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Aloha all.  It has been a long time since I have done one of these distraction diaries. The reason my production has dropped off has nothing to do with meta war fatigue (well...) or the new format.  I have just been quite busy with some major changes to my personal life, all good.  

Thanks to Nurse Kelley for rattling my cage and motivating me to do one.  Apologies to all those who care on my absence from this place.

I am going to produce this diary pretty quickly, so please excuse the scarcity of words. I hope the photos are enough tonight.

Waimea Canyon
Waimea Canyon, Kauai

Red Junglefowl
Red Juglefowl
These feral chickens are very abundant in Hawaii, especially on Kauai.  This one was chillin' on Ke'e Beach.

Nene or Hawaiian Goose
The endangered state bird.

A native Hawaiian honeycreeper

Flying Gunnard
Flying Gunnard

Bigfin Squid
Bigfin Squid

Undulated Moray
Undulated Moray

Butterfly Porn
Some Butterfly Porn

Kalalau Valley
Kalalau Valley, Kauai

Pihea Trail Boardwalk
Pihea Trail Boardwalk, Koke'e State Park, Kauai

Afternoon Bird Gets Worm
Kolea Gets The Worm

Tiger Cowry
Tiger Cowry
with exposed mantle

Christmas Tree Worm
Christmas Tree Worm

Panther Flounder


I don't know my plants.

Yellowmargin Moray
Yellowmargin Moray


Waipo'o Falls
Waipo'o Falls

Skyscraper Gal (now transitioning to Grass Shack Gal)
The primary reason I have been scarce around here

If you have a problem with this diary I refer you, as always, to the Complaint Department:
She now has two humans in the house to worship her and to absorb her distain


Originally posted to Haole in Hawaii on Sun Mar 20, 2011 at 09:05 PM PDT.

Also republished by J Town and Photography.



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