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There is an energy and drive present in small town Wisconsin that eclipses that present in any campaign in memory.  More local activists marching, making hand painted highway signs,  calling and being covered by local media than in most presidential campaigns.  All self-funded and locally directed.  In our town of 26,000 (Superior) we are well on the way to calling and mailing every union member or democratic leaning individual we can identify.  All to send Walker a message.

Even though we are one of the bluest areas of the state this effort dwarfs the 2008 and 2010 election in several ways. Today we phoned from a side room at a local pizza place.  Pizza bought by Peggy, a local government worker, Phones bought by passing the hat at the last group meeting. This will be repeated most nights between now and election day, the 5th.  All for a non-partisan race to defeat a Walker leaning judge.

Of the people we contacted many knew who to support for State Supreme (Kloppenburg) and said they were highly motivated to vote.  Others just had to hear that her opponent was in Walker's camp and were convinced they needed to get out and vote.  All of this to support a candidate that is not "one of us" just clearly pledging to be independent, honest, fair, and not one of "them".  Much better response than when calling for Gov and Senator in 2010 when liberals were lacking motivation.

On my way to the call bank I drove past the busiest intersection in town and several large banners held by about 30 pro-Kloppenburg demonstrators.  Members of another sub-committee who are planning action nearly each night between now and the ultimate recall a year from now.  

Almost wish we had a local Repub to recall.  But I suspect that Walker's good buddy on the Supreme Court (David Prosser) who is on record as saying he intends to compliment the Gov. while on the bench is in for an electoral trip to oblivion.

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Originally posted to geojumper on Mon Mar 21, 2011 at 09:12 PM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive and Progressive Hippie.

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