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Public Policy Polling found that 50% of Michiganders disapprove of the job Rick Snyder is doing, compared to 33% who approve.  He has sunk lower and faster than Walker in WI and Kasich in OH.   His greatest loss comes from Independents.  Last year's election, Snyder led Independents by 40 percentage points.     44% of Independents now disapprove of him. (more)  

Snyder has pissed off seniors, teachers, cops, firemen, parents, kids, the film industry - he's screwed them all with his budget plan.   Keep in mind.  Snyder's budget hasn't been approved or implemented yet.   These poll numbers are simply based on what he's proposing to do.   Wait till the people of Michigan actually begin to feel his pain.

Snyder is eligible for recall July 1, 2011.  That's 14 weeks, 2 days, 5 hours, and 45 minutes.

The unions are leading the effort to fire Rick Snyder and every Republican they can get their hands on.   Since Snyder and his bagger pals have pissed off almost everyone in the state except Dick and Betty DeVos, recalling them ought to be as easy as falling off a log.    MI is a big union town.  Union member signatures alone ought to be enough to send Rich Snyder back to Ann Arbor.  When you add in the Seniors and MI AARP, they all ought to be dead meat.  

Snyder ran as a nerd (honest to god), moderate, and businessman.  He's governing like a power mad CEO, and he doesn't give a damn what anybody thinks.   He doesn't care about getting re-elected.   He just wants to dismantle and sell off our cities and schools, and cut business taxes on the backs of seniors, poor people, and kids.  

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