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Fox News has announced that Glenn Beck's TV show will end later this year. This is great news, and it wouldn't have happened without the efforts of members. Since our campaign began in 2009, more than 285,000 of us demanded that Beck's advertisers stop supporting his show, and they listened — roughly 300 companies abandoned his show. And we've made sure that major advertisers have stayed away from Beck — since the end of 2009, Beck's only advertisers have been companies selling things like gold coins and exercise machines.

Beck's lack of advertisers made him a financial liability for Fox, and it's clear that this was a driving factor in his departure from Fox. This is an incredible and unprecedented victory.

Before this announcement from Fox, we already considered this campaign a huge success. Back in August 2009, when we had pushed about a dozen advertisers off of Beck's show, the New York Times called our campaign "unusually successful." After all major advertisers left Beck's show in response to our campaign, it became extremely clear that the way Beck stokes fear and division is not acceptable in the mainstream. The media coverage of our campaign helped expose Beck for what he is — someone who twists the truth, stokes racial fear and tension for political and personal gain.

We always knew that we could reduce Beck's influence and push him to the margins of political discourse — where he belongs.

Everyone who took part in this effort should feel proud. It's because of us — everyday people taking a stand and demanding accountability — that Glenn Beck's race-baiting and fear-mongering will no longer have a platform on a major TV network. We also want to thank our partners at MoveOn, CREDO Action, Media Matters, and StopBeck for all their hard work and support in this campaign. This victory is theirs too.

Our statement about Beck's departure from Fox is here.

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