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Reading this article all I could do was just nod my head in agreement:

Women sure are impulsive, lying, vulnerable and childlike creatures, aren't they? That's the conclusion I'd draw, if my understanding of women were based solely on anti-abortion bills.

Yes we are defined by our genitalia and biological imperative....sigh


I'll just point out that nearly 90 percent of abortions are performed in the first trimester and fully 95 percent take place during the first 15 weeks. The women who seek them cite a variety of common reasons, including an unsupportive partner and insufficient income to provide a good home. All available research suggests that women rarely make this difficult and private decision lightly.

You just know we need Republican Daddy and Jesus to control our lives and everything will be alright, you know, government for women by men. Interfering in our lives is not "big government" it's lending a helping hand since we need to be protected from ourselves.

The condescending rhetoric in the proposed legislation across the country defines us as second class citizens by our irresponsibility vis-à-vis our biological function, we are placed on this earth to breed and not to decide our own fate.

I have read some complaints that my use of the term "war on women" is hyperbole; I would argue that laws that specifically target us and deem us untrustworthy are beyond the pale. Laws that specifically target one section of the population [the majority in fact] based on biological grounds are not worthy of our democracy. When our bodies are taken out of our own control it is a direct attack on our basic human rights and we are reduced to mere biological machines.

The slurs of "racial genocide" being bandied about further dissociate us from who we are and generate a whole new level of mistrust. We become both weak and evil and incapable of making our own decisions; therefore laws must be created to protect us from ourselves. Are we to become wards of the State were we must justify every action we take? If so we indeed become second class citizens and all the gains we have made are rolled back.

I make no apologies for keeping this issue distinct from other social issues of our time, it deserves its own place and goes far wider than the central discussion on abortion it hits to the very heart of who we are and who we can be; therefore we have:

A War On Women.

Originally posted to LaFeminista on Sun Apr 03, 2011 at 01:06 AM PDT.

Also republished by Pro Choice and Abortion.

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