in SEIU shirts (those who don’t have them we can possibly buy some from vendors likely to be there)  (4) we are going to target the many TV cameras and reporters looking for comments from the members there  (5) we will approach the cameras to make good pictures… signs under our shirts that say things like “screw the taxpayer!”  and “you OWE me!” to be pulled out for the camera (timing is important because the signs will be taken away from us) (6) we will echo those slogans in angry sounding tones to the cameras and the reporters.  (7) if I do get the ‘in’ I am going to do my darnedest to get podium access and take the mic to do that rant from there…with any luck and if I can manage the moments to build up to it, I can probably get a cheer out of the crowd for something extreme.

Our goal is to make the gathering look as greedy and goonish as we know that it is, ding their credibility with the media and exploit the lazy reporters who just want dramatic shots and outrageous quotes for headlines.  Even if it becomes known that we are plants the quotes and pictures will linger as defacto truth.

Here is the instigator's website:

Updated by smokedog at Sun Feb 20, 2011, 07:20:27 PM

Mark Williams comments section now open:

Updated by smokedog at Mon Feb 21, 2011, 02:42:33 PM

Looks like Mark William's website either crashed or was taken down.

Updated by smokedog at Mon Feb 21, 2011, 03:12:22 PM

It looks like the "plan" is being scrubbed from various websites.

It's still up at the patriot action network link I provided.

Go get a screen capt before they take it down.

Updated by smokedog at Mon Feb 21, 2011, 03:45:27 PM

Williams is scheduled to be on the radio at 1 PM Pacific time.

Here's the link:

Here's his schedule for TODAY: Fresno KMJ FM and KMJ AM

Monday February 21: Fresno. Guest hosting on KMJ News Talk Radio 105.9 FM 1:00 – 3:00 PM

Monday February 21: Fresno.  Guest hosting on KMJ News Talk Radio 580 AM 5:00- 7:00 PM

Updated by smokedog at Mon Feb 21, 2011, 05:48:44 PM

Patriot action network (it hurts to type that) has scrubbed the cite. The Williams rant is gone.

Updated by smokedog at Thu Feb 24, 2011, 01:39:11 AM

From the bagger website where I first read about the infiltration plan.

We had listed what Mark Williams and some others in Sacremento CA were planning to do as far as infiltrating the SEIU rallies. We never asked our members to take that kind of action nor was that our intention.
We asked you to organize counter protests as it states below. We then showed you what SEIU is planning, a letter from Jim Testerman,PSEA President followed by Mark Williams blog. I have since removed the blog to make it clear we are NOT calling for that action to be taken but rather as it states below, this was a call to action to organize and support counter protests.
Hope this clears up any confusion.
Darla Dawald, National Director

Right, that's why they posted it in the first place. These people make me sick.

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