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No matter who you want to blame, the buck stops at the President's door. We can play politics all we want to, but I believe what is going on in our nation is a critical mass of deep corruption, that can no longer be hidden or ignored.  

To continue to believe, after President Obama has hired every single Wall St./Bankers club to fund his presidency in 2012, is delusional, at best.  So you say to me:  So has the other side?  What does that mean?  Nothing.  It means to me that we no longer have confidence, or trust or the rules of laws that protected the middle class, and now push has come to shove.

Obama stands in the shadows, he hides behind both parties, avoiding at all costs, making a real vision or decision, he passes anything that can be construed as a honest deal for the Middle Class who elected him, when it is nothing more than a apology to the Corporations that are continually destroying those who elected him.  This has nothing to do with politics, it has to do with Leadership and Trust in our nation.  

At least we know, as a party who the Republicans are:  They are the scorch and burn politics of Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers, but let us not mistake the fact that both parties are working for the same fucking team:

We were lied into Iraq, and Afganistan, the entire Middle East is going up in flames, with revolution exploding, as is Greece, Ireland and Portugal, all going down in flames, but still, we are so stupid, as not ask ourselves why this is happening?

Again and again, I will continue to point out the obvious:  Wall St./the Bankstas got away with billions of dollars: 'Everything is fucked and no one is going to jail.'  I believe that we as a nation do not really understand that this means.  

So let's be really clear about this, ok people?  What it means is this: There are no laws anymore that matter in this country.  There is no one being held accountable for their actions.  There is no one that will answer to war crimes, or Wall St. crimes.  There is no one that will be held accountable for basically anything.

BP cover up in the Gulf, perfectly acceptable.  Japan cover up in our media as to what is really going on?  Perfectly acceptable.  Bradly Manning being held under no due process?  Acceptable.  

And that is the point of this diary.  It is always acceptable no matter what the cost is, regardless of what party is in office.  

There is a name for that:  it is called 'a critical point of corruption' in our nation, and I wish it were no so, but I refuse to turn away from that obvious point, that we all find ourselves in.

President Obama had such great promise, but he did not have the skills or experience, or will to lead our nation.  No drama 'Obama' has turned into the least and perhaps the weakest Democrat we ever had, in our party.  He has fully come out in lest than two years, to see who he is really is and what he stands for, if anything.

He sells the WARS, full on.  He sells whatever Wall St/the Bankstas tell him to sell, full on, and still, he expects those that came to the booth to elect him, to do it again.  

This is about trust, and confidence in our nation, and we have lost that.  But let us understand why that is.  There is the most recent case of Geithner against everything that Elizabeth Warren (a fucking puppet set up for the kill) of the Obama Bankstas Club:

Some how, we as Americans still believe that we are incapable of the 'flash point' that actually causes revolutions in our nation.  I do not believe that, I believe we are in fact on that path.  This isn't about doom and gloom, it is about how we are in a state of repeated, and total 'denial' about our nation:  So you actually believe, that everything that has taken place in the past 30 years, dose not represent the entire take over of our nation, by the MIC, by the Bankstas, by the same Supreme Court, upending of our basic freedoms?  

Revolutions build over long periods — to critical mass, a flash point. Then they ignite suddenly, unpredictably. Like Egypt, started on a young Google executive’s Facebook page. Then it goes viral, raging uncontrollably. Can’t be stopped. Here in America the set-up is our nation’s pervasive “Super-Rich Delusion.”  U.K. workers protest turns violent.  A splinter group is blamed for smashing windows and attacking police vans as tens of thousands march against government cuts.

We know the Super Rich don’t care. Not about you. Nor the American public. They can’t see. Can’t hear. Stay trapped in their Forbes-400 bubble. An echo chamber that isolates them. They see the public as faceless workers, customers, taxpayers. See GOP power on the ascent. Reaganomics is back. Unions on the run. Clueless masses are easily manipulated.

Even Obama is secretly working with the GOP, will never touch his Super Rich donors. Yes, the Super-Rich Delusion is that powerful, infecting all America. Here’s how one savvy insider who knows described this Super-Rich Delusion: “The top 1% live privileged lives, aren’t worried about much. Families vacation at the best resorts. Their big concerns are finding the best Pilates teacher, best masseuse, best surgeons, best private schools. They aren’t concerned with the underlying deterioration of America or the world, except in the abstract, because they aren’t directly affected by it. That’s not to say they aren’t sympathetic, aware, or don’t talk about the issues you bring up. They are largely concerned with protecting and enhancing their socio-economic positions, ensuring their families live well. And nothing you write about will change things.”  Warning, in 2011 that attitude is delusional, deadly, yet pervasive in America.

So here is a clue people:  Obama does not care, about the little people that elected him, on the most amazing mandate, in perhaps all of the Democratic party.  And neither dose the 'other party.'  

'They are not public servants, who represent us, and have not been for many, many years.'  They are simply power brokers, who we keep supporting regardless of their claims to help our nation and instead lead us into the total decoys: Social issues of religion, creed, sexuality, and God, Guns and Butter.  

No jobs are coming back, ever.  No reality in terms of the crashed home markets, no accountability for what Wall St./Bankstas caused our nation, except another bullshit sell out by Tom Miller, and all the other 49 AG's of this nation.   No end to the endless wars.  Both parties are working for the same team, and I wish it were not so.  

At the end of the day (a saying I hate on the news) this all comes back to the same damn thing;  Who the hell got away will trillions of dollars, on our dime, and why they are not paying the price, all of us are.

The sad fact, is that we know exactly how we got here, and why we got here.  If you actually believe that President Obama is going to stand up for the Middle Class and poor of this nation, then I guess you just don't get it.  Every single act denotes the opposite of where we are going as a nation.

Only do me a fucking favor, ok?  Stop pretending it's all the Republican's fault, when it has more to do with the lost faith and confidence of the public in our nation.  

We are supposedly a nation of 'Laws not men,' but that all changed.  Until trust and confidence, are restored in our nation, nothing will ever be the same, regardless of who we elect to the White House.

The fake austeriy measures that are happening world wide, to pay off the 'hidden toxic debts' of Wall St., are coming down hard on all the nations, and as food prices and commodities soar, we are seeing the results of the lying and stealing from those that had nothing to do with what has happened to the destruction of our world wide economies.  

So you know what I say:  Proceed Obama.  Go on to your cutting and gutting of those that elected you.  Go on and proceed, to cover up the destruction of State's laws for property rights, go on and proceed, to lead us into endless wars, when we have no money left for people that are dying and freezing in their homes, living on 'cat food.'  Go on and live the good life.  

Only don't expect my vote.  I will not spend one more fucking dime for our party, (for the first time in 40 years) when Mitt Romeny would be nothing different.  Mitt Romney, Barack Obama?  Both look really great up on the screen, but it's the same: 'Nice House, nobody home.'

This diary is about trust, confidence, and the laws of this nation, that have been destroyed by both parties.  I know why and how it happened, but I did expect more from President Obama.

Other forms of government have a differnet view:  

Americans tend not to pay as much attention to Canadian affairs as they probably should.  So it will no doubt come as a surprise to many below the 49th Parallel that the Canadian government was in trouble.  That's actually putting it mildly. Canada's minority government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper actually fell Friday, losing a historic no-confidence vote, requiring new elections that will likely be held May 2. It will be the fourth election in seven years.

Harper, leader of his nation's Conservative Party, is expected to be sticking around, however. Opinion polls indicate his party is likely to win a plurality of votes, allowing it to form another minority government.  For the entire time since he became prime minister in 2006, Harper has presided over a minority government.

The no-confidence vote was only the fifth time in Canadian history extending back to 1867 in which a government failed to win a no-confidence vote. The vote was 156-145.

Let us have the courage to note this last paragraph and statement:

The no-confidence vote was only the fifth time in Canadian history extending back to 1867 in which a government failed to win a no-confidence vote. The vote was 156-145.  

This 'no confidence' vote is happening world wide, and why is that?  This is the point of this diary, and the floor is yours.  To honestly believe that world wide revolutions happen in a vacumn is delusional and insane.  We are on the precipice of watching as Europe and the Middle East explode, but why is that?  

A nation without trust and confidnece in their government, a nation without a moral compass, a nation without laws, is a nation that has not only lost it's Demcoracy and Republic, but is a nation adrift in a morass of choas, falling into the abyss of deep, deep corruption.

I wish it were not so.  I really do.

Thanks as always.

Ms. B.

Originally posted to Badabing on Tue Mar 29, 2011 at 06:23 PM PDT.

Also republished by oo, The Amateur Left, and The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party.

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