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Some Kossacks may already be familiar with Virtually Speaking, founded in 2007 by Jay Ackroyd and Jordan Bigel to literally amplify the voices of bloggers, commentariat and readers who came together for Netroots Nation (then YearlyKos).

Since then, we've been plugging along, learning our craft, adding programs, adding voices. Past time to begin a another regular diary for Kossacks who might listen - both live and in the future - to the folks we read. (Update: For quite a while Jay Ackroyd posted regular VS notices.) I hope for a little attention and a lot of patience as I figure out the best way to provide useful info and solicit feedback. I thought I'd start by listing what's live this week and then adding a description of each of our six programs.

Avedon Carol and Culture of Truth on VS Sundays: a counterpoint to the Sunday morning talking heads. (What they're really saying when they're saying what they're saying):   | Listen here, on or after Sunday, March 27 @ 9pm edt|6pm pdt

• Caltech astrophysicist George Djorgovski is this week's guest on VS Sciencewith Cosmic Log's Alan Boyle and Space Studies Institute's Robin Snelson. They'll discuss topics ranging from black holes and dark energy to the use of Second Life for science, and the future of virtual worlds. Listen here on Sunday, March 27 @ 10 pm edt|7 pm pdt and then here, beginning Tuesday, March 29.

• PageOne blogger Mike Rogers comes to VS Susie to talk with Susie Madrak about closeted Republicans and why he outed them. Listen here, on or after Monday, March 28 @ 9pm edt|6pm pdt

• Stuart Zechman | Jay Ackroyd on VS A-Z. Ongoing rants and explorations of  liberalism. This week: the Disinformation Regime|Listen live here, on Thursday, March 31 @ 8pm edt|5pm pdt | Listen here after midnight Friday, April 1.

• Evolutionary Biologist PZ Myers on Virtually Speaking w/Jay Ackroyd:  Current developments in science, secular society and squids.|Listen live here, beginning Thursday, March 31, March 31 @ 9pm edt|6pm pdt

Whoa! you say? What is all this? How does it all fit together? There are now four regular programs, plus two in the try-out phase. We are 'casting four to five a week.  You can listen live or on demand. Mind the jump:

Virtually Speaking with Jay Ackroyd - IT pro and economist-by-training Jay Ackroyd chats with opinion makers and authors in media, politics, science, academia, foreign affairs, etc. From PZ Myers to Dahlia Lithwick, from Jay Rosen to Juan Cole to Lenore Skenazy, Jay has a remarkable ability to engage in meaningful conversation with an extensive network of well informed, articulate folks whose voices should reach far and wide. Live on Thursdays @ 6pm pacific | 9pm eastern

Virtually Speaking Sundays, a Sunday evening podcast bringing together two writers from a media panel of twelve to discuss developments of the week, highlighting issues neglected or misrepresented on the Sunday morning msm broadcasts. Always informative, with a touch of snark. And, perhaps most useful to a health, progressive blogosphere, we are bringing together writers from different platforms.

Check out the VSS media panel! Jay has enrolled Avedon Carol, Cliff Schecter, CS Kendrick, Culture of Truth,  David Dayen,  digby, Eve Gittleson aka nyceve, Joan McCarter aka mcjoan, , Stuart Zechman< (also here),  Susie Madrak and here, and Watertiger also Susie Madrak explores on-the-ground activism, culture, and social trends with of a host of guests, always with an eye and ear for the daily lives of working class people. Think Wisconsin, think Michigan. VS Susie began 'casting this past January, recording with - for example - political cartoonist and autobiographical graphic novelist "The Anti-American Manifesto" Ted Rall; First Draft writers Prime Scout and Athenae; and Jude Toche, Dave Johnson and Chris Savage. Live on Mondays @ 6pm pacific | 9pm eastern

Virtually Speaking A to Z Jay Ackroyd and Stuart "Centrism is an ideology" Zechman explore the many faces of liberalism, distinguishing movement liberalism from 3rd Way or centrist liberalism in both an historical and current context; looking for the expression of liberal values. Live on Thursdays @ 5pm pacific | 8pm eastern.

Two programs in test drive mode:

Virtually Speaking Science hosted by Cosmic Log's Alan Boyle and Space Studies Institute's Robin Snelson. Alan, Robin and guests explore the often-volatile landscape of science, politics and policy. Three already recorded: Col. 'Coyote' Smith about the future of space power and enterprise. (Col. Smith is Director of the Air Force Space and Cyber Strategy Center, Professor of Strategic Space Studies at the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies (SAASS), and Space Chair at Air University.) Planetary scientist Alan Stern about space-based solar power and the next frontier for spaceflight. (Alan is the principal investigator for New Horizons, NASA’s mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt, headed to a Pluto flyby in 2015.) Inventor, innovator,  educator and space entrepreneur Tim Pickens on the state of government and commercial space programs, as well as Picken's Rocket City Space Pioneer's bid to win the $30 million Google Lunar X Prize.

Canadian journalist Kevin Wood, only recently returned from 12 years in Japan, talks with bloggers, academics and other commentators, bringing a distinctively Northern progressive perspective and more than a little snark to North American and global politics among other topics. For the first two shows Kevin and guests Lindsay Stuart on the Canadian copyright crisis and John Baglow, aka Dr. Dawg, discussed the ins and outs of Canadian Parliament. Prescient, considering this week's news from the north. Coming up: Dr.Dawg on Parliament, BlogTalkRadio, subscribe free through iTunes or listen on the web, when it's convenient.

Feedback appreciated.

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