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Seriously? You have GOT to be frigging kidding me . . .

Who needs a bunch of JOBS when we can have orthodox conservative ideology and corporate tax cuts?

Gov. Daniels Says Governments Should Slash Spending ‘Even If They End Up Seriously Costing A Lot Of Jobs’

. . . In an interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep today, Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-IN) was asked if budget cuts should still go forward, even if they would result in widespread job loss, and replied “yes”

  INSKEEP: I want to ask something that a lot of people are confronting right now, as they deal with the federal deficit as well as state and local deficits that need to be closed. Are budget cuts — government budget cuts — worth it, even if they end up seriously costing a lot of jobs right now?

    DANIELS: The answer is yes.

Seriously???? Unemployment is still through the ROOF! We don't need spending cuts, we need FUCKING JOBS! But our jobs are not important to Republican Governors, hell, they are going to gut the services the middle class depends on EVEN IF it will cost us a lot of jobs. Fucking seriously? This is what Republicans voted for?

Not to be outdone, another jackass GOP corporate shill Governor is playing the "One up the last crazy class war Republican" game . . .

Maine Gov. LePage Unveils Budget That Guts Necessities For Main Street To Pay For Tax Cuts For Rich
Included in the budget is a provision that would raise the retirement age of public workers from 62 to 65, cut Maine’s prescription drug and health coverage for working parents program, end $400 of property tax relief for more than 75,000 middle-income Maine households, and freeze cost of living adjustments for state employee retirees — which already provides a meager average pension of only $18,500 per year.

Yet at the same time, LePage is pushing through hundreds of millions of dollars of tax cuts. While most Mainers will receive a tax cut under the governor’s plan, the lion’s share of the cuts will go to the wealthiest of state residents. The Maine Center for Economic Policy notes that the average tax cut for most working families in Maine will be a measly $83, while upper income earners will take home an average of $874, and those who earn more than $363,438 — just one percent of the population of the state — will take home a whopping extra $2,770, on average

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    If it sounds like working class people are getting screwed then it must be CLASS WAR. And yes, when it comes to class war, serving the rich and screwing the working class, there is a Republican for that.

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We all know that Republicans do NOT want President Obama to succeed. They hope he fails. Now they have a strategy to make sure Obama will fail, and that strategy is to kill as many jobs as possible so they can run on "voter outrage" they way they did in 2010.

If America recovers under President Obama it is BAD NEWS for the GOP, because Obama will get credit for it. So the GOP has determined that if they cause MORE SUFFERING they can run on outrage again and say "Obama didn't fix things, you should elect a Republican instead" when 2012 rolls around.

And this is what Republicans voted for. Remind the Republicans in your life that the reason there are no jobs is because Republicans only serve the rich, they are undermining the economy ON PURPOSE with two goals in mind, serving the super rich who have corrupted them to FUBAR proportions and destroying America's recovery under President Obama. Then thank the Republicans in your life for voting for these same assholes who created our huge deficits in the first place.

This is reality.

Anyone who thinks that destroying the ability for working class people to bargain for better pay will somehow help the economy is either a fool or a crook who is lying to you. Anyone who thinks that taking people's health care away from them will HELP them is an asshole who is helping to push you into a grave so the manipulators behind them can make a better profit. Anyone who tells you that cutting taxes for the rich and corporations will be better for the economy is a liar, and you can point out how badly that idea has failed by just pointing out the last decade to them. Republicans are not just destroying the middle class so they can give that wealth to the super rich whom they serve, they are doing it on purpose. Nothing in my mind could be MORE Un-American than knowingly causing suffering amongst your countrymen for political and monetary gain.

Dear Republicans, fuck you for falling for this shit over and over and over again. You are certainly the most gullible assholes America has ever produced.

    You can follow me on Twitter @JesseLaGreca

Peace and love to all who can't afford it!

Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Tue Mar 01, 2011 at 01:05 PM PST.

Also republished by Income Inequality Kos.


Are Republicans wrecking the economy on purpose in order to blame it on Obama in 2012?

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