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The Oscars are Sunday evening, and, for the first time in a long damn time, I probably won't watch a bit of it because I really haven't seen many of the nominated movies and could give a shooby - doobie about it this year. Last year, I bailed after about the first half hour or so because the only award I cared about had already been given out & given to the actor I wanted to win!

Oh yeah! :D Other previous Best Supporting Actor winners include Karl Malden for A Streetcar Named Desire, Frank Sinatra for From Here to Eternity, George Kennedy in Cool Hand Luke, Robert De Niro in Godfather II, and Alan Arkin in Little Miss Sunshine. I'll pepper in more Oscar history throughout the diary & in comments!

I'm noting only 1 "this day in history" item, but it's a good one; George Harrison was born on this date in 1943. He left us entirely too soon {sigh}.

Now, let's get SPARKy! ;D Here's an "AAAAaaaaWWWWwwww!" moment to warm our hearts. :D Someone thinks they've found the best can of horse ever. I'll let someone who likes the stuff be the judge! Just guess which state is hosting tea baggers this weekend? Finally, if you find out the guy you're dating thinks doing THIS will win your heart, RUN!!!!

Oh with The Rachel Maddow Show!

"Some Assembly Required" - How 'bout that classy way the WI State House passed that anti - union bill??!! There was also a rumor that police were going to begin "cracking down" on protesters. Lovely... *&^%$#@!


AND, the Governor's office was classy enough to blame the cops for that rumor; now, the cops are standing with the protesters & gathering their sleeping bags, too! I nearly retched when I heard the audio of that vote - good sparkin' gawd. Oh good, now I get to see video! Look at all those suits just strolling outta the place.


Rachel thinks the GOBP in WI are getting desperate. Even Dick "Toe Sucker" Morris' poll has sentiment turning against Governor Walker?! $HIT! The University of Wisconsin @ Lacrosse campus faculty hadn't unionzed for years; they're unionized now. ;D Not too terribly many WI GOBP are jumping on the Scotty Walker band wagon, either. OOPS! Dem State Senator Jon Erpenbach is back from his secret undisclosed non - WI non - beach location. ;D He's not the least bit surprised by what happened in the wee wee hours in the WI State House. Governor Walker's tossing out lay - off bombs, which is absolutely not necessary according to Senator Erpenbach. He's still confident that all the WI Dem State Senators can stay united; he said this little call from "Mr. Koch" has actually helped! :D After that segment, here's a great spot for a Best Picture Oscar history moment.

"I Wanted to Delay the Make Sure That Plane Had Taken Off" - SOD Gates spoke to West Pointe cadettes today; to paraphrase, any future POTUS considering sending a large land force to the Middle East or Asia is sparkin' nuts! Rumors are that hundreds or thousands of people in Libya have been killed. Americans are out of Libya now. We're getting ready for sanctions & freezing assets. President Obama thinks these actions will be enough to get Moumarr to stop; I doubt it. The UN said Moumarr needs to be in front of the crimes against humanity peeps; again, I doubt that'll happen. I think he'll kill himself before he lets himself get taken. Libya's delegation is no longer loyal to Moumarr, either! With all this violence, let's remember another Oscar - winning movie about one of history's greatest peace makers.

"Live From Libya" - Richard Engel's in Libya! BE CAREFUL! Citizens of Libya have been emboldened by people in authority going to their side. The death toll could be anywhere from 300 to 2000; that's a hell of a difference! Richard's seen photos of people killed; many were killed at close range - probably execution style. There are no international phone lines, no internet, etc. Bengazi is firmly in protester hands; many in Tripoli are trying to reach out but are not having success to this point.

"Divisible Kansas" - Rachel acknowledged the Tweets about the loud Lawrence bar the other night. ;D The KS legislature is much like the national one. For all the talk about job creation, so far, they've worked on making divorce more difficult & have ratcheted up the abortion culture war. KS citizens want the federal government to step in because, apparently, KS cops are not. KS pro - choice advocates are scouting locations for possible clinics where patients can't be bothered as easily; literal military tactics are necessary for a legal medical procedure. Nebraska is trying their own "killing an abortion doctor is justifiable homicide" bill.


Rebekah Dryden is back again! She got to speak to the Nebraska law sponsor today - lucky her. Now, apparently an amendment is going to be offered saying that only the pregnant woman can use whatever means necessary to protect herself. Well, ain't that an enlightened idea?! Actually letting a woman defend herself??!!

"Plunderdogs" - OK...with THAT segment title, comedy deities will smite me if I don't show this.

The oil industry gets welfare checks?! WHERE'S MINE??!! I'm damn damn poverty - stricken compared to those "people!" President Obama would like to put the kibosh on those tax breaks; the oil companies are having a fit. HA! Cute ad... ;D

"Moment of Geek" - A whole mess of people still don't think Americans have been on the moon. Hell, the Mythbusters busted that a few years ago! This issue has been a sanity litmus test for Rachel? HA! Oh boy, we're faking a mission to Mars? Won't that make those wearing the tinfoil hats want a bigger tinfoil hat?! Comets are made of Legos? WOW! Ya' learn something new every day! How do they stay lit in a comet without burning up? ;D

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