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Can we please, please, please not try to be the smartest ones in the room just this one time and play the game that Republicans always play.  Let's declare victory now and talk about pushing Prosser off the stage.  This is the message.

Kloppenburg won an election she should never have won.  What a humiliation for the Tea Party and their media toads.

This is a total Wisonsin smackdown of Scott Walker

Prosser should really understand it is time to leave the stage.

Prosser sticking around is just hurting Wisconsin.

There is serious businesss to conduct and Prosser is just gumming up the works by trying to challenge this.

A recount is really pro-forma - the people of Wisconsin have obviously spoken.

Of course this means that a majority of those Republican senators are in deep trouble now.

Nobody ever would have predicted this type of win.  It is humiliating for Walker.

This really puts egg on Walker's face is not over his whole body (ewwwwwww).

Walker shoud just declare Kloppenburg the winner and get on with it.

Add your own.  But whatever you do don't say, "Nothing's settled.  Now we have to have a recount.  Boy aren't I the sensible democrat."  To hell with that.  This is an opportunity.  

Messaging, messaging, messaging!!!

Oh, and if Kloppenburg falls behind?  See Norm Coleman circa 2008.  Guy hasn't suffered one bit for his total aboutface when he started losing.

Originally posted to wilbur on Wed Apr 06, 2011 at 10:51 AM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive.

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