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It probably comes as no surprise to you to find out that the Koch Brothers have a vested-interest in opposing meaningful Climate Change legislation -- But did you know that the energy-barron Koch Industries has some big-time help in their mis-information efforts, from a little known guy, by the name of:

Claude R. Lambe  ... say Who?

$24,000,000  Big!  ... according to Greenpeace:

Claude R. Lambe Foundation

The Claude R. Lambe Foundation is the dominant financier of organizations taking a more visible, active role in day-to-day efforts to oppose clean energy and climate policy. The Foundation contributed $11.7 million to climate opposition groups since 2005.

The Board of Directors is comprised entirely of Koch family members, senior Koch executives, and staff who serve Koch foundations:

 -- Richard Fink - President
 -- Logan Moore - Secretary
 -- Vonda Holliman - Treasurer
 -- Charles G. Koch - Director
 -- Elizabeth B. Koch - Director
 -- Elizabeth R. Koch - Director
 -- Charles C. Koch - Director

Year     Total funds provided to front groups
1997     $1,654,875
1998     $1,590,000
1999     $1,374,500
2000     $1,400,000
2001     $1,488,500
2002     $2,099,960
2003     $1,453,320
2004     $1,789,640
2005     $2,720,000
2006     $3,183,030
2007     $3,365,000
2008     $2,439,500

Total     $24,558,325

Total funds given out by the Claude R. Lambe Foundation from 2005-2008:

So who in the world is Claude R. Lambe, besides a big-ticket financier in the Climate Change Denial campaign?

Well the answer to that, takes just a little bit of digging ... got your shovels?

First a little side trip.  When exploring the inner working of Charitable Foundations, it helps to "Go to the Source".  Since the Koch family is directing the Claude R. Lambe Foundation, maybe their site -- the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation -- will give us a few clues about Lambe ...

Looking at what Foundations say about themselves?  That's always a fun ride.

For instance, Did you know that 'Liberty is a Science'?

And that the "Science of Liberty" can be Trademarked !?

Someone never learned to share "their democracy", or play nicely with others, it seems ...

About: Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation

The Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation was established in 1980 by Charles G. Koch. The mission of the Foundation is to advance social progress and well-being through the development, application, and dissemination of the Science of Liberty™.

History has shown that societies with greater economic freedom have more prosperity and an enhanced quality of life. This observation that a free society is uniquely suited to creating, fostering, and sustaining peace and prosperity is fundamental to the Science of Liberty.


OK, that piqued my curiosity.  I like ... "Science" ... I like "Liberty" ...

What is this New Agey concept about?  It seem to be seriously motivating Charles Koch in his Empire building.

Digging a little more, uncovered this little gem ...

Market Process Analysis and the Science of Liberty
Acceptance remarks by Charles G. Koch Chairman and CEO, Koch Industries, Inc.
2005 Herman W. Lay Memorial Award recipient
The Association of Private Enterprise Education
Orlando, Florida -- April 3, 2005

Charles G. Koch:
And that is the subject of my remarks: How to bring about the free society by applying Market Process Analysis and the Science of Liberty®.

Three sets of experiences over the last 40 years have led me to understand the need for MPA [Market Process Analysis] and, more broadly, the Science of Liberty, to advance the free society:

   1. The lack of success of free-market economists in addressing problems in mixed economies.
   2. Our lack of success in constraining growth in government.
   3. Our success in applying MBM in KII.

[MBM = Market Based Management®  ... Yeah! more Trademarks. Do they have a Franchise opportunity? ]

[KII = Koch Industries, Inc.]

The Science of Liberty -- the study and practice of sustainably advancing liberty to create prosperity and social progress -- involves much more than studying why free societies are wealthy and un-free societies are poor.  

In MBM, one of the concepts we have used to great benefit is Schumpeter’s theory of creative destruction. Creative destruction and the other concepts taken from MPA guide everything we do.

Using the same assumptions, we have grown more than 1,400-fold, or 14 times the growth of the market. How?  By developing and applying MBM.

We have found that MBM can work anywhere, even at our ranches.

With a few exceptions, organizations advocating the free society have failed to apply market concepts internally. During my 40 years in this effort, I’ve constantly been taken aback by market advocates’ lack of recognition that maintaining the status quo results in the loss of effectiveness.

OK, near as I can tell the Science of Liberty® and Market Based Management® has at its mission the Goal of making insane Profits [1400-fold compared to everyone else] using the little-discussed economic principles of "Creative Destruction".

Glenn Beck has been known to advocate for the Creative Destruction of Economies -- but as Beck puts it, Free-Market America is about  "letting people Sink or Swim on their own" ...

Things Go Better with Koch -- so says the Beckster
by jamess -- Jan 15, 2011

I guess "Economically Sinking" (ie. "Drowning") takes care of the Destruction-side of Equation -- "Voodoo Economics" Move Over, there's a new Corporate Scam in Town!

But, Who's going to step in and "Creatively" fill that void left behind?

How about that reclusive Claude R. Lambe guy?  Maybe that's where he fits in.

Maybe HE is putting People, BACK to Work?

Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation

Koch Family Foundations consist of the David H. Koch Foundation, the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, and the Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation.

According to their filings with the Internal Revenue Service (available at, the Koch Family Foundations owned combined assets of more than $60 million in 2001 and gave away $9,071,793, almost all of it to libertarian causes:

 -- The Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation had assets of $31,403,724 and gave away $4,589,825.

 -- The David H. Koch Charitable Foundation had assets of $23,204 and gave away $2,821,022.

 -- The Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation had assets of $29,237,598 and gave away $1,660,946.

Below is a list of recipients listing the cumulative amount, unadjusted for inflation, granted by the Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation[1]

1) Cato Institute - $8,450,000
2) Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation - $6,025,375
3) George Mason University - $2,311,149
4) George Mason University Foundation, Inc. - $2,074,893
6) Heritage Foundation, The - $1,004,000
7) Institute for Justice - $1,000,000
8) Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment - $810,000
9) Reason Foundation, The - $642,000
10) Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies, The - $504,000
12) Institute for Humane Studies - $455,000
13) Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy - $385,000
14) Washington Legal Foundation - $350,000
15) Capital Research Center - $340,000
16) Competitive Enterprise Institute - $254,460
20) Ethics and Public Policy Center, Inc. - $190,000
22) National Center for Policy Analysis - $175,000
23) Citizens for Congressional Reform Foundation - $175,000
24) Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, Inc. - $125,000
25) American Legislative Exchange Council - $120,000
26) Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty - $115,000
28) Political Economy Research Center, Inc. - $80,000
29) Media Institute - $60,000
30) National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship - $60,000

[... over 40 more]

WTG! Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation -- your "charitable giving" has "created" quite a "footprint" on the National Dialog stage (a $29 Million dollar imprint) -- ALL without ever leaving the comfort of your chair.

Oh all the Conservative Foundations and Think Tanks that Lambe keeps in Business ... Who says America has an Employment problem, eh Claude?

Thanks to The Heritage Foundation, Tea Party Advocates have something to say, as they go about "Creatively Destroying" America:

Tea Party Talking Points
The Foundry - by Rory Cooper -- Apr 3, 2009


The President’s Plan

 -- Blames Bush:
 -- Increases Spending, Again:
 -- Expands Government:
 -- Leaves Deficits:
 -- Cuts Defense:
 -- Puts Government in Charge:

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

 -- Energy Taxes:
 -- Oil and Gas Taxes:
 -- Excise Taxes:   [Are Excise Taxes really a problem? ]
 -- Death Taxes:
 -- Tobacco Taxes:

There Are Alternatives

 -- A Path to American Prosperity:
 -- Lower Taxes:

Who is Rory Cooper?  

I hope he's paid well for his Tea Party "Talking Point" insights -- Move Over Frank Luntz!

Rory Cooper

Rory Cooper is Director of Strategic Communications at The Heritage Foundation. In this position, Cooper coordinates the think tank’s external message and internal communications, manages its entire digital communications and social media portfolios, and develops new media partnerships. Cooper also serves as the executive editor for The Foundry, the conservative policy news blog at Heritage.

Thanks to the "Reason Foundation", a Libertarian Think Tank, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, now has a "plausible plan" for "Creatively Destroying" a great many Public Sector Careers in his State (aka. State Government Privatization).  Tea Party Governors Kasich, Scott, Walker ARE busy taking Notes.

Thanks to Americans for Prosperity (also on Claude R. Lambe's Benefactor list) and thanks to The Heritage Foundation -- we have a well coordinated plan to "Creatively Destroy" any attempts to build a Clean, Green, Energy Future:

The Koch Brothers Million(s) Dollar effort to Halt Progress
by jamess -- Sep 18, 2010

No worries though, because as David Koch tells the Children, "we have seen worse Climate Changes in the Past" -- he tells us, that the Human Race will "Creatively Adapt".  Climate Change, people?  No Problem!  Be Wealthy, instead.

David Koch on Global Warming: "Don't Worry, Humans will Adapt." Priceless.
by jamess -- Feb 21, 2011

But Back to Claude R. Lambe -- surely there is more to this man than his Charitable Checkbook?

Well according to MediaMatters there is ... much, much more than meets the eye:

Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation

Year    Assets         Revenue         Grants Out         Total Expenses      
2008     $9,970,092     $791,350     $2,560,300     $2,605,564      
2007     $13,031,981     $2,068,931     $4,206,140     $4,311,400      
2006     $16,191,442     $773,585     $4,262,205     $4,338,811      
2005     $18,872,126     $346,874     $3,551,020     $3,869,727      
2004     $21,829,353     $773,841     $2,615,640     $3,187,110      
2003     $23,604,654     $264,598     $2,065,345     $2,470,364      
2002     $25,724,806     -$3,454,725     $2,238,810     $2,653,521      
2001     $29,237,598     -$1,157,573     $1,660,946     $2,119,911      
2000     $34,023,335     $2,875,952     $1,622,000     $2,039,752      
1998     $33,441,753     $7,794,829     $2,096,500     $2,510,532      
1997     $30,871,535     $4,010,582     $2,417,375     $2,726,003      
1996     $27,532,917     $4,183,372     $2,947,325     $3,255,064

OK ...So Claude R. Lambe goes way back to the mid 90's -- But who is he?

Fortunately Charles Koch let it slip way back in 1997 during another one of his famously long boring Libertarian speeches ...

Creating a Science of Liberty
Based on a speech given by Charles Koch
at an Institute for Humane Studies Research Colloquium
January 11, 1997

Charles Koch:
In 1982, the year after Claude Lambe died, WE established the Claude R. Lambe (CRL) Fellowship Program. Claude was a close family friend who left his estate under my care. He had a strong interest in both the free society and young people, so the Fellowship Program seemed a natural.


The Answer:  the Claude R. Lambe Foundation is simply another "Front Group" for Koch Industries.  Lambe is a specter, a memory, a cover.  Just another "Death-Tax refugee" who found a good home.

Surprise, Surprise!

Hmmmm!?  "Lambe" ... it does sound innocuous, doesn't it?   Nothing to see here, People ... it's Charity.

Claude R. Lambe a "free market" leader among men -- who's legacy is STILL 'Creative Destroying' the "General Welfare" of America, long after he's gone.

It must come in handy for Koch Industries to have such a Front Group, when they really have to do some "dirty work" to do ... don't you think.  Handy for covering up tracks.

Like in their recent efforts to make the Privatization of America seem ...

Necessary, seem Needed ... to seem Normal.  

Privatization "Talking Points" rationale provided by the Lambe-funded "Reason Foundation".  Seems innocuous enough.  Start Dismantling New Jersey!  Other States, get in line.  

Or better yet, ask the Claude R. Lambe Foundation er, The Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation WHAT THEY, can DO for you. To help make your "Destroying of Public Sector Careers" that much easier.

I'm sure they got a few "Think Tank" studies, they can steer you to, Just ask Ohio Governor Kasich, how helpful Koch Groups they can be.

Afterall the specter of Tea Party anger and rage -- can cover up a multitude of Back-office legislating.  Nice distraction, if you can afford it.

I wonder if Koch Industries will ever "pull" Tea Party Funding once their "play-acting influence", is no longer needed?  

Tell them it's time for them to "sink or swim" ...

Time to "learn to swim with the sharks", or else learn to "become 'fish food'" ?

No worries, They'll Adapt -- or so David Koch will pay somebody, to tell them ...

That's assuming he can find anyone, who really needs the "Creative" Work !?

Updated by jamess at Sun Mar 6, 2011, 04:53:15 PM

A commenter mentions that they still "Don't Know WHO Claude R Lambe is?" -- after reading the Diary.

Which was kind of the point -- his Bio is very hard to track down, given the extent of his lasting influence.  Here if the most "definitive" Bio reference I could find for Mr Lambe:

The Koch Empire and Americans for Prosperity
A CounterPunch Investigation
By PAM MARTENS -- October 19, 2010

Claude Lambe was a real estate developer and insurance broker in Kansas.  He invested in a company formed by Fred Koch in 1934, the Buffalo Oil Corporation.   Lambe’s wife, Pauline, died in 1976;  Lambe died in 1981.  According to a Koch Industries publication, Charles Koch was left in charge of  Lambe’s estate. Charles Koch and his wife, Elizabeth, serve as Directors on the Foundation’s board.  Hopefully,  Lambe wanted to fund all of these right wing causes because that’s what his foundation has been doing since his death.

thanks all for taking the time to be better informed.

Originally posted to Digging up those Facts ... for over 8 years. on Sun Mar 06, 2011 at 10:44 AM PST.

Also republished by Earthship Koch.

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